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21 October 2019

Absolute Protection.


Going beyond antivirus and antimalware, Bitdefender for Mac is a comprehensive security suite protecting all of your devices.

Providing multi-layer protection against new and existing threats, Bitdefender Antivirus ensures the safety of data and privacy.

It responds instantaneously to malware without impacting performance, while game, movie, and work modes tailor notifications according to your activities to limit unnecessary alerts.

Bitdefender for Mac comes in two versions, Bitdefender Antivirus, and Bitdefender Total Security. A 30-day free download is available for both products.

Download Bitdefender for Mac and get:

  • Real-time protection: its virus scanner scans for ransomware, rootkits, spyware, trojans, viruses, worms, and zero-day exploits.
  • Integrated VPN: Ensures fast, anonymous, and secure online activities.
  • Network threat detection: Sophisticated threat intelligence detects and blocks malicious exploits, including botnets and brute force attacks.
  • Online security: Antiphishing and anti-fraud capabilities detect and warn you of potential risks, while anti spam technology identifies and filters unwanted emails.

Additional Features

  • Anti-ransomware: Instant protection against new, malicious attacks.
  • Wi-Fi Advisor: Scans public Wi-Fi hotspots for security risks before you connect.
  • Firewall: Blocks attacks from data snoops, hackers, and malicious applications.
  • Advanced Threat Defense: Advanced heuristics to identify anomalies and detect threats in real-time.

Awards and Recognition

  • AV-TEST: Top scores for protection, performance, and usability (6.0/6.0).
  • PC Mag: "Editors' Choice for security mega-suite."

Version Features

Bitdefender Internet Security comes in two licensed packages, each with a free 30-day trial.

Bitdefender Antivirus

  • Anti-adware, antivirus, antiphishing, anti-ransomware, and antispyware
  • Safe Files to prevent unauthorized access and changes.
  • Time Machine Protection for backing up and restoring files held hostage by ransomware.
  • Cross-platform malware detection to prevent cross-contamination between devices.
  • VPN to ensure privacy and data protection for all online activities.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020

Everything in Bitdefender Antivirus PLUS:

  • Advanced threat defense using behavioral analysis to detect suspicious app activity.
  • Bitdefender Photon adapts configurations to optimize performance.
  • Parental controls to limit screen time and filter inappropriate content.

What’s new in Bitdefender?

The latest version is 2020.

  • Anti-tracker browser extension to keep data private and load web pages faster.
  • Microphone monitor to identify which apps have access to the microphone and when.
  • Minor bugs and other issues

What's new in Bitdefender

  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

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Does Bitdefender work on Mac?
Yes, Bitdefender for Mac works on Mac OS X 10.10 and later.
Is Bitdefender free for Mac?
No. 1, 2, or 3-year licenses can be purchased for either one or multiple devices. A 30-day free trial is available.
Does Bitdefender for Mac have a firewall?
Yes. The firewall blocks attacks from data snoops, hackers, and malicious applications.
Is Bitdefender reliable?
Yes. It was the top-rated antivirus product in terms of protection, performance, and usability by AV-TEST.
Does the Bitdefender free version remove malware?
Yes. The free version has the same capabilities as the paid version, but the trial period is limited to 30 days.
Does Bitdefender slow down your computer?
No. With the exception of some system scans, Bitdefender uses online scans in the cloud to alleviate system overhead.

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14 Bitdefender Reviews

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24 May 2011

Most helpful

After using BD for a while I noticed Activity Monitor showing a process called BDDaemon consistently using about 530MB of memory. Wow, this little beast is a memory hog. True, it didn't cause my MacBook Pro any noticeable performance degradation but that kind of memory use for one process IS excessive especially when going on continuously, So I uninstalled BD and will stick with ClamX for now. But you're saying "There are no viruses for Macs out there currently" and your right but it's just a matter of time before one or more are unleashed upon us and and I think it prudent to have some protection and be familiar with using it.
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Version 1.17.3304
17 August 2019
I have resumed using BD but their installation/re-installation process is poorly designed. I can understand the frustrations identified here but once installed, it is performing with minimal system impact, from what I can ascertain. They need to revamp their installation process as it is an immediate deterrent to many folks to whom I have suggested BD.
27 July 2019
Horrible system hit. Unable to install vpn. unable to remedy. full system scan hangs and becomes unresponsive. Tried to uninstall and reinstall, the uninstaller does not work. Every aspect from registering to using the product has been a universe of frustration.
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02 May 2018
Compared to other anti-virus programs this is VERY lightweight... now when performing a FULL scan, yes expect CPU to go up but background daily uses, it's great! We also love, from an IT prospective, that we can remotely trigger and schedule other PC/Mac to scan, optimize, etc. without the other person having to do anything other then leave their computer on, and for that matter, if they don't it will perform the scan the next time it's on and connected to the internet.

