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23 March 2020

Open Source universal database manager.


DBeaver is a free and open source (GPL) multi-platform universal database manager and SQL Client. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, Sybase, Mimer, HSQLDB, Derby, and any database that has a JDBC driver.

It is a GUI program that allows to view/edit the structure of a database, execute SQL queries and scripts, browse and export table data, handle BLOB/CLOB values, modify database meta objects, and complete many other tasks.

What's new in DBeaver

Version 7.0.1:
  • Data viewer:
    • Search/replace in selected rows support was added
    • Problem with Find/Replace and scrolling was fixed
    • Floating point numbers rendering/copying was fixed (precision fix)
  • SQL editor:
    • Connection initialization was fixed (active schema set)
    • Auto-completion for DROP/ALTER procedure/function was added
    • Auto-completion for asterisk (*) was fixed
    • Auto-completion for table aliases was disabled
    • Auto sync with database navigator was fixed (proper catalog/schema change)
  • ERD viewer: table resize support was added
  • Query manager: full query text view was fixed
  • Connections invalidate was fixed (redundant connections open) and invalidate performance was improved
  • Schema compare (simple):
    • Compare progress visualization was fixed
    • Stored procedures body compare was fixed
  • SSH tunnel: default user name (current OS user) is used when user name not set
  • PostgreSQL:
    • PGPASS authentication was added
    • Unique key indexes visibility was fixed
    • Schema permissions viewer/editor was added
    • Function/procedure create dialog was fixed
    • Options for tables/functions DDL viewer now saved
    • Enum values editor was added
    • Array values copy-paste was fixed
  • Oracle:
    • Automatic driver download was added
    • View constraints create/drop support was added
  • DB2 LUW:
    • Automatic driver download was added
    • Table references read was fixed
  • SQL Server:
    • Driver download (native artifacts) was fixed
    • Custom SQL query result editor was fixed
    • Schema selector (main toolbar) was fixed
  • SQLite: column rename support was added
  • Snap package was significantly improved (thanks to @galgalesh)
  • Many other minor bug fixes

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25 October 2016

Most helpful

DBeaver?! I barely know 'er.
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Version 3.7.7
25 October 2016
DBeaver?! I barely know 'er.
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Version 3.7.7
18 January 2015
The most current version is 3.1.2
Version 2.3.0