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17 October 2019

Maximize Web-search efficiency.


DEVONagent Pro helps you search more efficiently on the web. It searches multiple sources, frees you from hunting for the really relevant results, and gives you power tools for your research.

  • Your personal meta search engine - DEVONagent Pro is not a simple Google interface. It knows how to talk to search engines, and how to squeeze the best out of them.DEVONagent connects to as many search engines as you want, collects the data, and weeds out the junk that managed to slip through. It also scans your favorite websites and notifies you when it finds something that matches your query. It can even do all of this while you're sleeping; the results will be ready before you pour your first cup of coffee.
  • Get the good stuff, skip the junk - DEVONagent Pro is all about filtering what you don't want and giving you the best tools to find more of what you really want. DEVONagent Pro doesn't simply trust the search engines. It filters all returned results again, allowing you to use advanced Boolean operators, proximity operators, and wildcards of unlimited complexity, something no single search engine allows you to do. DEVONagent's "scanners" can even find thumbnail galleries or linked PDF or Office documents for you. When you've found what you're looking but want a little more detail, the unique See Also list contains related pages from elsewhere in the search results, online and even from DEVONthink Pro.
  • The information you want, the way you want - Every research tasks is different. DEVONagent Pro supports this with many ways to list, read, even explore your data. View the results as a list or as a smart text summary, and explore them with the topics map. Unread results are marked with a blue dot, just like in Apple Mail, so that you don't miss the one important piece of information you're looking for. Finally, for viewing Web pages there's DEVONagent Pro's specialized Web browser. Extract images, RSS feeds, links, email addresses, even linked documents with a single click and save them for reference or reuse.
  • Save your research and come back later - Research is not only about finding, it's about collecting data, sharing it, and using it to create something meaningful. DEVONagent Pro exports your filtered and trimmed-to-the-max research results in a variety of formats, from a simple list of bookmarks to comprehensive RTF digests and PDF reports. The built-in, searchable archive keeps them for later reference, or you can send your results to DEVONthink. Finally, you can save your search and continue later on, or even share it with others via email.
  • How DEVONagent Pro can help your research:
    • Researchers: Stay up-to-date on your subject with scheduled searches. Search through specialized online databases, scan important Web sites, and get smart summaries. Extract the key facts using DEVONagent Pro's research-centric Web browser.
    • Students and educators: Find better course materials faster, with DEVONagent Pro weed out the chaff. Cite references for your papers and extract images and lists of links with a single click. Save interesting results in DEVONagent's archive or in DEVONthink.
    • Journalists: Keep an eye on as many other information sources as you like and dig deeper into the subject you are writing about. Use the smart See Also function to learn more about the article you're reading. Save a search and return to it later if you get interrupted.
    • Lawyers: Search LexisWeb and FindLaw efficiently with advanced Boolean operations, and use See Also to find related data with a single click. Export comprehensive reports, or save the results for future reference in DEVONagent's archive or in DEVONthink.
    • Power users: Use DEVONagent Pro's specialized and easily automated browser to find and collect information and file it in DEVONthink. The object drawer and extensive AppleScript, JavaScript, and Automator support make it the #1 browser for DEVONthink users and enthusiasts.

What's new in DEVONagent Pro

Version 3.11.2:

This maintenance update for DEVONagent Pro brings optimizations, fixes, and macOS Catalina compatibility. Some changes made in searching, parsing content, and generating summaries now provide better results. Performance and reliability have been improved with several bug fixes. Lastly, some changes relative to DEVONthink 3 have been made, including support for searching the web sharing of DEVONthink Server 3.

