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Pro Player2.2.1

25 September 2016

Professional QuickTime player.


Pro Player is a professional QuickTime player for video content creators and motion graphics designers. With its beautifully designed monochromatic interface, Pro Player provides a fast, elegant, streamlined way to review or present your content.

  • Clean and simple single-window interface.
  • Large time display (timecode, absolute time or frames).
  • Time Selection - Set in and out times for a custom playback range.
  • Alpha Controls - View alpha channel as white on black, change viewer background to checkerboard pattern and interpret file as premultiplied or straight.
  • Track Listing - View a list of video, audio and timecode tracks in the current file with the ability to mute and solo individual audio tracks.
  • Favourite Folders - Add frequently used folders for direct access to media files within Pro Player.
  • Desktop - Allows freeform organization of files with interactive thumbnails.
  • No playback control overlays - see an unobstructed view of your video at all times.
  • JKL keyboard control.
  • Shuttle and jog by dragging on viewer.
  • Visual display of current shuttle speed.
  • Jump back/forward command with selectable times in preferences.
  • Single-key full screen mode.
  • Audio volume and mute.
  • Reveal current movie in Finder.
  • Visual recent files display with interactive thumbnails
  • Comprehensive keyboard shortcuts
Important Notes
  • Pro Player is designed for playback of .mov, .mp4 and audio files. It does not support playback of MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 files.
  • Pro Player will open MXF files (including XAVC) if the Pro Video Formats update is installed (requires purchase of Final Cut Pro, Motion or Compressor).
  • Avid DNxHR codec does not decode alpha channels correctly. Avid are aware of the bug.

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

What's new in Pro Player

Version 2.2.1:
  • Critical fix for app hanging at launch if there are more than 10 recent files.

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5 Reviews of Pro Player

01 September 2012
Version: 1.0.2

Most helpful

Would you buy a new car only after seeing it on a photograph? Developers should offer a demo!
25 February 2015
Version: 1.0.9
not really pro if it does not convert, trim, or play a bunch of formats.. it's incredible there is still not a viable alternative for quicktime pro after so many years.. there is a huge market opportunity here, especially for pros.. cineplay would be a better alternative for this as it can export and trim. sorry guys but development is slow and the app is still in diapers.
01 March 2013
Version: 1.0.5
I'm not sure who this is aimed at - but it's certainly not necessary for anyone i can think of. I use Apple QT Pro all the time (on 10.6.8) and it's still available for Mountain Lion as far as I can see - and much better value. The interface of this player may be a better match for FCPX - but that's about it.
16 November 2012
Version: 1.0.4
$30 for a player is frankly outrageous. I see NOTHING in the demo which warrants more than $1.00. All the info this displays is already available with Quicktime. If not Quicktime X, then Quicktime 7 Pro. I'm not a fan of any app which launches in full screen. Or rather at 100% window size. This is merely personal preference though. The window can be resized. Full screen actually causes this to cover all 3 of my monitors but only play video on one.
01 September 2012
Version: 1.0.2
I agree with Jobst but also with Elmer with regards to the one star. So to even things out I have given a similar but positive starring. In order that other readers get a genuine feedback from users of whatever the product is we should base our starring on the quality/userbility on our own experience.
01 September 2012
Version: 1.0.2
Would you buy a new car only after seeing it on a photograph? Developers should offer a demo!
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