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HDRtist NX

20 December 2019

Advanced HDR creation and editing.


HDRtist NX2 is a substantial update to Ohanaware's line of High Dynamic Range Imaging software for the macOS operating system. NX2 is the 4th complete rewrite of the HDRtist family of applications (started in 2009), allowing for a significantly improved engine, modern interface, and extendable functionality.

It's all about that details

  • 8th Generation tone mapping engine, "Polaris" was designed to bring out the tiniest of details.
  • 128-Bit unclamped precision workflow; up to 32,000 times more precision than regular photo apps, helps to maintain detail & color.
  • Tone mapping to the edge; increases the amount of detail visible in high contrast areas.
  • Edge enhancement; makes the edges sharper, stand out more; or makes them softer & more natural.
  • Dehaze Extra; reveals more detail in the sky and other light areas of the image.
  • Optional 1-Slider editing, changing the look of the HDR with only one slider.
  • Highly optimized; HDRtist NX2 can process a 20 megapixel HDR on a 1.1Ghz 2015 MacBook in 14 seconds.

Release your inner creativity

  • Over 30 1-Click styles to save time & create inspiration.
  • More than 20 built-in Extras; some expand on existing functions while others are used to add stylistic effects to HDRs.
  • Use "a set of exposures" or a "single image", it's up to you.
  • Advanced cropping tool, with multiple aspect ratios, fixed sizes & free-form option.
  • Ohanaware HDR format, allows you to save your HDR images and edit them later.
  • Save history allows you to revert back to a previous version whenever it's needed.

I love big previews & I cannot lie

  • Optimized interface provides a gorgeous high resolution preview area.
  • Window Sidebar & Title Bar support Auto Hiding, getting out of the way when not needed.
  • Split-View & Side-by-side view for comparison with the original image or medium exposure.
  • Built-in Window management, includes Zoom to Fit, Zoom to Left & Zoom to Right.

What's new in HDRtist NX

Version 2.2:

Improvements for version 2.2:

  • Keywords to the Meta Data.
  • Gradient masking to Split Toning, Contrast, Black & White, Exposure, Sharpness, Unsharp Mask
  • 16 more blend modes are now available.
  • New Noise Suppression extra filter.
  • New Color Gradient extra filter.
  • New Local Contrast extra filter.
  • New White Balance extra filter, which uses a brand new algorithm for color correction.
  • New Split ND extra filter.
  • New Haze Gradient extra filter.
  • New Defocus Gradient extra filter.
  • New options for choosing the rendering hardware, including an automatic option.
  • Ability to disable images from the Exposures List.
  • Cut, Copy & Paste extra layers from one document t'other.
  • Option to ignore the original camera meta data on export.
  • Option to compress TIFF images on export.
  • New sidebar mode "Blackout", makes most of the interface black and removes as much transparency as possible.
  • Denoise and Sharpen now added to the main interface.
  • Gradient masking (12 supported filters) support linear or radial gradients, allowing for spot alterations.
  • Added an extra 7 1-Click Styles.
  • Several minor improvements to the HDRtist Pro importer
  • The delete confirmation dialog now looks better.
  • The Extra selector is now larger.
  • The default groups on the main interface are now collapsable.
  • The action icon in the short toolbar now shows a drop down icon.
  • Made other interface adjustments to improve the visibility of the Extra filters interface.
  • Tab switcher at the top of the window uses a different style.

Fixes and workarounds:

  • Switching from the cropping interface to styles or edit correctly updates the preview.
  • Failing to open an existing document no longer generates two error messages.
  • Duplicating a layer correctly copies across settings again.
  • Fixed a NOE @ penXimageProcessor.=styleData.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the RAW expansion from working for some customers.
  • Fixed a NOE @ HDRDocument.EventexportPrepareMetaData
  • Fixed a bug in the Preferences Window, toolbar item is correctly set on window re-open.
  • Fixed some issues with image files or HDR files that contain a "/" in the file name.
  • Fixed a NOE @ HDRToneMapperPolaris.Eventprocess
  • Fixed a NOE @ penXDocumentWindow.penXDocumentWindow.notificationReceived
  • Fixed a ISAE @ NX2HDRThreadedGenerator.taskCompleted
  • Workaround for the Delete confirmation dialog not accepting keyboard input.
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues that occurred on macOS 10.15.
  • Workaround for an issue with the Save Panel when running under macOS 10.15.1
  • Fixed the HDR Exposure function causing corruption on some installations of macOS 10.14.
  • Workaround for corruption caused by the Unsharp Mask filter on macOS 10.14
  • Fixed a missing icon in the prefs window on macOS 10.14 that occurred because the system no longer supports low resolution icons included within the macOS.
  • Workaround for the exporting code failing on macOS 10.14 systems that have been running for more than 10 days.
  • Workaround for a problem whereby the OS atomic saving routines do not clean up correctly on macOS 10.14, which could lead to the inability to save your work.
  • Workaround for Apple's Softlight causing corruption when exporting via the CPU on macOS 10.14 or newer

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3 HDRtist NX Reviews

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27 January 2017

Most helpful

I used their previous version HDRtist. It was good but not great. I also own easyHDR 3. HDRtist NX produces outstanding results and is dead simple. It has a beautiful and easy to use interface. Well worth the money.
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Version 1.0
08 January 2020
Great app! Love the simplicity of the app, but at the same time providing robust control over the image. I especially like the extra filters that you can apply to the image (not to confuse with the preset styles). Not only great for HDR and RAW images, but I can also use it with my older non-HDR photos. I don't see the point to describe all the features the app has, since their website pretty much says it all, but this app really got me hooked on taking more HDR photos for killer looks.
Version 2.2
08 February 2017
I suppose you could pay far more for harder to use software; but achieve no better results. HDRtist NX produces images that are customizable and can range, your preference, from realistic to grungy. It offers templates or sliders to achieve the results you prefer. It is very simple to use. DidI mention It is a tremendous bargain? If you shoot to achieve HDR put it on your computer.
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Version 1.0.2
27 January 2017
I used their previous version HDRtist. It was good but not great. I also own easyHDR 3. HDRtist NX produces outstanding results and is dead simple. It has a beautiful and easy to use interface. Well worth the money.
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Version 1.0