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06 October 2013

Your drawing tablet's best friend.


Inkist is your drawing tablet's best friend. It takes the features artists need: Layers, blend modes, customizable brushes, and more, and packages it in an interface designed to launch quickly, get out of your way, and let you work.

At this time Inkist is purely a bitmap drawing/painting app (no vector tools).


  • Layers, with blend modes, opacity, and opacity locking settings
  • Color Palette with adjustable brightness and temperature controls
  • Customizable Brush Parameters:
    • Size
    • Size (Under light tablet pressure)
    • Softness
    • Pattern (from image or layer)
    • Flow
    • Opacity
    • Opacity (Under light tablet pressure)
    • Scatter
    • Size Jitter
    • Lighten/Darken/Normal Blending
    • More...
  • Blending tool
  • Line tool
  • Selection tools
  • Hue Saturation Lightness controls
  • Curves
  • Flexible interface allows you to pop out the controls you want into floating windows
  • Export to Jpeg, PNG, and Tiff (proprietary ISImage file format is Native)
I wrote Inkist for one simple reason. I love my drawing tablet, but I've found that despite the fantastic power available in existing apps, they are cluttered and annoying to use. Inkist is the result of my work to fix that, and has become the only way I digitally draw on Mac.

What's new in Inkist

Version 1.4:
  • Updated interface and icon
  • Adds option to move tools to the right side of the window
  • Improved performance for zooming and brushing
  • Fixes bug where selection/text tools wouldn't work after changing canvas size
  • Detached palettes now hide when Inkist is in the background
  • Adds support for Wacom multitouch gestures (more gestures will come in the future)

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17 October 2012
Version: 1.2

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Very Nice Tool Well with the money!
17 October 2012
Version: 1.2
Very Nice Tool Well with the money!