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Filedrop makes it easier than ever to share files between nearby devices. Filedrop is a tiny, cute app for sending files between devices within one network. It is simple and friendly. Simply launch Filedrop on two devices and then drag and drop files between them. Check the video at
What's New
Version 1.1.4:
  • sending links;
  • fixed bug transfering files > 4GB
  • connection diagnostic;
  • optimised for Retina displays.
Intel, OS X 10.6 or later

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Filedrop User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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HG! reviewed on 31 Jan 2014
It worked from my 2008 Macbook Pro to my Android.
At work, it asked for a device code between a Windows computer and an iMac. I have no clue where to find that information. I tried inputting the same number on both computers but that didn't work.
[Version 1.1.4]



Dejmac reviewed on 28 Jan 2014
When you try to enter developers website - it is impossible!? You are blocked by mandatory demand to subscribe to their "early bird" developers list for Android app!
They ask for your email address - OK. But, after you get their email and after you confirm your email address, they offer you two options:
1 - to go on their website
2 - to menage your preferences (!?)
Under No. 1 - it is impossible (again!?) to enter their website (it returns you to "Android subscription")!
Under No. 2 - they ask for your full first and last name!?
Not good for privacy!
[Version 1.1.4]


Beamy commented on 02 Sep 2013
What about an Android version ?
It would be great to be able to share with those devices, too...
[Version 1.1.1]

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Pfackelmann replied on 05 Oct 2013
Yes please


Ulyssesric reviewed on 11 Aug 2013
One of the best file transfer tool between Mac & iOS devices. FileDrop is much easier to use than DropCopy, since you won't need to configure anything at all.

FileDrop a standard application, so that you just have to launch, connect, transfer file, and quit, that's it. And that's why I like it over DropCopy: for most of the time yon won't need to have a persistent service waiting for connection all the time.

For those who have trouble pairing devices: first check the version of FileDrop on each ends. Then make sure all devices are connected in the same "broadcast domain". Please note that two devices may not be in the same broadcast domain even their subnet number is identical. And some routers or WiFi APs may sometimes blocks certain broadcast pockets (such as mDNS used by Bonjour.) You may consult with your network administrator for this. If still fails, there might be something "chattery" in your local network, such as DLNA.
[Version 1.1]

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Moxiesozo replied on 02 Sep 2013
This is funny. First, you claim FileDrop is "much easier to use" than DropCopy because "you won't need to configure anything at all", but then you spend considerable time explaining how you will have to configure the app -- by checking the version (not important when using DropCopy), by checking & setting something called the broadcast domain (also not necessary with DropCopy), and even suggesting a consultation with a network administrator!

Also, having a persistent service waiting for a connection has its advantages; namely not having to trot over to the other computer(s) to launch an app, or having to contact the owner of the other computer(s) to ask them to launch their FileDrop.

I'm a satisfied user of DropCopy, and have been for years. It is Plug and Play. FileDrop *may* also be just as easy, but after reading your comments I'd be hesitant to try it. Sounds like FileDrop has the potential to be a complicated hassle.

Ulyssesric replied on 02 Oct 2013
Sorry, but you have to do *EXACTLY* the same broadcast domain configuration when you're using DropCopy.

These type of applications must rely on the broadcast service to identify paired devices. You're OK when you just hook your computer and iDevices to a low cost router when you're at home; both DropCopy and FileDrop will run smoothly without glitch. But when your local network is getting larger (more than 50 hosts,) it would be a pain in the ass to add a persistent broadcast service into the network.

Cjred replied on 03 Oct 2013
Instashare is much better than this......

Maylbu commented on 10 Aug 2013
Apparently does the same as AirDrop, so... I don't get it.
[Version 1.1]

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Aeschylus replied on 10 Aug 2013
Airdrop won't work on our iPhone 4S's, my wife's PC, and on my 2007 Mac Mini. Other than that, it's the same.


fvdgeestdtp reviewed on 10 Aug 2013
Works fine here. If you use Path Finder as a Finder alternative, filedrop is very handy
[Version 1.1]



Eric-Woehler reviewed on 13 Jul 2013
Doesn't work, error messages erupted when I tried to drop a file then hung and had to quit. No file transfer b/w two macs on same network. Have posted detailed crash log and description on MAS, I can't copy the text from there to here. Have sent crash info to dev to see if it helps. Until then, am using DropCopy.
[Version 1.0.0]

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Type:Utilities : File Management
Date:26 Dec 2013
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
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Filedrop makes it easier than ever to share files between nearby devices. Filedrop is a tiny, cute app for sending files between devices within one network. It is simple and friendly. Simply launch Filedrop on two devices and then drag and drop files between them. Check the video at

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