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Password Creator

13 December 2018

Create up to 500,000 random passwords.


Password Creator lets you create a single password or a long list up to 500,000 (half million) of passwords in 1 click, inside an internal table, ready to be saved on disk

It allows to create different kind of passwords:

  • Numeric
  • Alpha only lowercase
  • Alpha only uppercase
  • Alpha only any-case
  • Alphanumeric only lowercase
  • Alphanumeric only uppercase
  • Alphanumeric only any-case
  • Numeric only
  • Hexadecimal (to be used in WEP encrypted wireless modem)
  • Alphanumeric lowercase with punctuation
  • Alphanumeric uppercase with punctuation
  • Alphanumeric any-case with punctuation
  • You can generate not only just one password in one shot, but also thousands of them with a single click, and save them on disk in a text file.
  • Password Creator can be used in that way also as a random data generator, with output importable by any other software that can read text data from disk
  • Optional disambiguator: avoids use of custom specified chars similar to others
  • When creating a list of password, optional 'avoid duplicates'
  • Sort and save on disk passwords, alphabetically or by creation
  • Can export to disk data to be imported by any app
  • Supports Dark Mode

What's new in Password Creator

Version 1.5:
  • Bug fixes
  • Optimized for macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • Optimized to be used also in Dark Mode

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06 June 2012

Most helpful

An excellent password generator is integrated with the system. Just another newbie-trap.
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Version 1.1
06 June 2012
An excellent password generator is integrated with the system. Just another newbie-trap.
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Version 1.1
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Tension Software
Tension Software
04 December 2013
Usually I answer only in a 'professional' way but let me some time be 'a bit unprofessional' Password Creator has many many many features that the generator in the system has not. We sell many copies of Password Creator on the App Store (we have more then 30 apps on the Mac App Store) and it's not possible that all those users are full idiots with a credit card, as you pretend. I start to think that people that comes here to place this kind of 'hate' comments (they are not too much but there are 'active' a lot) add nothing to the Mac community. It is the same attitude I see on the Linux platform that made the linux desktop die. The true newbie-trap are comments like yours, that make newbie think that Mac developers, who dedicated their life to mac development, are here to stole money to the users. The truth is that today the Mac is what it is, thanks to developers that you come here to bash without any valid reason .. or maybe some reason that has _nothing to do with the quality_ of the app. I stop here.
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