  • Added AppleScript command download JSON from.
  • Updated the DEVONthink Server plugin for compatibility with DEVONthink 3.
  • Updated the toolbar icons to the new icons for DEVONthink 3 and its databases.
  • The Default stylesheet for RSS feeds has been modernized, including dark mode support.
  • The available RSS stylesheets in Preferences > Web are now sorted.
  • Long menu item titles now are more accurately shortened.
  • Displayed sizes, e.g., in the Download Manager, are now based on 1000 instead of 1024. This is similar to sizes reported in the the Finder and other applications.
  • After adding a new workspace, the command Go > Workspace > Update now updates the last added workspace, not the most recently used one.
  • Renamed action script "File results in DEVONthink Pro" to File results in DEVONthink.
  • An alert is displayed after trying to import Safari bookmarks or history without enabling System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Full Disk Access: DEVONagent Pro (macOS Mojave or later).
  • Summaries and digest results are more precise due to being based on characters.
  • Optimized object scanning in browser windows when the Objects inspector is visible.
  • Improved date parsing.
  • Improved fuzzy searching.
  • Improved the Video scanner.
  • Improved filtering of ads and Captchas.
  • Improved the HTML parser.
  • Improved the display of RSS feeds having only a date but no time.
  • Improved scrolling speed in the browser (macOS Mojave or later).
  • Improved Accessibility using modern macOS features.
  • Replaced Buy button in the License dialog with Your Account.
  • Added menu item Help > Your Account.
  • The trial version now runs up to 30 days from the initial application launch and up to 60 non-consecutive hours of use.
  • DEVONagent Pro is now notarized.
  • Improved overall performance and reliability.
  • A crash caused by the Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer plugin.
  • Crashes related to WebKit, including one involving Touch Bar support.
  • An issue where images of 1×1 pixels found by the Image scanner were marked as corrupted in the Inspector of DEVONagent Pro browser windows.
  • An issue where the application licensing could fail on some machines, e.g., ones with a replaced logic board.
  • An issue with a stall on launch (macOS Catalina).
  • An issue with a visual artifact in browser windows when toggling the Inspector or navigation panes.
  • An issue with font selection in DEVONagent Pro's Preferences.
  • An issue with memory management after importing .opml files.
  • An issue with proximity operators in a search being incorrectly applied.
  • An issue with scanners returning too many or invalid objects in browser windows when viewing pages with frames having invalid URLs.
  • An issue with the background color of the Properties inspector.
  • Issues with the Download Manager (macOS Catalina).
  • A memory leak of the Support Assistant.
  • DEVONtech Forum plugin.

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08 February 2018

Most helpful

DEVONagent Pro is an excellent search engine and browser, for doing in-depth research, especially when combined with DEVONthink Pro Office. My only complaint is that DEVONagent Pro doesn’t get updated very often (which makes me wonder about security). Otherwise it's great.
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Version 3.10
08 February 2018
DEVONagent Pro is an excellent search engine and browser, for doing in-depth research, especially when combined with DEVONthink Pro Office. My only complaint is that DEVONagent Pro doesn’t get updated very often (which makes me wonder about security). Otherwise it's great.
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Version 3.10
18 May 2017
This company has terrible customer service. They offer great software but it is also highly complex. You are going to spend a lot of time in the manuals and asking dumb questions on their forums. But beware, the forums allow far too much “RTFM” type commentaries, “what’s wrong with you”, etc. And that’s from the moderators and the forum experts. I have some genuine learning disabilities as the result of injuries suffered in service to my country (disabled vet). I was really hoping that many of Devon’s products would be very helpful for those of us who struggle to organize information on a daily basis. Unfortunately, Devon people do not suffer fools gladly and I have been suddenly and permanently banned from their forums. Why? No explanation was given after I asked repeatedly. Apparently it was for complaining to Devon customer service about how I was getting treated in the forums. To add insult to injury, Devons web site boasts about how they won’t bury problems by closing tickets before they are through and how much they value fairness. Don't you believe it. None of these are values that I have seen. My ticket on this issue was closed prematurely and their head guy refused to provide any justification for their actions. Apparently asking too many questions about good netiquette on their forums will get you banned. I can't see using such a complex and important piece of software (it’s about managing all the files on your Mac), and not being able to ask questions about it on an active user forum. Devon makes great software. I have no argument with that. I have a license for DevonThink Professional Office, DevonAgent, and some others. But learning something with such complex capabilities, having learning challenges of my own, and having such a non user friendly forum, just got to be too much. I have been trying to use Devon products for a couple of years now. Sadly, I probably will not continue with this company barring a sharp reversal in their way of treating customers. Why pay for abuse? Your mileage may vary. I have rated this software as low as it can go, not because it isn't really smart software but because if you can't get help using it or worse, you are ridiculed and then banned, then why recommend this brand to others? Without ongoing access to good customer service through the user base (forums), my licenses are now pretty much useless. And these software titles from Devon, are not cheap.
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Version 3.9.6
1 answer(s)
06 July 2018
Funny thing is, they haven't been able to "commemorate" a simple response on their main review site (which holds...15 paragraphs of notes?).

