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27 May 2016

Queue-based music player with Spotify, and Growl support.


Clementine is a modern music player and library organizer.

Clementine is a multiplatform music player. It is inspired by Amarok 1.4, focusing on a fast and easy-to-use interface for searching and playing your music.

  • Search and play your local music library.
  • Listen to internet radio from Spotify, Grooveshark, SomaFM, Magnatune, Jamendo,, Digitally Imported,, Soundcloud, Icecast and Subsonic servers.
  • Search and play songs you've uploaded to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive
  • Create smart playlists and dynamic playlists.
  • Tabbed playlists, import and export M3U, XSPF, PLS and ASX.
  • CUE sheet support.
  • Play audio CDs.
  • Visualisations from projectM.
  • Lyrics and artist biographies and photos.
  • Transcode music into MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Speex, FLAC or AAC.
  • Edit tags on MP3 and OGG files, organise your music.
  • Fetch missing tags from MusicBrainz.
  • Discover and download Podcasts.
  • Download missing album cover art from and Amazon.
  • Cross-platform - works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Native desktop notifications on Linux (libnotify) and Mac OS X (Growl).
  • Remote control using an Android device, a Wii Remote, MPRIS or the command-line.
  • Copy music to your iPod, iPhone, MTP or mass-storage USB player.
  • Queue manager.

