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16 May 2020

Compile Intel Mac applications.


FutureBasic 6 builds macOS 64-bit applications. The FutureBasic 6 IDE consists of a syntax-aware editor, and a translator (FBtoC) that converts FB code into C/Objective-C code. The translation is then compiled with the clang system compilers.

Beginners can use a simplified run-time to write programs while not having to worry about things such as a graphical user interface (GUI) or printing. Experts can build standard Mac applications using both FB source, C and Objective-C

What's new in FutureBASIC

Version 6.0.10:
  • FB's website has been overhauled and is simpler to navigate and use. FBtoC build_goodies files removed
  • EditFields.c
  • FilesDollarFunction.c
  • Prefs.c
  • SystemDirectoryCopyURL.h
  • SystemDirectoryCopyURL.m
  • Util_FileDirectory.h
  • Util_FileDirectory.c Headers removed
  • Subs Help tags.incl
  • Subs Prefs File.incl
  • Tlbx Aliases.incl
  • Rntm Completion.incl
  • Subs Files.incl Make Xcode Project Options Reduced
  • Make Xcode Project's dual options are reduced to one "without Stripping" option and renamed to simply: "Make Xcode Project" in FBtoC's file menu. Changed to run on a background thread. Editor Project
  • Double-clicking a folder in Resources group now opens the folder in the Finder
  • Bug fix. The optimization label would not update when build settings window loaded. Document
  • Hitting return in a comment block would remove leading whitespace from entered line. Fixed
  • Lines with '#' prefix are no longer indented
  • On re-indent, lines in comment blocks would march to the right. Fixed
  • Re-indented comment block lines now retain any leading space characters. Help Menu
  • Files or apps dropped in the Application Support/FutureBasic/Help Menu Items/ directory now appear in the Help menu immediately. i.e. there's no need to quit and relaunch FutureBasic. FutureBasic Help Additions CocoaUI Animation
  • New header Application
  • Extra function Bundle
  • For convenience, NULL can be used instead of fn BundleMain in BundleXxxx functions. e.g. dict = fn BundleInfoDictionary( NULL ) is equivalent to dict = fn BundleInfoDictionary( fn BundleMain ) Button
  • More functions CAAnimation
  • More functions FileHandle
  • Bug fix. FileHandleSeekToEnd would crash when second param NULL. Responder
  • Extra function String
  • Extra function
  • Function name corrections: StringByReplacingOccurrencesOfString, StringByReplacingOccurrencesOfStringWithOptions Note: these corrections may break existing apps. TableView
  • The dialog events: _tableViewSelectionShouldChange, _tableViewShouldSelectRow and tableViewShouldSelectTableColumn all default to YES but can now be manipulated by calling DialogEventSetBool(NO). Also, in _tableViewShouldSelectRow, the row number can be got with: row = fn DialogEventLong
  • It is now possible to add custom views to one or more columns. See demos. TextFinder
  • More functions TextView
  • More functions UndoManager
  • Extra function URL
  • More functions View
  • More dialog events
  • More functions VisualEffectView
  • More material types (macOS 10.14+) Window
  • More functions Workspace
  • More functions
  • WorkspaceOpenConfiguration class added (macOS 10.15+) General
  • Programmer error alert window ⁃Now runs on main thread to avoid crash when triggered from background thread. ⁃'Quit' button added. Useful for when the alert is triggered in a loop. New Demos
  • Miscellaneous/ ⁃UndoManager
  • Views and Controls/SKView/ ⁃Animated Fruit ⁃Bouncing Robot ⁃Flowers ⁃GIF Animation
  • Views and Controls/TableView/Custom Views/ ⁃Button ⁃Checkbox ⁃DatePicker ⁃MultipleViews ⁃PopUpButton
  • Windows and Panels/ ⁃Shake

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8 Reviews of FutureBASIC

12 February 2016
Version: 5.7.40

Most helpful

"Could not get read/write access to preferences..." I deleted the directory the popup suggested deleting, still same error all the time. OS X 10.11.4
29 January 2020
Version: 6.0.6
Can’t run it, my laptop OS is 10.11.6 not 10.13
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14 February 2016
Version: 5.7.41
I have FutureBasic 1.0.3 from years ago when it was developed by Zedcore, and ran on 68k macs . I've tried futurebasic 5 but it feels so different. does any of the same environment from years ago still exist in the new version of it ?
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12 February 2016
Version: 5.7.40
"Could not get read/write access to preferences..." I deleted the directory the popup suggested deleting, still same error all the time. OS X 10.11.4
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10 November 2015
Version: 5.7.6
Appears to be dead. Was great in it's day.
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Andy Pritchard
28 September 2002
Version: 7.0
Staz & co continues to provide excellent support to the feature rich, high speed BASIC compiler insulating us poor BASIC programmers from the dramatic changes in MacOS from 68K to PPC to MacOS X - some feat!
26 September 2002
Version: 7.0
To whom it may concern: I highly recommend FutureBASIC (all versions). I've been using it for over ten years and am very impressed with both the nature of the language and the level of technical support -- which in my opinion are simply the best available. I've programmed in numerous other languages (including C, C++) and find that FB is the best supported, not only by its makers (i.e., Staz Software), but by other FB programmers via the FB list server. The list server has literally hundreds of FB programmers (including Staz) attending and answering all types of questions from newbie level to advanced leading-edge specifics. I find that the followers of FB are a religious cult of fine professional people passionately dedicated to supporting FB -- they are in affect a mirror of the product they support. So, in my opinion, if you want to do serious Mac development, or learn programming, then you can do no better than FutureBasic. tedd
26 September 2002
Version: 7.0
The ONLY development IDE for me. Used it for many of my freeware and shareware products. Excellent!!
24 September 2002
Version: 6.0
Simply perfect!