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18 October 2011

Watermark batches of images.


QuickPaste allows the user to batch-watermark any number of graphic files with a graphic image, as opposed to text. In other words, it will let you place the same watermark layer on multiple images. First, drag and drop a background image onto the drop box on the Inspector window. Then select and double-click on any of the watermark images on the sidebar that you have imported. Now, grab and freely move the selected watermark image and position it.

After positioning the watermark image, choose Export under File and get ready to import source graphic files on which to watermark. Finally, select a graphic format and click on Export. Got 100 files to watermark? No problem... It shouldn't take a minute to watermark them all.

Note that a watermark image with a maximum of 1920 x 1200 pixels may be used though an image with a maximum of 800 x 800 pixels is recommended.


  • Let QuickPaste remember pictures that you use to watermark graphic files.
  • Watermark any number of graphic images.
Supported formats:
  • Importing background/watermark pictures: BMP, JPEG, PDF, PICT, PNG, TIFF
  • Exporting watermarked images: BMP, JPEG, PNG, PSD, SGI

What's new in QuickPaste

Version 1.2:
  • Fix: When the user imports a background image whose file name contains one or more periods (except the extension), the application rejects it.
  • Fix: The application could have crashed under OS X 10.7 after the user closes the Export window.
  • The application prevents the user from importing the same source file.
  • When the user attempts to add a watermark image containing more pixels than allowed, a warning message will appear. If its dimensions are greater than 1920 x 1200 pixels, then the application prevents the user from adding it.
  • If the application finds an existing file sharing the same image file it's about to export, the user will be prompted for confirmation as to whether or not to
  • Change: The user cannot use alias image files.
  • When the user chooses File > Export, all other windows including Inspector will hide themselves.
  • Several other changes and fixes are done.

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