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X Lossless Decoder

06 October 2019

Encode, transcode, and play various music file formats.


X Lossless Decoder(XLD) is a tool for Mac OS X that is able to decode/convert/play various 'lossless' audio files. The supported audio files can be split into some tracks with cue sheet when decoding. It works on Mac OS X 10.4 and later.

XLD is Universal Binary, so it runs natively on both Intel Macs and PPC Macs.

Other formats supported by Libsndfile are also decodable. XLD uses not decoder frontend but library to decode, so no intermediate files are generated. All of the supported formats can be directly split with the cue sheet. XLD also supports so-called 'embedded' or 'internal' cue sheet.

XLD supports various output formats. It can convert audio files into WAVE, AIFF, Raw PCM, Ogg Vorbis (aoTuV), MPEG-4 AAC (QuickTime/CoreAudio), MP3 (LAME), Apple Lossless, FLAC, HE-AAC (aacPlus v1/v2), Wave64, WavPack, and IETF Opus.

XLD version 20080812 and later can be used as a CD ripper. You can convert each track in your audio CD into the desired format. Also, XLD supports output a CD image with a cue sheet (wav+cue, flac+cue, etc).

What's new in X Lossless Decoder

Version 20191004:
  • Fixed a problem that the AAC encoder plugin is not loaded on macOS Catalina
  • Fixed a problem that external plugins are not loaded on macOS Catalina when they have com.apple.quarantine metadata
  • Fixed a problem that PREGAP command in a cue sheet is ignored when it appears before the first FILE command
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes a modifier key is not recognized when opening a folder with drag & drop operation
  • Added ReplayGain scanning feature to the command-line interface
  • Added option to specify a character encoding (IANA charset name) of a cue sheet to the command-line interface
  • Updated FLAC to version 1.3.3
  • Updated Opus to version 1.3.1
  • Applied the latest bug & security fixes to LAME encoder

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16 February 2012

Most helpful

Anyone who didn't give this five stars is a moron. It is extremely powerful and accurate. And FREE! What do you want? Your nails done? I'm grateful to the developer for taking the time to make this software. THANK YOU Similar Software! I appreciate your hard work!
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Version 20120120
13 December 2019
XLD is maybe the best converter tool on mac. BUT when converting SACD *.ISO files to 24bit/352khz the result is often way too loud and all is red. There is a need to REDUCE the loudness level before conversion. I still use OSX 10.6.8 "The Eagles - Hotel California" is such a SACD which is not treated right by XLD
Version 20191004
13 October 2019
Just a quick heads up that the “Burn CD” function does NOT work with 10.15 (yet) - for more see https://sourceforge.net/p/xld/tickets/475/
Version 20191004
05 October 2019
I would say I trust it with my life, if only to make the point; not of my life (that would be a little sad) but of trust which, after years of almost daily use, I have only reasons to. I never take for granted that anything computer related just "should work" - or "save time" for that matter - and so I feel gratitude everyday for apps like XLD, which do both.
Version 20191004
05 October 2019
THE audio conversion utility! But I've found a little lack though, after many years of use. ;-) It doesn't decode .opus files (though it encodes them, which seems quite strange...) The same goes for .m4a but there's a plugin available there that you have to put in the ~/Library/Application Support/XLD/PlugIns/: https://sourceforge.net/projects/xld/files/ The current one is XLDAacDecoder-20181005.zip
Version 20191004
27 September 2019
Awesome software. Regarded as the best in class for a good reason. Works like a charm. Use it virtually every day.
Version 20181019
19 September 2019
The best audio converter + encoder.
Version 20181019
03 November 2018
It works great on the Mojave.
Version 20181019
1 answer(s)
27 May 2019
I need a bit help with XLD installation.
When I click on the .dmg file it opens a folder containing the XLD app and additional 3 folders. What should I move to applications folder, only the XLD app or all 4 items?
Thank you
20 October 2018
Fantastic Client! I rarely have to use anything else!
Version 20181019
19 October 2018
Version 20181019
05 October 2018
Great app, does what it's supposed to do with no fuss, super useful. It just works, no need to look further!
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Version 20181001