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Scrollendar Calendar

29 February 2012

Scrollendar Calendar Simply scrol.


With Scrollendar Calendar, you can simply scroll through the months, and tap on the week you want to view. Then scroll through the days and tap one. It grows in place to quickly show all events on that day. Scrollendar is unique, because it doesn't try to break the year up into months. Days, weeks, months and years are shown continuously, so instead of awkwardly paging through multiple screens, you simply scroll up or down to see more.

What's new in Scrollendar Calendar

Version 2.0.1:
  • Loading and scrolling of day view is much faster
  • Events added by other EventKit calendars (such as the native iPhone calendar) are picked up immediately
  • Events automatically update their date and time after timezone changes
  • Small bug fixes regarding event displaying and updating

Requirements for Scrollendar Calendar

  • or later

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