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25 June 2020

Access your computer remotely.


Screens is an excellent VNC client for your Mac.

  • iCloud - Synchronize all your stored screens on all your iOS devices, including your Mac.
  • Use Screens in fullscreen mode to make it feel your remote computer is right there in front of you.
  • Easy to Use: Screens is an easy, user-friendly VNC client for Mac.
  • Secure: Screens can connect to your computer through an SSH tunnel so your session is encrypted and safe.
  • Multi-Touch: Screens supports many of the multi-touch features - such as pinch and navigation - you're already used to on your trackpad.
  • Screens Connect: Make your computer available from anywhere with this optional helper app. Easy as flicking a switch. No messy router setup.
  • Works Anywhere: Through Wi-Fi or a 3G network.

What's new in Screens

Version 4.7.8:
  • Fixed issue where connections would not complete when secure connections are enabled.

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5 Reviews of Screens

28 January 2018
Version: 4.4

Most helpful

REMOTIX is the best solution for screen sharing and remote access. Nothing is better. As a server and system admin - I've tried them all.
28 January 2018
Version: 4.4
REMOTIX is the best solution for screen sharing and remote access. Nothing is better. As a server and system admin - I've tried them all.
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05 December 2017
Version: 4.3.4
This really requires major networking skills to use successfully. I could only get it to work when both computers where on the same wireless network. It would not work once I brought my new macbook air to work and tried to connect with my older mac at home. This despite all of the very poor documentation that instructs you how to set up "manual port forwardIng". The developer relies on other supporter apps and 3rd party helpers that are quite useless. Total waste of the $29. Not ready for prime time developer. I would be happy to update this review if the developer can provide specific instructions on how to make this work and not send me to 3rd party website and helpers.
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Big Johnson
10 November 2017
Version: 4.3.1
No Android support means no deal for me.
Parchment Press
30 May 2017
Version: 4.0.2
Oh dear! Another great app going 10.11+ as the minimum platform requirement. Too bad! Our ecosystem is still largely 10.9 and 10.10, so I need app support for those OS versions. I can understand if you are moving to Swift development and need 10.10+ for the minimum, but to jump from a 10.8 or 10.9 minimum to 10.11+ minimum may do your target audience a disservice. I for one won't be able to upgrade (which i would gladly pay to do)!
18 December 2014
Version: 3.5.2
This utility ROCKS once you get it going!!! Setup instructions need a little tweaking. In the iOS app you NEED to click on your computer name under "Discovered" to connect. Very easy but eluded me for an embarrassing 45 mins. Once connected things are incredibly easy and well thought out. Key modifiers (and lots more) are all displayed. There is very little or nothing you cannot do with your computer. Thanks ... Ken