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09 March 2012

Record PDF documents to audio files.


PDF2Tape is an application that lets you record PDF documents into audio files using the Mac's built in speech technology. Play them back on your Mac, or sync them to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad for on-the-go listening! The possibilities are endless!


  • PDF2Tape can batch record multiple PDF documents
  • Each audio file will be named after the document that it was recorded from automatically.
  • Audio files will be recorded in the voice that you have selected in the Speech Control Panel.
  • Convenient button is provided for quick access the Speech Control Panel to make changes.
  • Supported output audio formats are AAC and AIFF.

While AAC is preferred because of its significantly smaller file size, some 3rd party voices may not support it. For that reason, AIFF is included as well.

Please Note: Your PDF must contain selectable text in order to be recorded. If the PDF is just an image of a document, and contains no selectable text, then it will not record.

Some PDFs may have a corrupt or missing "ToUnicode" map. This will make the PDF un-recordable. If you are concerned about this with your PDF's, try this before purchasing: copy some text out of the PDF and paste it into Textedit. If the text is gibberish, that PDF will not record.

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