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05 December 2019

Web search from the menu bar.


DEVONagent Express (based on DEVONsphere) brings Web search directly to your menu bar. Just like Spotlight searches your computer, DEVONagent Express searches the Web and presents the results directly in its menu. A great selection of top-notch search engines and large tool tips with preview pictures and summaries let you find the right page before you open it in your Web browser. You can even query all three major Web search engines all at the same time or use pre-fab collections such as a thumbnail gallery search set.

Your search assistant: While the 'express' mode just collects the results the 'agent' mode does a lot more for you in the background. It downloads each page, filters advertisements, error pages as well as pages that don't fit your question, and applies its own ranking. No more Error 404 pages, no more pages that have nothing to do with your search at all.

  • What DEVONagent Express does for you:
    • Let's you search the Web as easy as using Spotlight
    • Shows convenient summaries and preview pictures
    • Filters advertisements and error pages
    • Gives you only really relevant results back
    • Talks to more than 80 general-purpose and specialized search engines
  • Perfectly integrated and easy to use:
    • Located directly in the menu bar, always there when you need it
    • Opens results in your Web browser or DEVONagent (if available)
    • You already know how to use it
    • Accessible by pressing a hotkey
  • Supported search engines categories:
    • General purpose
    • Apple- and Mac-related (e.g., App Store, MacUpdate)
    • Blogs
    • Computer science
    • Dictionaries (e.g., Wiktionary)
    • Directories
    • Educational resources
    • Government
    • Images and videos (e.g., YouTube, Flickr)
    • Legal
    • News
    • Patents
    • References (e.g., Wikipedia)
    • Science
    • Social networking (e.g., Facebook profiles, Twitter)

What's new in DEVONagent Express

Version 3.11.3:

This maintenance release improves date parsing while searching and updates Clinial Trials and Apple Listserv searches.

  • Improved parsing dates in searches.
  • Updated the Clinical Trials plugin.
  • An issue with searching the Apple Listserv.
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9 Reviews of DEVONagent Express

26 March 2013
Version: 3.4

Most helpful

Excellent search utility.
05 May 2014
Version: 3.8
I cannot erase the very first search I made with DE. Every time I fire this up, the first search always appears in the search window. This has the potential to be somewhat to extremely embarrassing, depending upon one's first search and who is standing by one's computer when one calls this up. What would be a five-star App gets one half star as a result of this
26 March 2013
Version: 3.4
Excellent search utility.
28 May 2012
Version: 3.2
Thank God this information is Wrong and it stills compatible with 32 bits OS/Macs
15 January 2012
Version: 3.1.1
By far the easiest and fastest way to get smart/focused search results. Better than searching through pages of Google results (even if you know Goo search operators).
09 December 2011
Version: 3.1.1
DEVONagent Express is a fine product, but the App Store is very problematic. I went there to update to 3.1.1 in my account and it tells me that all my apps are up to date. I go to DEVONtechnologies, LLC URL and no is no choice to update on their site and, of course, we can no longer update certain applications on MacUpdate. DEVONagent Express itself contains no updater. So what is one to do???? I have found the App Store to be so unlike anything the Steve Jobs envisioned or even a representative as an Apple product. This is not the first time that the App Store has been a problem for me, plus the last time I e-mailed them for support online, with the online acknowledgement that my e-mail was received, I never received a reply from the the App Store.
08 December 2011
Version: 3.1.1
The version now described here is 3.1.1 but the version offered at the Mac App Store as well as the version included with DEVONthink are still at 3.1.
26 July 2011
Version: 3.0.3
I do wonder why so many people do not understand the difference between commercial software and shareware. And how many of this individuals complaining about the Mac App Store have purchased copies of Mac OS X over the years without a "Test Drive" first, seems a bit hypocritical. The App Store is no different than any other means of distributing commercial software, and IMO the only people that will complain about it are probably not going to pay for shareware anyway.
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12 June 2011
Version: 3.0.2
No demo no sales at Macupdate. Wanna test it before buy it.
24 May 2011
Version: 3.0
Will this functionality be part of DEVONagent 3?
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