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10 October 2019

Integrated organizer with automatic scheduling.


SmartDay integrates a Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and Projects all into a single application. SmartDay runs on your Mac and is also available for iOS and other devices, including any browser, so you can access your most up to date information all the time, anywhere. With over a million downloads and 50,000 hours of design and development, the SmartDay™ family of products is evolved and easy to use. Access all your existing calendars and tasks from the Calendar and Reminders apps on Max OS X, including your Google Calendars. Instantly add new events, notes, and tasks. SmartDay comes with a built-in online account so you can access all your information anywhere, from any device.

The SmartTime™ feature helps find time for you to get things done. ‘Auto Schedule’ places your tasks directly into the calendar timeline, to show when they can be completed, or drag a task directly into your calendar to set a specific time. The Task list also shows how many tasks you can do, day by day, for the next week. Drag and drop to re-arrange.

  • Attach a shopping list to your "Buy Groceries" To Do.
  • Add notes for a meeting scheduled in your Calendar.
  • Include checklists in your notes.
  • Organize events, tasks and notes into Projects
  • Automatic Scheduling of tasks
  • Advanced search and filters
  • Day, Week and Month Calendars
  • All Day Events
  • Time Zone Support
  • Shared Calendars, Projects and Notes*
  • Task Delegation*

What's new in SmartDay

Version 3.3:
  • Compatible with OSX Mojave
  • New flat design throughout the application
  • New icon sets
  • New checklist style inside Note Detail
  • Updated onboarding images
  • Various bug fixes

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4 Reviews of SmartDay

20 June 2012
Version: 1.0

Most helpful

Hello? I'm supposed to fork over $29.99, no trial, no demo—and you can't be bothered to put a pic up on MacUpdate? I lie. Even if you did, there's no way. What do devs *think*?
19 June 2014
Version: 3.1.1
Really like this so far, fits my needs better than all these (combined or not, I tried many many organisational tools in the past, some getting in the way of my workflow more than helping): BusyCal, Fantastical, OmniFocus, Things etc. I was never quite contented with any workflow so far. Won't go into the details of it but it's quite pleasant and straight-forward for the independent one-man business that I am. Have not yet tried the sharing of tasks, seems like something I could use with some clients. Also like the fact that it exists on Android. I'm a "Mac person" except when it comes to phone/tablet.
26 December 2013
Version: 3.0.1
As mentioned, there is a demo of SmartDay for download at the developer's website. I find the concept of SmartDay very interesting, because most other to-do/GTD apps just list tasks, so you lose oversight quite easily when you try to plan your day or your week. With SmartDay, your tasks get displayed in the calendar view, which is especially useful if you have tasks that take a bit longer to complete. You can rearrange the tasks according to your other events – this is actually great. If you missed a due date/time, SmartDay just pushes the task further and reschedules your work. This is a real killer feature. And well, this was the very reason for me to have a look at SmartDay. Exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, when dragging and dropping tasks to the calendar, rescheduling, etc., SmartDay often felt unresponsive, clunky. Also the iCal integration didn't work, but maybe this is because it's a demo? The design isn't beautiful, it has its rough edges, both from usability as well as the look and feel, some things are a bit "glitchy" (graphics errors). Definitely not as polished as the developer's website. But what I really don't like about SmartDay, and really makes me avoiding it: it isn't a standard Mac-like app. I don't like having to search for little icons somewhere in the app's window, I want them up there in a (customisable) toolbar, and I like an app where I can access Preferences, etc. from the menubar. Also I like to drag an app's window around, resize it, etc. I mean we're on the Mac platform, where you don't have to re-invent the UI, because OS X has actually a set of great UI principles. SmartDay's UI really drove me nuts, and I couldn't get used to it. Apart from the UI, planing projects is pretty basic, no sub-sub tasks, etc., so unfortunately, this app isn't for me. However, it has great potential and a superb idea behind it – I will definitively come back and have a look how it develops over time. Anyway, I really recommend anybody interested in productivity to have a look at the SmartDay demo (or the free online version) and evaluate for themselves. Task management is something very individual, and chances are, that SmartDay just fits you and your needs perfectly.
20 June 2012
Version: 1.0
Hello? I'm supposed to fork over $29.99, no trial, no demo—and you can't be bothered to put a pic up on MacUpdate? I lie. Even if you did, there's no way. What do devs *think*?
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18 June 2012
Version: 1.0
Smartday is perfect in the way it logically organizes your events, tasks and calendarS. Smartday will place an new event in an open time slot in your calendar so you can get the most done out of your day. It runs from the menubar but can work like a normal application because it lets you decide where to place the SmartDay window when you select the SmartDay menubar icon. You can leave the window on your desktop or have it disappear till the next time you need it. I love how the tasks you don't complete get carried over to the next day, this is something most applications fail to do. SmartDay will color your calendar days with a colored block using the same color of your calendar, on the days you have events from that calendar. You can organize according to tasks, events, lists and calendars. This allows you to glance at your calendar briefly to see if you have something important that needs getting done. SmartDay will sync with the cloud so you can keep all your devices in sync, including your iPad, iPhone, Mac. Believe me, if you want to get the most done in your day, then SmartDay will help you achieve that. GIVE SMARTDAY A TRY YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED! BTW: SmartDay has yet to crash on me and I use it all day long.