I observed myself their need to justify why others should just stick with "the way they do things". It really bugs me if you've been treated that way, but that's the way s**t goes. Just hang in there buddy, many other apps are coming along. It scares the bezzizle out of me every time I open that interface !!!???? For the moment that's what we've got.

Their "self-indulged" attitude towards fellas like you and their backwards-induced development process will only leave history as the "repeater".

Lastly - considering techiness is quite on my ally- I myself struggle with the Likes of Devonthink, Tinderbox, .... No fool dares scheming with these tools; you're all good my man. Just keep on dragging and dropping.

And Devtech., your moderators are indeed to comic and your developers brilliantly - idiotic at best. Get your stuff together MEEEEIN!!

This was l making reference to D.think in general...just realized that :PPPP.
27 February 2012
It finds everything I need, and things I didn't know I needed, there is a small learning curve but once you get used to it, you can't go without it, great companion to DevonThink. I use DevonAgent Pro with DevonThink Pro Office, using these 2 apps together, you can find a needle in 1 million hay stacks.
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Version 3.1.1
17 August 2011
great tool! it saves me enormous time & effort even so, out of the box; I'm keen to learn using this other unique boolean stuff.
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Version 3.0
20 July 2011
One thing to make clear is this is not a browser but a powerful internet research tool. This is only for people who do research. Everyone else will fine it useless and should use safari etc. Compared with the last version this is massively improved. Works best with devonthink. It will streamline the proces of online research. The only thing that let's it down is the web itself and quality of information available. However as the web gets better and more and more publish direct online this will only improve. A fine app for anyone involved in research even if it does not get what you want 100% it will always sign post you there due to it's AI. Not something to pick up and use in 5mins you need to practice using it.
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Version 3.0
20 July 2011
Devon Technologies is the best! Using the internet for research is great, but DevonAgent makes it fun and easy, especially with all the filtering tools they have available to help you wade through the junk and get to the good stuff! And their support team is second to none...
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Version 3.0
16 December 2010
There is no better tool for Recherche, look no further.
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Version 3.0pb1
16 December 2010
So very glad that DevonTech has released an update to this perennial favorite of mine! Makes searching the web for paper writing a snap and a joy! An indispensable tool for research, now updated with new search plugins.
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Version 3.0pb1
04 October 2010
They should just revamp this and merge it into devonThink. It is not like it is a big seller alone from what I hear anyway. If they do that they may work on it more as devonThink is non stop with updates and powerful new features but this is ignored. Making it devonThinks default browsers makes a lot of sense. As there is an argument that they should have a customised webkit browser built into devonThink eventually as many people do their research online now be it free or paid sites it is all going electronic. Why waste time supporting integration for others with so many browsers out there...when they already have one of their own.
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Version 2.3.1
1 answer(s)
31 March 2011
Trashie, I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. Even if DEVONtechnologies has to raise the price somewhat across the entire line of DEVONthink softwares, I agree it would make the DEVONthink line even more useful and they would probably put more development into DEVONagent. Great idea.
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24 March 2010
My take on this.. I wish it its capabilities were either completely included in DevonThink Pro and/or were a Safari plugin.. because as a stand alone browser it is awkward and I end up rarely ever using it. I'd prefer the first option.. if DTP had a more user friendly approach t its browsing dept (own set of bookmarks or at least editable Safari bookmarks and tabs.. DA has them but not DTP). I would not even have to launch Safari at all.. and with the DA capabilities it'd be a powerhouse all in one..
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Version 2.3.1


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  • OS X 10.11.0 or later
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