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16 October 2019

Multi-camera video surveillance app.


SecuritySpy is a multi-camera video surveillance app. With features such as motion detection, real-time compression and network video streaming, SecuritySpy has everything required for demanding video surveillance applications. Combined with OS X, the rock-solid operating system from Apple, SecuritySpy offers unsurpassed speed, stability, and ease-of-use.

SecuritySpy's flexibility and comprehensive list of features allow users to set up a system tailored to their individual needs. Whether it is a system with a single camera or many dozens, in a domestic or business environment, SecuritySpy is ideal.

  • Displays and captures live video from multiple cameras simultaneously
  • Supports Mac-compatible video and audio input devices
  • Supports network video devices (Axis, JVC, Panasonic, Pixord, D-Link, etc.)
  • Motion detection and timelapse capture features, with audio
  • Built-in Web server for remote viewing and administration
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) support for many network cameras
  • Powerful real-time compression for efficient storage of captured footage
  • FTP upload feature for off-site storage of captured footage
  • Motion-triggered email notifications
  • Pre-capture buffer to capture video before the time of motion
  • Browser feature for playback of captured footage, with synchronised multi-camera playback

What's new in SecuritySpy

Version 5.1.0:
  • Notarized for full compatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • Video display using Apple’s Metal framework for improved efficiency and performance
  • Mac Screen Control via the web interface
  • Improved Browser export functionality
  • Support for recording in ProRes 422 HQ video format
  • New Action to wake screen and dismiss screensaver on motion trigger
  • More information passed to AppleScripts actions
  • Fixed problems with automatic file deletion
  • Fixed problems with window positions not being remembered
  • Fixed problems obtaining “Let’s Encrypt” SSL certificates
  • Other bug fixes

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21 August 2011

Most helpful

Nice app. but way to expensive! Should be one price for all camera settings. $ 50 would be ok but only for at least 4 cameras. $ 252 for 8 cameras is ridiculous.....
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Version 2.1
26 August 2018
Works great. The quality and reliability of this software is the main reason why I dumped my Nest cams with their limited utility.
Version 4.2.6
08 June 2018
Needs Canary All In One support! Their website does not say if it is supported or unsupported...
Version 4.2.5
11 September 2017
This is an amazing product, by far the best available for Mac or PC. Works with hundreds of cameras and records in ultra high quality, maximizing your security budget and making sure your business or home is protected. Make no mistake this is professional gear, although super easy to use and simple to setup. I've been using for years and installing for friends. They are also amazed by the quality. The phone app makes it all the better with notifications and secure remote access, this is clearly the only option.
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Version 4.1.7
25 November 2016
I have been using Security Spy since version 1. This new App is so easy. All you need is your username and password. I had 2 iPhone and 2 iPad set up in maybe 10 minutes. Plus as a bonus it works on the Apple TV version 4. I was on my Apple TV and saw it under purchases, downloaded it and it was just as easy as the iPhone and IPad to set up. Overnight I can view my cameras on 5 new devices and that doesn't include Macbooks, iMacs, and the rest. They did a good job on this. Try it out.
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Version 4.0.9
25 November 2016
SecuritySpy continues to be great software, through the new version 4.0.9. I have used the analog cameras for over 10 years and have been able to continue using the now somewhat outdated cameras and a/d converters all along. SecuritySpy seems to offer an endless set of ways to use the program. Lately, as a new user of network cameras, I find the features even more interesting. The ability to drill down into settings to set up a camera is impressive. But, most of the time a given network camera has already been set up by SecSpy profiles; this makes it very easy to get the camera working. A bit about software support should be noted. BenSoftware has a lot of easily understood explanations of issues, setup, problem solving on their website. I go through them carefully and usually get my answers there. But, if I'm stuck, I have had very helpful replies quickly from the company. SecuritySpy offers the ability to easily look at camera video and audio on smartphones. I use and iPhone and am running the new SecuritySpy for iOS, Apple TV, etc. This free companion really broadens the usefulness of the security system. All in all, the software is terrific!
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Version 4.0.9
23 November 2016
Needs Sparkle framework for automatic update downloads!
Version 4.0.9
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Ben Software Ltd
Ben Software Ltd
30 January 2017
Automatic updates are coming in the next version of SecuritySpy, which will be released soon!
07 November 2016
This program is pricey, but you get what you pay for. The author has kept SecuritySpy updated and working smoothly on MacOS Sierra, and that is far more than others can say. I run a 12-camera system into my Mac Pro at home, and the effect on system responsiveness is barely noticeable. Contrast that with other programs that either crash or cause your Mac to grind to a halt, and the choice is clear.
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Version 4.0.8
22 September 2016
My highest recommendation. I use it with one Facetime Camera. I am happy with the stability, features, ease of use, the documentation, and the customer support.
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Version 4.0.6
14 September 2016
I have been using SecuritySpy for years and it hurts a bit to write this review. It has always been expensive and even though I have to pay 149 pounds to upgrade just on a year ago, I thought it was worth it - until now that is. I also bought 16 camera license for work at the same time (Aug 2015). Personally I only needed 1 extra camera (9 in total) but you can only buy 1,4,8,16 licenses. But now version 4 has released and less than a year passed since I purchased but yet both are not eligible for upgrade. Version 3 is not longer supported so I fully expect it to break with the next release of OS X. I have no problem paying a premium price for a quality product but can't help feeling ripped off by this greedy attempt to force more money out of existing users. If you look on Bensoft's web site you will see that you are only entitled to updates for 6 months. So basically your investment can be devalued by 65% in 6 moths which I think is unreasonable. Now if the update included face or human recognition and not just 64bit (which was dues long ago!!) it maybe worth paying for some real benefit. But right now you are being forced to pay (and a lot) just to keep the app current with OS X releases. So sorry Ben but this is just poor judgment.
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Version 4.0.5
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Ben Software Ltd
Ben Software Ltd
23 November 2016
SecuritySpy version 4 was virtually a complete re-write of the software, taking our development team over a year to complete. It added many new features and improvements, and in light of this we decided to charge an upgrade fee.

As standard we offer 6 months of free updates, which is clearly stated on our web site. And in reality it's normally much longer than this (in the 12 years of SecuritySpy has been on the market, we have only charged for upgrades 3 times).

As you know, we have been in touch directly about this, and I offered you a much bigger discount than normal, due to your extenuating circumstances, which you declined to take advantage of. Therefore I feel it's somewhat disingenuous for you to call us greedy and mark our software down in such a public forum, because you are not willing to pay a relatively small amount for a major new upgrade a year after you purchased.

We always aim to be generous with free software updates - we release them frequently to address problems and add new features. We strive to produce excellent products at a fair price and it is our experience that most users are happy to pay for quality software.
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15 August 2016
Precapture does not work in v4... Back to v3.
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Version 4.0.4


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  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.13.0 or later
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