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Periscope Pro

10 January 2017

Powerful suite of surveillance apps.


Periscope Pro introduces a powerful, new generation of surveillance apps for OS X with breakthrough features like motion- and sound-activation, automatic setup for IP cameras, and an in-app clip library.

Use your iOS device as IP camera. Or use your built-in camera/microphone, USB remote camera/microphone, or an IP camera wherever there is an Internet or Ethernet LAN connection, to monitor and record anything -- your desk, front door, filing cabinet, vacation house, or anything else, including who is using your Mac.

Features and Benefits
  • Easy-to-use, sets up in less than 1 minute
  • IP Camera support
  • Auto or manual setup
  • Setup window preview to see how it’s working
  • Multiple operating modes -- Motion Detection, Audio Detection, Both or Continuous
  • Motion Detection
  • Set sensitivity level-- ignore or detect small movements like the wind ruffling a curtain.
  • Audio Detection
  • Set sensitivity level -- ignore or detect quite sounds like a pet walking
  • Real-time interactive activation adjustment -- set motion/audio activation sensitivity using level monitors
  • in the in-screen monitor window
  • See levels change as you move/speak
  • Pick exactly the trigger points you want -- no trial and error guessing
  • Auto-send clips to your Dropbox account -- view clips from anywhere on any device
  • Record with or without sound
  • Record with or without Timestamps for any camera -- built-in, remote or IP
  • Sleek new user interface -- easy to use and pleasing to the eye
  • Covert Operation
  • App can be hidden from users
  • Operates with screensaver or even with screen-off
  • Set preferences for any camera in the same window -- built-in, external, IP Camera
  • Wide range of recording formats -- 320x240, 640x480, 800x600, 960x720, 1280x960, 1600x1200
  • Multiple frames/second options -- 1, 5, 10, 15, 25
  • Highly resource efficient -- 30% more efficient than most others
  • Optimally compresses clips to minimize storage
  • User-controlled clip storage -- any folder, any device
  • Stores clips by time and date -- fast access in scrollable thumbnail window
  • In-app clip library and viewer
  • Can be activated at login, launch or from the control panel
  • Does not interfere with other auto-launch apps
  • Can be password protected
  • 24/7 support response in 1 hour or less, guaranteed

What's new in Periscope Pro

Version 3.4.1:
  • Added support for EZVIZ cameras

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21 August 2013

Most helpful

Hi guys! Periscope Pro 1.4 is here! It fixes all issues with high cpu usage, false detections. Just give it a try.
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Version 1.4
25 June 2019
It never runs for very long without crashing. Buggy and unreliable.
Version 3.4.1
21 August 2018
No service no support Many Time asking for Help any response from them .
Version 3.4.1
18 September 2017
Excellent piece of software.
Version 3.4.1
15 September 2017
No use of this app…
Version 3.4.1
15 September 2017
Doesn't work on ANY of my cameras. Customer service is nonresponsive.
Version 3.4.1
15 September 2017
Nice to setup and run. Found IP camera (Logitech Alert 700e) easily. But cons: - it can't utilize cameras own SD-card. I couldn't find a way to watch videoclips in cameras memory. - nor can I change camera's settings as I can do in Alert Commander (Logitech's own camera software which doesn't work in macOS Sierra anymore. Logitech doesn't update Alert software anymore also.) - to use videos (recorded when motion found) I should keep my iMac and Periscope Pro running all the time. Although camera does that itself (recording). Only watching camera memorycard archive would be enough, but haven't found a Alert Commander alternative for that. Unfortunately.
Version 3.4.1
Big Johnson
14 August 2016
I'll leave a review to offset the absurd one below.

Only 1/2 star for a very good app just because it's missing one (albeit important) function? This app is certainly worthy of at least 3 stars even if you can't live without an app for it.
If you require remote access the app can uploaded videos to Dropbox and you can view them from anywhere. That's an additional expense that you may not want to incur.

What about the large number of recording formats? 1600x1200 is a pretty damn big picture for a webcam. That's higher than 720p, almost 1080p! Spy Cam only records in 640x480. And Periscope can record up to 25 fames per second, it will even record from an IP camera.

Recording can be activated by motion, sound or both. I had to turn the audio sensitivity way down because I'd find dozens of clips were created even though nothing in the room had moved, due to outside noise. I've been using a cheap 5 year old Logitech webcam and have been happy with the results and the app. I found it easy to use and the videos are timestamped with date and H/M/S.

For those of you who do use cell phones, check out this dev's FREE Bluetooth Lock which automatically locks your computer when you walk away and unlocks it as you near.
Version 3.2.1
17 April 2015
New interface is pleasing to look at but...I've been using Aircam for a couple of years and it easily connects to its iPad/iPhone app so i can monitor my cameras anywhere over WiFi or Data connection. Periscope is pretty, but without the monitoring app i see no reason to even release this thing. So i can wait till i get back to my computer or Dropbox folder to view the recordings???? Cmon.!?
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Version 2.3.2
1 answer(s)
Big Johnson
Big Johnson
14 August 2016
This will likely come as a revelation to you, but not everyone owns or wants a cell phone.

I HATE cell phones!
But even more I hate the selfish a-holes who think their lives are more important than anyone else's and they're above the law, so they continue driving and texting/talking without regard for the safety of others.

That said, I've used this app many times and don't mind waiting till I get home to check the video. I'm not using it for burglar protection so I don't need remote access. I use it to make sure no roommates are entering my space, and to monitor my hotel room when I'm out.

28 February 2015
Works great with my USB cams, but doesn't work with my wired or wireless FOSCAM IP cams. Suspect the FOSCAM dialog of asking which of three access options.
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Version 2.3.1
11 July 2014
Amazing new interface!
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