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15 April 2019

High dynamic range image generation and tone mapping.


With easyHDR, get your digital photos closer to what you've seen with your own eyes. Say goodbye to unwanted over- and underexposures. EasyHDR is an image-processing application that produces and tone maps High Dynamic Range images. You will get neat results even if the photos are taken in very difficult lighting conditions. An HDR image is produced out of a sequence of photos taken with different exposure settings. It has to be tone mapped, so it can be displayed on a computer screen or printed. If the photos are taken hand-held (without a tripod) the photo alignment tool (automatic as well as manual) can be used. It compensates even for perspective misalignment. Manual and automatic ghost removal allows fixing problems with moving people, cars, trees, etc. You get maximum control on the tone-mapping process by having a live preview of a photo at full resolution.

easyHDR is capable of these image formats:

  • JPEG
  • TIFF 8/16/32 bit
  • PNG
  • FITS (used in astrophotography cameras)
  • Radiance RGBE
  • OpenEXR
  • and nearly all digital camera RAW formats by all vendors

There is also a plug-in allowing integration with Adobe Lightroom 4 and later. If you have hundreds of photos to process, you'll also find batch processing very useful. Just create a task list, start processing, and wait for the results.

What's new in easyHDR

Version 3.13.0:
New features
  • New clone/healing tool - allows removing dust particles, or removing unwanted objects from the photo during tone mapping,
  • It is now possible to load HDR sequence photos that slightly differ in size (the allowance has to be defined first in the Program Options),
  • Possibility to hide all warning message dialogs - warning and error messages are shown in the status bar,
  • Added option to enable/disable auto cropping for automatic Lens Correction and automatic Alignment (in the HDR Generation window).
  • Interactive crop tool: possibility to mark the crop area starting from outside of the image (allows no-margin selection),
  • Interactive crop tool: the helper grid is movable, allowing easier rotation and rectification of the photo,
  • Layers: brush stroke can be started from outside of the image,
  • Possibility to minimize/maximize the Layers tool and the 3d LUT browser - allows larger workspace while having these tools enabled,
  • Improved auto cropping in Lens Correction - the cropped area is larger,
  • Updated LibRAW, also added support of DNGs with JPEG compression,
  • Updated LensFun database.
Other changes
  • MacOS: fixed access to the "Photos" library,
  • MacOS: version 3.12.2 required CPUs supporting SSE4, so it was not working on Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs, like those used in Macs from around the year 2010, version 3.13 requires SSE3, so should work on any CPU manufactured after the year 2006,
  • A couple of more or less important fixes.

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15 December 2013

Most helpful

This is a very high quality piece of software. It is powerful, quick and has great flexibility. It is definitely superior to most of its rivals. Try the demo. I trust you will be as surprised and pleased as I am.
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Version 3.2.1
07 December 2018
I love this program!!! It amazes me that few people on the photography forums I inhabit know about it. Sure, it's Mac-only, but a lot of folks use Macs for photography these days. easyHDR is unrivaled (in my opinion) in turning one photo into a HDR. When using multiple photos (bracketed) it has always produced wonderful -- sometimes spectacularly better) results. A+++
Version 3.12.2
04 October 2018
I used the trial version, and I'm really impressed with the ease of use, no mess and confusion like in Luminar, which I tried too and deleted angrily after it made me tired and nervous in just 5 minutes. It's one of rare applications (like SwiftPublisher for example), which makes you love it within the first minutes of use.
Version 3.12.0
27 January 2015
Keeps Getting Better And Better! I can't think of a better piece of photo editing software at this low price! If you shoot in JPEG, this is a must-have. I shoot in RAW, and even then, easyHDR easily makes my photos pop -- with a minimum of work. Indispensable for any serious or semi-serious photographer!
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Version 3.5.1
21 March 2014
Very good HDR software and at the good price. The only one that are fine setting after processing. I very like it. Absolutely to try...... Good on Mavericks.
Version 3.3.0
15 December 2013
This is a very high quality piece of software. It is powerful, quick and has great flexibility. It is definitely superior to most of its rivals. Try the demo. I trust you will be as surprised and pleased as I am.
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Version 3.2.1