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06 November 2012

Simple solution for syncing application data.


iSynchronize is a simple solution for syncing all kinds of data from any kind of application for Mac OS X.

It syncs your files only over the local network.

I believe that data syncing software should be as simple as it is possible. That is I why I have started working on this application.

Existing data syncing applications are wrong. They are too complex to manage, to setup, to run. I JUST want to sync my data and make it available at any device that I use, anywhere.

iSynchronize is a unique simple solution for syncing all kinds of data from any kind of application for Mac Os X. It syncs your files and folders based on their content, modification dates and their paths in the Mac OS X.

Why do I need to create an account?

Your user account provides identification in the iSynchronize network. All your data and files are encrypted with your unique encryption key. Without this key no one else will be able to get your data during the sync operations.

How does it work?

If you need to sync data between all your Macs all you need to do is to install the same application on all your Macs. After installing and launching the application it will finds its neighbors in the local network and will start syncing session automatically.

You can add any files and folders and the application will start syncing them straight away. If you modify any of your synced files, the application will sync and share your changes automatically between all available Macs. Automatically.

What about network problems?

If network connection will go down, application will hold unsynced items in it's database and it will continue syncing when network connection will be repaired. Automatically.

What about syncing speed?

Syncing speed depends on your network connection speed. Wi-Fi network speeds are much slower then LAN network speeds. Do not expect to sync all your songs and movies collection in 10 minutes or less. It is not possible by technical limitations!

What about any other limitations?

There are no limitations on the files and folders sizes. But keep in mind that it takes a long time to index all your huge files and it will take much more time to transfer all your data over the network.

And one more thing...

iSynchronize lives in the status menu bar. Mac App Store puts the iSynchronize icon in the dock, but you can just remove it if you want.

What's new in iSynchronize

Version 2.7:
  • Security fixes and improvements
  • Memory usage improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

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