What's new in Clementine

Version 1.3.1:
Major Features
  • support
  • Seafile support (server >= 4.4.1)
  • Add Ampache compatibility (through Subsonic service)
  • Add new analyzer "Rainbow Dash"
  • Answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything
  • Add "Psychedelic Colour" mode to all analyzers
Other Features
  • Add left click to fullsize cover on playing widget
  • Add m4b support for non-drm files
  • Ignore English articles for library sorting
  • Improve the organize dialog
  • Add an option to warn before closing a playlist tab
  • Add an option to disable the pause notification
  • Add options to hide some internet services
  • Add an option to disable inline song metadata editing
  • Add "details below" and "no details" now playing widget options
  • Add "no song details" now playing widget option
  • Add icons to the extras menu
  • Add a source icon for CD tracks
  • Allow user to remove directories in the Files tab
  • Add ability to remove unavailable items from playlist
  • Add a button to the transcode dialog to add all files in a directory
  • Make it impossible to collapse either side of the MainWindow splitter
  • Add menu items for updating and doing a full rescan of Google Drive
  • Increase Soundcloud cover image size
  • Add the ability to pause Spotify tracks
  • Add the ability to add or remove a Spotify track to a Spotify playlist through context menu
  • Add Spotify tracks to Spotify playlists by drag and drop
  • Add ability to get a link to share Spotify playlists and songs
  • Improve handling of Spotify Top Tracks and compilations
  • Add playlist actions to Spotify songs
  • Add ability to automatically set podcast as listened after successfully sending it to a device
  • Add ability to order podcasts by age
  • Allow user to download multiple podcasts at the same time
  • Add ability to cancel podcast downloads in progress
  • Allow user to hide listened podcast episodes
  • Huge improvement of the speed at startup
  • Improve performance of mass rating changes
  • Improve ripping performance
  • Persistent cache for pixmaps. Huge improvement of the performance when scrolling the library for example
  • Add AppData file for Clementine (for GNOME and KDE Software Centers)
  • Add iPod-like behaviour to previous button
  • Add HipHop and Kuduro equalizers
  • Remember current playlist between restarts
  • IDv3 tag lyrics support
  • Scroll to last played track when switching playlists
  • Add stop after each song repeat mode
  • Sort discs numerically when using Group by disc
  • Add ability for sort by group and performer in the library view
  • Parse the year of a disc from musicbrainz
  • Add track intro mode
  • Add ability to add a search term with tab and space in the smart playlist window
  • Add love/ban ( global shortcuts
  • Add support for "original year" tags
  • Send album artist to with liblastfm >= 1.0.0
  • Add sample rate selection
  • Add option to change the time step when seeking using the keyboard
  • Playlist sort by album considers disc and track numbers
  • Add options for double clicking song in the playlist
  • Volume slider handles glow effect using system theme
  • Library view sort line themable
  • Show track durations in the CD ripper dialog
  • Add ability to read REM DISC tag from Cue sheet
  • Add ability to lock/unlock rating edit status
  • Add the support of trackNum elements in XSPF
  • Add support for inhibiting the screensaver on windows
  • Add "Smart Playlists" for Subsonic
  • Add lyrics from AZLyrics
  • Add lyrics from
  • Add lyrics from
  • Add lyrics from
  • Add lyrics from Musixmatch
  • Add lyrics from
  • Use Alt+Tab to switch between playlist tabs
Bug Fixes
  • Fix crash when click on a SoundCloud entry in internet tab
  • Fix crash when marking podcast as listened
  • Fix crash after pressing OK in the device properties window
  • Fix stop after track which doesn't remove now playing
  • Fix play bleeding into next track after auto stop
  • Fix analyzer framerate when mouseover play scrubber
  • Fix issues with buffers sent to analyzer
  • Fix block analyzer framerate
  • Fix divide-by-zero possibility with small buffers at end of track
  • Fix divide-by-zero possibility in moodbar
  • Fix oversized album cover art
  • Clean cover art from /tmp
  • Fix the rendering of the little numbers in the boxes on queued items in the playlist
  • Fix parsing of MusicBrainz data for discid
  • Fix random artifacting on nyanalyzer on startup
  • Fix podcasts length issues (which caused issues with seeking for example)
  • Fix too small equalizer window size
  • Fix labels which don't inherit system text colors in the edit tag dialog
  • Fix the mess of the queue manager after playlist re-sort
  • Fix for queue ordering issue in the playlist view when using Ctrl+D to dequeue a track
  • Fix detection of parent-relative paths in playlist saving
  • Fix path seperators issue when reading playlists
  • Fix m3u parser issue when an artist's name has a hyphen
  • Fix bug with percents when fetch the Jamendo catalogue
  • Fix a little dropout when transition to next track
  • Fix broken for premium users
  • Fix Subsonic login with + characters in the password
  • Fix accents issue in when save playlist in xspf format
  • Fix issues with some songs length thanks to Taglib. People with Taglib installed on their system will have to wait a new release of Taglib
  • Fix moodbars not generating correctly
  • Fix socket leak in moodbar
  • Fix memory leak in tagreader
  • Fix crash when trying to fingerprint but missing a plugin
  • Fix infinite scan with Subsonic when the library is empty
  • Fix shortcut/media keys issues on Mac
  • Fix compilation issues on Yosemite
  • Fix performer tag for mpeg
  • Fix parsing issues with "innovative" datetime formats
  • Fix laggy interface on Mac
  • Fix playback breaks in Spotify
  • Fix memory leaks
  • Fix crash when stopping song that is fading after pausing
  • Fix crash when trying to download a track but there is no current one playing
  • Fix default spinner gif image which shows white pixels around the image
  • Fix setting album artist tag for FLAC files if it already exists
  • Fix crash when Clementine lists the albums on Ampache
  • Fix scrobbling after seek
  • Fix metadata not processed properly for some streams (Akamai)
  • Fix save state when the song was paused
  • Fix some issues in Boom and Turbine analyzers
  • Fix song continuously rewinding when seeking using keyboard arrow keys
  • Fix OSD re-posistioning which doesn't work on multiple monitors
  • Fix Sonogram state while paused
  • Fix crash when changing 'group by' while album covers are still loading
  • Fix loss of valid data from an mp3 file when using the metadata editor
  • Fix track slider twitching
  • Fix stations stuck when try to play them without internet
  • Make mood files hidden in NTFS
  • Fix time labels blinking when playing streams without known duration
  • Fix tag fetcher which applies incorrect tags for songs without any results
  • Fix Clementine getting stuck when transitioning from a local track to a Spotify track with crossfade disabled
  • Fix previous track when playing a dynamic random mix
  • Fix fullscreen album covers for monitors in portrait mode
  • Don't scale down star icons by 1 pixel
  • Fix Soundcloud API Search which simply doesn't work
Removed Features
  • Remove Ubuntu One support
  • Remove Discogs support
  • Remove GrooveShark support
  • Remove Radio GFM support
Build-System Changes
  • Update to gstreamer 1.0
  • Don't compile vreen with link-time optimizations
  • Use the system's sha2 library if it's available
  • Remove libindicate-qt
  • Remove internal copy of libechonest and add it as dependency
  • Use libcrypto++ instead of QCA
  • Update TagLib to 1.10.0
  • Use a GTlsDatabase for gstreamer SSL

