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11 December 2019

Onscreen graphic measurement tools.


xScope is powerful set of tools that are ideal for measuring, inspecting, and testing on-screen graphics and layouts. Its tools float above your desktop windows and can be accessed via a toolbar, menubar, and/or hot keys.

  • Remote Viewing - Easily view Photoshop, files or windows on your iOS or AirPlay device
  • Templates - Automatically shows icon or wallpaper mockup on iOS
  • Chromeless UI - No overlaid chrome to get in the way while you work
  • Security - Toggle user authentication requests on/off via Preferences
  • Download the xScope Mirror App for iOS at http://xscopeapp.com/ios
  • Powerful Search - For name or tag in any of the 100,000+ Unicode characters
  • Decipher Text - Deciphers text entities, encodings, constants, and more!
  • Convert Format - Output text as a string, entities, URL encoding, and more!
  • Measure Glyphs - Shows line, character or web layout: including font metrics and CSS
  • Character Palette - A handy place to collect commonly used Unicode characters
  • Find the dimensions of anything on screen instantly
  • Find distance between objects quickly and easily
  • Create screen shots of any measured element
  • Powerful on-screen rulers for pixel measurements
  • Two rulers with synchronization for easy on-screen comparison
  • Hold down control to snap to edges of onscreen content
  • Fully adjustable horizontal and vertical lengths
  • Full 360 degree rotation range
  • Displays deltas for rotated rulers
  • Enhances Your Web Browser - Attaches to window to make development easier
  • Alignment Marks - Check positioning and distances in px/em/pt and percentages
  • Mockup Image - A transparent design comp over your HTML and CSS code
  • Grids with Breakpoints - Grid systems that stay in sync with your media queries
  • Cycle Breakpoints - Quickly check your design at all sizes used in your CSS
  • Full-page Screenshot - Get a picture of your whole web page
  • Works with iOS Simulator - Great for testing in Safari or developing native apps
  • Easily see the usable real estate for any screen size
  • Organized by platform including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and TV
  • Pre-defined screen templates or create your own
  • Displays title and game safe areas for 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio TVs.
  • Simulate user vision problems including color blindness and presbyopia (old age)
  • De-retinizer to simulate normal display when using Retina display
  • Define custom area settings for any OS or browser
  • Magnify any portion of the screen under your mouse
  • Displays color under your cursor in RGB, HSB, HEX, CSS3 rgb() and HTML
  • Quick measurement of magnified image using Dimensions
  • Reference color format: work with a hex color while viewing RGB format
  • Collect a running list of color swatches with Shift-Cmd-C
  • Save out or import .ACO color swatch files for easy reference
  • Simulate user vision problems including color blindness and presbyopia (old age)
  • Displays co-ordinates of mouse cursor for reference
  • The content of the window or the mouse position can be locked
  • Vertical and horizontal guides that float on top of all else on the screen
  • Displays guide position in pixels when placed
  • Displays distance between guides in pixels
  • Save and load guide positions for later reference
  • Supports multiple monitors
  • Adjustable marker boxes float on top of the screen
  • Hold down control to snap to edges of onscreen content
  • Cmd-Shift-5 to shrink a selection around on screen content and create a frame
  • Display preset grids to help compose frame layouts
  • Create, move, duplicate and edit frames at will
  • Save and load frame positions for later reference
  • Reports the coordinate position of the mouse cursor
  • Change origin from the upper-left (design work) to lower-left (development work)

What's new in xScope

Version 4.4.1:
  • Lowered CPU usage when xScope is hidden
  • More reliable detecting Screen Recording permission on Catalina BUG FIXES
  • Fixed Guides not appearing correctly in some vertical display configurations
  • Fixed a crash in Loupe and Crosshair while detecting color for maximum contrast
  • Frame screenshots now work if bottom is off screen

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Iconfactory today released version 2.5 which fixes all problems described in my previous review. Raised my rating from 3 to 5 stars. Re-bought it via the Mac AppStore to get the upcoming version 3.0 for free.
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Version 2.5
20 October 2018
There's an issue in OS 10.9 where the prefs won't display. (v4.3 was ok)
Version 4.3.3
03 June 2018
On the other hand, between xScope with its "cool" techy interface and Art Director's Toolkit, I've always preferred the latter. Unfortunately I own xScope in a current version while ADT pricing and upgrade policy have always been pretty dodgy. So I'm pretty happy someone is offering a competitively priced alternative. xScope does turn up on promotions, including at Macupdate, which is why I mentioned pricing positively. Retail is too much, unless you really like techy interfaces.
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Version 4.3.1
23 March 2017
Pricy, but better than you think it is... I've been looking for alternatives to this for years now, but finally bit the bullet and purchased xScope. NO regrets -- and now that I know I'll keep it around, I find I use it much more than I actually thought I would. The Guides and Dimensions panels save SOOOO much time when laying out UI components. My only gripe is the annoyance of its always-present Dock and Task Switcher icons. I prefer system-wide utilities to sit quietly in the background until I conjure them via keyboard shortcut or menubar icon; otherwise, it's yet another thing competing for my attention on a developer's already-crowded Dock . Not sure why IconFactory developers insist that this is "the only way to do it," when Apple clearly documents how to make menubar-based applications that don't require the Dock icon (a la Annotate/Glui, for instance).
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Version 4.3
1 answer(s)
03 June 2018
I actually like that xScope is an application and not monkeying around in my menu items. My review will be just above yours (originally just planned a comment).
01 December 2016
"Will Email when discounted"
Version 4.3
Big Map Idea
02 April 2016
Great program but kind of a memory hog. Haven't touched it in a few hours and it's sitting on over 500Mb.
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Version 4.2
Bento de Espinosa
01 April 2016
Really excellent! A must have.
Version 4.2
24 April 2015
it looks good, but $AU64 you got to be joking
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Version 4.1.3
2 answer(s)
15 May 2015
I agree it has a hefty price tag, especially with our AU dollar adding 25% markup.

Looks like a practical toolset which you could get a lot of use out of. If doing a lot of design...
23 May 2016
Agreed - came here looking for something like this app but turned right away when I saw the price tag...
14 November 2014
Note the site still has v4 download, but MacUpdate has v4.1
Version 4.1
10 July 2014
There is no upgrade path for App Store owners. I purchased version 3.6.3 from the App Store and also have a version 2 license from IconFactory. The IconFactory website will not accept the version 2 license number. The App Store and website price for version 4 is $49.99 whereas the web site upgrade is $24.99. Of course, I have received no responses from IconFactory support. So, I'm stuck at version 3.
2 answer(s)
14 July 2014
We respond to *all* support emails within 48 hours. If we haven't responded that's most likely because we never received it. Try again by emailing me directly at webmaster@iconfactory.com. For the record, there is an upgrade path from 3 to 4 from the MAS to IF version. I'll give you more info when you write, thanks.
23 May 2016
Sorry - replied to the wrong thread but I can't delete my post. It demands I now type something...
27 June 2014
Is there any difference between the MAS and non-MAS version?
Version 4.0
1 answer(s)
27 June 2014
There are a few differences, yes. They are outlined here - http://support.iconfactory.com/kb/xscope/differences-between-xscope-on-the-mac-app-store-and-iconfactory-website