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12 September 2020

Create calendar events and reminders using natural language.


Fantastical is the Mac calendar you'll actually enjoy using.

Creating an event with Fantastical is quick, easy, and fun:
  • Open Fantastical with a single click or keystroke
  • Type in your event details and press return

...and you're back to what you were doing with a shiny new event in your calendar!

Fantastical's natural-language engine is expressive and intelligent, so you can write in your own style. Fantastical also automatically recognizes the location of your event and can even invite people from your Contacts to the event.

What's new in Fantastical

Version 3.1.6:
  • Added support for RingCentral Video, Around, and Blackboard conference calls
  • Alerts are no longer shown for hidden items
  • Improved performance when viewing an event with hundreds of invitees
  • A potential crash when creating new tasks
  • Custom alerts not appearing correctly when an event has travel time
  • URLs getting removed from newly created events on Google Calendar
  • Changing the color of an invitation on Google Calendar not sticking in some cases
  • Adding Office 365 accounts when the account name contains certain non-Latin characters
  • Adding an attendee to a repeating event on Exchange causing all attendees to get notified of changes
  • Responding to all instances of a repeating Exchange invitation not responding to the modified instances of the invitation
  • Some Zoom links not applying the meeting password automatically
  • Various other fixes and improvements
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05 February 2020
Version: 3.0.3

Most helpful

The app now getting much better with running in background with out the app loading Yea!
04 September 2020
Version: 3.1.5
Sadly Fantastical stopped working for me last week and support has been no help at all to solve the problem
01 August 2020
Version: 3.1.4
It hurts me very much to give Fantastical a bad review. In the past I loved Fantastical 2 (until it developed some problems with the synchronization recently). When I watched Fantastical 3, I was highly shocked: A calendar app with subscription? No, thanks. I understand that a subscription has many advantages for developers, but years ago I left 1Password for the reason, now I will leave Fantastical 3. A price of almost 60 dollars per year is just too much - thanks, but no thanks.
27 June 2020
Version: 3.1.1
MU Staff. The $3.33 is the monthly price with a year's subscription. Billed monthly, it's $4.99
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26 June 2020
Version: 3.1.1
I loved Fantastical, but found the subscription rate to be a bit too expensive. Also, I wan't happy using the companion on my iPhone, as it doesn't have the same features Reminders has (allowing converting an email to a reminder that you can click on and see the original email). So even though I could keep on using the v2 features, they weren't enough. The v3 features would make this a more useful app than Apple's apps, but given the new pricing model, I'll have to pass. If you definitely need the v3 features and can afford the subscription, I'm sure this app will deliver what you're expecting. But with nearly everything wanting a subscription. the cost of paying for all of them would be many $hundreds / year, and that's just too much.
16 June 2020
Version: 3.1
I will Never Never Never pay for a subscription! Just as I had to give up 1Password after being a long time user and fan, I will toss Fantastical and never give it a second thought as I switch to a more deserving (meaning less greedy) app developer and their product. If other people would simply say NO, the subscription model would go the way of the dinosaur. Sad to say, but most consumers are weak-minded and passive.
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26 April 2020
Version: 3.0.12
I see a lot of people are upset about the new subscription model. I do agree it's *way* overpriced (do the math: after 5 years you'll have paid $200!), but as a purchaser several years ago, the now-paid features I use (like multiple calendar sets and duplicate combining) haven't been taken away. Having said that, I don't use most of the premium features anyway (tasks, invites & scheduling, Hangouts/Zoom, templates), so do with that what you will. Having said all that, Fantastical is still the best calendar app for Mac by leaps and bounds, with a much better UI and features nobody else has. The calendar sets are a huge improvement over every other app (with a keystroke, I can quickly switch between work calendars, private calendars, and calendars I share with family), the Menu Bar UI is great, v3 finally makes the full-screen view an actual app that you can reach via CMD+TAB. Shortcomings: User cannot choose to show empty days in the scrolling view (I want to see my empty days!), all-day events with short names appear side-by-side instead of in a list (which makes events just look like a jumble), I'd prefer timed events to be in a colored bar just like all-day events instead of just having a colored dot (should be an option), and v3 changed the Menu Bar dropdown to be white on top, so the fields for entering new events and searching now blend in with the calendar instead of standing out like they should. So, in short, leaps and bounds better than any competitor, but room for improvement, and yes, the new subscription pricing is way too much. Fantastical has always been pricy, but changing from $50 once to $40 *per year* is ridiculous, and this bad choice is going to hurt the app's market share and discourage new user uptake, which is a shame because Fantastical is fantastic.
25 April 2020
Version: 3.0.12
Great app, nice graphics, functional! I wouldn’t swap it for another calendar. Luckily I bought it before it became accessible only through subscription! I just need the basic functions!
10 April 2020
Version: 3.0.9
I have been a longtime user of Fantastical, although on and off, I have been using it since their first version. I loved the app which I used instead of the Apple calendar apps on all my devices. Now, to push Fantastical 3's subscription plans they stripped Fantastical of basic features such as fullscreen view on iPhone. This is a perfect example of a developer being GREEDY beyond the minimum respect for his longtime customers. I feel cheated out of the basic benefits I had in exchange for a load of crap useless features for me. They know that many of the features they put on their subscription plan are useless for most people, so they ripped some basic features off from the exiting package and shoved them in the paid subscription version. Shameful, really! Not even Apple would do it that away. I will hold on to the app, hoping that Flexibits makes a u-turn. It is perhaps not surprising that I could not find the option to contact them on their webpage. They do not want to talk to us... which says it all.
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28 March 2020
Version: 3.0.8
Fantastical 2 was the best Smart phone calendar ever made. THEN THEY GOT GREEDY AND RUINED IT WITH FANTACTICAL 3. Prior to the update, Fantactica 2 was almost perfect and all features worked well and would work on your Apple Watch. I love this app so much that I bough a copy for my iPhone, my iPad and 4 more copies, one for each of my adult children. Then FLEXBIT GOT GREEDY and turned it into a monthly subscription that brought nothing new I wanted to use. It will no longer work with my Apple Watch and does not even give me the option for a complication on the watch to use. I have written to Flexbit and they only sent me link to suggestions that do not work. They will not work with me on this issue and have ignored my emails for help. I WANT MY FANTASTICAL 2 BACK.
16 March 2020
Version: 3.0.8
the new pricing model is SO disappointing.