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09 November 2015

Internet access to your files from iOS, Mac, or PC.


Presence gives you internet access to all your Mac's files from iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC - securely. You can share files with others too, instantly. Plus, look through your Mac's camera from anywhere in the world.

  • Everything on hand, whenever you need it - With all your files available all the time, you're free to be spontaneous. There's no need for USB drives, no uploading, and you don't have to predict the future. Cloud services like Dropbox make a few of your files available, and copy them to someone else's server. Presence puts your whole Mac in the cloud, and doesn't copy your files anywhere. Access to everything, with security and privacy. Don't put a few files in the cloud - put your Mac in the cloud!
  • Share with other people - Getting files to others has never been easier, especially if they're too big to email. There's no messing around with file sharing services - just send a link. Share whole folders for people to browse at their leisure, or to download as a zip. And because it's Presence, you can share from anywhere.
  • Take photos through your Mac's camera, from anywhere - A user favorite. (And you can turn this feature off if you want to.)
  • Free your iPhone and iPad - Presence is the bridge between your iPhone and iPad apps and the outside world. On your device, you can transfer files from your Mac to other apps, and from other apps back to your Mac (if the apps support this). Great for editing files on the go, but the possibilities are endless.

Presence costs $10 for six months. Some users may need to purchase additional data, but this is rare.

What's new in Presence

Version 3.1.3:
  • When creating a browsable share, don't fail if there are unreadable files

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03 June 2008

Most helpful

I would just like to add, because it hasn't been quite mentioned yet, that the developer is EXTREMELY RESPONSIVE to questions. He helped me troubleshoot a problem I had through over 10 emails without losing his patience. I love this little program :)
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Version 1.0.9
15 July 2015
Great app, I use it from a long time when it was called FarFinder. Just one compliant: I recently switched from iPhone to Nexus but I cannot access my Mac's files from Android because: a) there is no Android app b) the Chrome web browser for Android doesn't work with Presence, I can log in but cannot "double click" to open files and folders in Presence Please add Android support and I will add a further star.
Version 3.0.5
02 March 2013
I'll give one example of why I give Presence 5 stars. I'm at Staples rushing to get something printed for work when they weren't able to read the file from my flash drive. I quickly opened the Presence iOS app and had Presence email with attached file from home to Staples to print. Tons of other examples but what matters most is... this program is great.
Version 2.8.1
03 February 2012
Works very well. I used the old version (FarFinder) and upgraded now. Rock solid and a great tool to access my files at home from an iPhone or iPad. Works via ssh-connection, and does not rely on third party servers. So it's more secure and private than LogMein.
Version 2.7.3
20 September 2011
I have to give Presence 5-stars on tech support alone. Adrian worked with me over several days to help resolve my problem. We exchanged 16 emails. Wow! The application works as advertised. For downloading files remotely, it's great. With screen sharing, it's the technophobe's VPN.
Version 2.7.1
12 July 2011
I bought this app when it was FarFinder and it worked like a dream. Then, I was told that I should upgrade to 2.0 Presence. Once I said I would, I was told it would be $15 (would have been nice to know beforehand) with no way to back out of it. So I paid because it's a useful app overall. Now that I've upgraded, the app doesn't work on my MacBook when I'm away from home (like it used to). It does work at home on my own network, but who needs that? I've do doubt that, if I were to pay to use EasyConnect, it would work. My guess is that that was a free feature of FarFinder. I'm considering deleting it and searching for another way to access my files from remote locations. Too bad.
Version 2.6.2
1 answer(s)
01 September 2011
Sorry to hear that you've been having trouble. You don't mention having asked for support, so you should do this using Presence's built-in Contact Support option. Most such problems can be solved if you get in touch, but I can't help you if you don't! If FarFinder was working for you, Presence should also work without EasyConnect, so it's probably solvable. The upgrade to version 2 is optional; version 1 can be downloaded from the web site.
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17 April 2011
It's a fantastic program and you can add to it that the technical support by Adrian Ross is superb.
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Version 2.6
03 February 2011
I tried a demo version of FarFinder and was very impressed. However I really missed the opportunity to extract archives on the server. On a normal desktop machine you can just right click and chose extract. But when browsing your files with FarFinder, you have to download any rar or zip file, extract it and upload it again. This is not funny if we are talking about 1-2 GB files. So please include an unrar function in FarFinder and I will buy instantly! There are open source libraries for unrar out there, that should make it possible (and probably not too hard) to implement it.
Version 1.5.4
23 September 2010
I've been using FarFinder for a while to access my files at home from other places - and it works like a dream. And because I can use ANY computer to access my files, I don't even need my laptop with me. FarFinder is Brilliant for doing this file access from aFar. I see comparisons have been made - see suggestions in the info box - with DropBox. This is unfair on both products because they are cater for very different needs. I use both and use them for completely different purposes. With Farfinder I can access ANY file on my system- including files on attached (and shared) external hard drives. With DropBox I can access - including via their web site - any files in my DropBox - in my case this is a tiny fraction of the files on my system. They are usually critical files - and of course with FarFinder I have access to these too. I use DropBox to synchronize my critical files between two locations - I call it instant off-site backup - back to my home iMac when I'm working on my files at work. I simply drop my backup files into my DropBox and my MBP and almost immediately I can see them in FarFinder in the DropBox of my iMac at home. I need DropBox installed on my MBP - but that is no problem. It is actually 3 locations - including DropBox web site. For this offsite backup, DropBox is wonderful - for accessing ANY file on my iMac at home from ANY computer ANYWHERE, FarFinder is wonderful - horses for courses. Both excellent products that I would not like to be without. BTW - I also use Microsoft Live to synch files between 2 distant computers - it works just like DropBox but without the web site in the middle - so both computers need to be online - free and very fast and almost instant.
Version 1.5.4
12 August 2010
I was wondering what I need to do to get Farfinder to work with my MacBook Pro and Mac Mini Server. I want to be able to use my iPhone 4 to remotely access those Mac machines. So far I get an error message of not being able to connect to my Mac Mini server. I clicked on the connect by IP. Which has to be right as I use it remotely off site and locally thru window machines via TightVNC with no connection problems.
Version 1.5.2
1 answer(s)
07 October 2010
Patrick, if you're having trouble, please use the in-app contact support option to get in touch. Everybody, please note that leaving a comment here on MacUpdate is not a good way to get support. This applies to all applications - most developers are only too pleased to help you out, but you have to contact them in the ways they've provided, otherwise they won't know about your problem!
Version 1.5.4
23 July 2010
I am still being plagued randomly by the "camera not available" message in 1.5.2.
Version 1.5.2