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TrailRunner mini

17 October 2019

Route planning for hiking, biking, and more.


TrailRunner mini is a trusty route planner for the modern runner, based on the openStreetMap project. Manage routes for running, hiking, biking and travel.

Did you ever want to know how far that running route is? Are you planning for a biking tour? Or do you train for a marathon and wonder where you should go for your long distance runs? Or would you like to know how far you must run to burn that 1000 calories? Then TrailRunner mini is the route planning app you're looking for.

  • Search for your current location or any streets and sites to plan your routes.
  • Create and modify routes using the easy route planner
  • Create new routes with ways suitable for the planned activity
  • Modify the planned route to match your target distance, profile or amount of burned calories
  • Import GPX, KML, or Garmin TCX files from your iPhone, GPS device, or a community portal
  • View mile markers along a routes course
  • Automatically download elevation data
  • Select and inspect parts of a route to learn about its profile
  • Name, rate, flag, comment, and colorize collected routes
  • Calculate the approximate calories burned for a given route and sport activity
  • Send routes created in TrailRunner mini to your iPhone and track the course
  • Use RaceBunny in offline mode by loading all route details in advance
  • Export routes as GPX files to share and follow

What's new in TrailRunner mini

Version 3.6.7811:
  • Made planned route path width less thick
  • Incorrect display of route while editing
  • Crashes when offline
  • Stability issues

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05 December 2014

Most helpful

Might someone please someone describe the differences between Trailrunning (it's free) and Trailrunner mini ($22)?
Version 2.1.245.
18 August 2019
I needed the app to upload routes to my GPS on my motorcycle. Something caused that GPS to fail, after I used trail runner mini. Regardless, my main issue is that The app wants to be purchased, and I cannot seem to delete it in order for it to quit...fortunately, the cc on my iTunes is expired, but the reminders to fix that and allow the “purchase” continue. Not really a free trial if you can’t get it to quit....otherwise, the app did allow my Mac to read a gpx. Too bad my Harmon Kardon GPS is not comparable.
Version 3.6.7345
05 December 2014
Might someone please someone describe the differences between Trailrunning (it's free) and Trailrunner mini ($22)?
Version 2.1.245.
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29 July 2016
Found this from the developer:
"Hi, ich bin der Entwickler vom TrailRunner / mini und das mit dem kostenlos ist so:
Ich bau das alles in meiner Freizeit und freue mich natürlich, wenn ich für meine Mühe eine Belohnung bekomme. Der TrailRunner ist deshalb eine Spenden-Software mit festen 25 Euro. Wer also zum Fan mutiert gibt früher oder später das Geld für die Spende aus.
Der TrailRunner mini ist im AppStore eine Variante für diejenigen, die einfach nur Touren planen wollen. Ist daher auch günstiger und ohne Spendenmodell. Weniger ist manchmal schöner und daher mehr.
Freue mich, wenn noch mehr aktive Outdoorler Spaß an meinem Hobby haben.
Lieben Gruß,
– berbie."

Trailrunner is donation software (free but €25 welcome by the developer).
Trailrunner mini is a feature reduced but more user friendly app in the Mac App Store for €22,-


App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.11.0 or later
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