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22 May 2020

Store notes, files, and pasteboard clips on the Desktop.


Unclutter is a new handy place on your desktop for storing notes, files, and pasteboard clips. To open the pocket, simply move your mouse to the very top of screen and scroll down. Drag items from other applications to the top of screen to store them in Unclutter.

Being just one easy gesture away, Unclutter becomes a surprisingly helpful and convenient tool--in fact, 3 tools in 1--which will make you feel more comfortable and powerful on your Mac.

  • Instant, configurable access even in full screen mode
  • File Storage, to keep your Desktop clean from temporary files
  • Notes, to write down something quickly
  • Clipboard manager, to track what you copy and paste, browse clipboard history
  • Draggable cards that can stick on top of other windows
  • Files and notes auto-sync across all your Macs via Dropbox
  • Full multi-display support
  • Retina display support
  • Universal Clipboard support
  • Light/Dark theme to match system appearance

What's new in Unclutter

Version 2.1.2200:
  • More reliable way to handle external files updates (Unclutter Files section). More meaningful error messages
  • Improved sending files to system Trash for Unclutter Files and Notes. This should also fix bug when Unclutter failed to delete notes
  • Better way to track macOS appearance change and update Unclutteer theme in AUTO mode
  • Minor code cleaning to remove deprecated frameworks

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32 Reviews of Unclutter

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07 May 2013
Version: 1.2

Most helpful

This version cured a lot of problems .Everything works fine now.This is a 5 star application.
23 May 2020
Version: 2.1.2200
Does far more than most in a clean interface - I use it DAILY and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a solid clipboard manager - it is an ESSENTIAL app for professionals and regular users alike...
09 May 2019
Version: 2.1.1700
Unclutter is brilliant, I have no idea why it took me this long to try it. Notes saves opening my favourite text editor again and again, it’s lightweight and it’s just there, ready to go. I’m using Alfred’s clipboard alongside Unclutter’s clipboard with no problems so far. Unclutter makes it easy to edit clippings. Files has replaced Yoink.
07 March 2019
Version: 2.1.1700
Good app but it needs an iOS version to make it truly complete.
04 December 2018
Version: 2.1.14d
Nice app to help keep my desktop clean.
Noah R
30 November 2018
Version: 2.1.14
This app makes organizing your files a snap. Just like having a secretary.
22 March 2018
Version: 2.1.6d
Really helpful app. I love it!
09 November 2017
Version: 2.1.2d
Pretty good, really helps keep my desktop clean! Would like it to sync with iOS on my phone perhaps
09 November 2017
Version: 2.1.2d
Desktop clean the easy, fast and elegant way. And more features. Clean, neat software.
07 November 2017
Version: 2.1.2d
I find it interesting that the developer feels the need to tell everyone how to best use his app. I understand that he would have his preference, but not everyone uses a computer in the same way. If the default way is not convenient for some people, it's not the best way. Kudos that there are other ways to use this.
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31 October 2017
Version: 2.1.2d
At a loss.: I bought Unclutter and got a receipt, Also your invitation to comment. But what is says is DEMO MODE Buy now …
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