Also note that Macupdate is out of date, as of May 2nd 2018 it is Version
21 May 2016
For me, it's the lightest, fastest and most efficient AV on mac.
2 answer(s)
03 June 2016
But... there's no Mac viruses. So what's the point?
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Big Johnson
Big Johnson
28 January 2018
Viruses aren't the only Mac threat.
There's also adware, malware and ransomware (a form of malware), and this app claims to prevent them all:

Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection
Blocks and removes annoying adware
Protects against Mac and PC malware

And ransomware isn't something that's easily removed - if you get it you're screwed! It'll cost more than the price of this app to unlock your system. Better to prevent adware/malware/viruses than to seek a remedy once infected.

A report from Malwarebytes in August 2017 shows that Mac malware has increased 230% since July 2016 (a month after your post).

According to your reasoning,
If your house isn't on fire right now, why buy fire insurance?
And if you aren't ill at the moment, why buy health insurance?

Just as a condom protects against getting a virus you don't want, so does computer antivirus.

There ARE Mac threats lurking in the dark recesses of the Internet, and there WILL be more and more of them.

You have two choices:

1. Protect yourself:
Guard against getting the first place.

2. Disinfect yourself:
Try to undo the harm caused by having a cavalier approach to security. This is likely to be a maddening, time-consuming affair, and you could end up losing some or all your data and possibly even having to reinstall the OS and start with a clean system.

Oh - but you DO have a recent backup...RIGHT? ;-)

All that said, I haven't had AV installed for more than a year.
I will probably install some soon - this post reminded me of its importance. And I do have lots of backups.

Just don't be fooled by the dev's claim of protecting "without slowing down your Mac."

One site that compared antivirus software said Bitdefender has a "greater impact on system performance than some of the other products we list in this story, although not by much."
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16 May 2016
A total piece of crap. Tied my system in knots and I couldn't find the uninstaller they said was there. Had to resort to a backup clone to restore the system.
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1 answer(s)
21 May 2016
For me, it's the lightest, fastest and most efficient AV on mac. To unistall it, use ... the uninstaller available in you Utilities folder. You can also go to and find an uninstaller :
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16 November 2014
Version 3.0.7135
19 May 2014
Trialled this and all was good until a couple of weeks into the trial period when my Mac became incredibly slow, almost to the point of choking. Deleted it and all is back to normal. Here's a link I found to properly uninstall it, it deals specifically with BitDefender Don't just trash it from the Applications folder, that won't work.
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Version 2.30
01 February 2013
I dont like this app! It has slowed my computer and even worse I cant unInstall it! Can anyone recommend me how to do so? Ive contacted the Bitdefender support 3 times and they always say they will email me instructions how to uninstall but I never hear from them! My low star review is because it has slowed my computer and I dont think that its worth using this for the features it claims to provide if the trade off is for that. TIA
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Version 2.30
01 February 2013
I dont like this app! It has slowed my computer and even worse I cant unInstall it! Can anyone recommend me how to do so? Ive contacted the Bitdefender support 3 times and they always say they will email me instructions how to uninstall but I never hear from them! TIA
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Version 2.30
26 November 2012
Looks good, but when it tells you of a problem and you choose the fix it option it just rescans the files. Well good enough but do I really want to wait over 19 hours to rescan when it should just F**king fix the problem.
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Version 2.30
1 answer(s)
26 November 2012
Oh, did I mention that this program causes more problems than it fixes? Progamer fail.
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