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19 October 2013

Most helpful

It's a shame that the devs dismissively dropped support for 10.6. A lot of the people who are looking for an iTunes alternative are also the people who dislike the iOS-ification of more current versions of OS X and the comglomeration that is iTunes these days, so in effect they are dropping support for many of the very people who have an interest in this succeeding. That said, it's not an easy way to play music. One has to add songs to a playlist first, and if the playlist already has stuff in it, new songs get added to the bottom of it. Later this becomes a mess, but would be great for a party. I can clear the playlist with a button, but if I do that playlist loses the songs I originally put there. So to play one needs to make a new playlist first. I made playlists of the folders of songs I like, but then the header gets crowded and the titles get unreadable. Simply put, the UI is not competely sorted. It has some nice features and plays with good sound quality, but really all I want to do is select a folder and play the contents, not jockey files around. Also, playing from the folder side it supports fewer formats than playing from the DB side for some reason, perhaps because it can't use Apple's built-in stuff? I use Rockbox on my little Sansa Clip, when I want to play a folder I select a it, select a song in it and hit play, it plays the rest of the folder without any intervention, regardless of format. It starts up almost instantly with 72 GB of files on it, without having to catalog. Why can't any desktop player do this? The reason for this preference is so I can decide what an album is for myself, without all the "helpful" labeling and categorising that most players want to do, or without delving into metadata when all I want to do is move a file somewhere else or delete it. It's easier for me to put stuff where I want it using the Finder and not have to "find" a file for a DB that's out of date.. If I move track 7 out of the folder it no longer is part of the album, and if I like a remix to finish off with it becomes part of the album even though its metadata would show it to be part of another album.
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Version 1.2
11 February 2020
TRASH Program - CRASHES constantly when changing tracks. Too risky to use for a live DJ event for even background music.
Version 1.3.1
14 January 2019
Crashes on open in OSX Mojave...
Version 1.3.1
05 January 2019
Just wanted to add that I recently had to set-up a Windows laptop as a music player. I used Clementine, and it's been working wonderfully. So, all of my previous praises, plus 'cross-platform' too.
Version 1.3.1
26 November 2018
Great software, but now it's abandoned... If it will be updated again maybe will came back a great software..
Version 1.3.1
4 answer(s)
04 December 2018
Uh, it was updated... today:
04 December 2018
It would be nice if it was true ... those do not matter. There isn't new releases from more than 2 years.
04 December 2018
I writed also here, where you can find more info:
05 December 2018
Well, as stated in the thread you linked, bug fixes and the like are done in the builds, so if those don't matter to you, I'm not going to be able to convince you otherwise. Personally, I've used Clementine daily for a little shy of three years, will update with a build whenever the build addresses something I care about (IE something other than translations and whatnot) and I've been very happy. Official release or not
21 February 2018
Pretty well
Version 1.3.1
25 November 2016
Kind of a bloated and messy experience...
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Version 1.3.1
11 November 2016
Clementine was working great until macOS Sierra. Now even the nightly builds don't work.
Version 1.3.1
2 answer(s)
12 January 2017
While I haven’t personally updated to Sierra (El Capitan wrecked enough havoc…), there has been about 14 builds in the past month or so (276 being the most current, released today), so you may want to check again:
22 March 2017
kingjj, it's "wreak" havoc, not "wreck." :)
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19 September 2016
Really easy-to-use music player being a great alternative to iTunes. In my opinion, Clementine is more clear and simple. I like the way it is designed. Once, I recommended it to a friend and he was very thankful fro such an advice. He also appraised it's functionality and convenience. So, better try than talk.
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Version 1.3.1
1 answer(s)
11 March 2018
Does it mesh well with IPods, like iTunes does?
10 September 2016
Just to update my previous review: I've been using Clementine all day/everyday since March (it provides the ambient music at my workplace). Mostly using the "Dynamic random playlist" mode, which creates a random playlist, but allows you to add/subtract/rearrange tracks at will. This mode alone makes the app worthwhile, as it gives you much more control/flexibility than a standard random mode. In general, Clementine is a wonderful desktop audio player. Good sound quality, stable (it's crashed exactly two times in six months of very heavy use), and (mostly) full featured -- including the very helpful remote app for Android devices. However, It's within that feature-set where Clementine has it's two major problems -- in that it doesn't seem to recognize any MTP device I've tried, nor does it recognize audio CDs, let alone rip them. If they can't get these features working in future releases, I'd recommend dropping them altogether. Additionally, there are a few bugs that pop up from time to time. Set album covers not transferring to the individual tracks seems to be the most common/noticeable. But that, and other problems that arise, are pretty inconsequential, and easily remedied. So if you've been looking for a free iTunes alternative, you've found it. I urge you to give it a look for yourself. All of my co-workers have become converts, and I have a strong suspicion you'll become one too.
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Version 1.3.1
28 June 2016
Love it. I am forced to use a Mac at work, and wanted something similar to Winamp. I am one who prefers to drag a folder to the play queue. Great job guys!!!
Version 1.3.1