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03 March 2016

Simple, lightweight word processor.


Write is a cute, lightweight word processor for your daily writing tasks. It is fast, clean, intuitive to use, and has a native (Mac-like) and uncluttered interface. Most important of all, it is very user-friendly. It has some nifty features and tools that are sure to make it your word processor of choice for all your daily writing tasks:

  • Dropbox support
  • Auto save
  • Fullscreen
  • Versions
  • Resume (suppressible)
  • Substitutions
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Dictionary
  • Gesture support

Additional Features and Tools:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Optimized for Retina displays
  • Paragraph highlighting
  • Typewriter scrolling
  • Layout view
  • Zoom view
  • Fast inline search
  • Find and replace
  • Sophisticated Styles
  • Page numbering
  • Header and footer (MLA)
  • Word count and statistics
  • Support for tables
  • Annotations
  • Sophisticated formatting

File Formats that can be read/imported and exported:

  • Plain Text
  • Word (97/2003/2007)
  • Rich Text
  • OpenOffice Text
  • And always good to know: PDF files can be created with a single click

What's new in Write

Version 2.5.3:
  • Bug fix update for Apple's latest certificate screw up

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19 March 2012

Most helpful

After 7 years I created a successor. All who purchased it within the last year received an update for free that time. Shame on me. Within that 7 years no one ver paid for an update. No one ever had to pay for big myWritings updates as well! The successor of my WordPress App was a free update for all owners. Yeah, I am really a very greedy person. This is an App Store App. I am not responsable for the App Store and its guidelines and most of all its restrictions I tried to avoud for myWritings owner and I tried to make everybody happy with maintaining two versions - which simply was a failure because no one supports independent developers directly anymore. We all use the App Store now. All who purchased myWritings within the last 3 month can request a redeem code and myWritings us updated to already work with Mountain Lion. I am really one of the worst developers out there with only one goal in mind - to ripp of my customers… I am sorry - but before acussing someone one should get the facts strait - you can say a lot about me - but ripping of people is not in my skill set. I did not just went into the App Storte and collected twice like many others and I never just abandon Apps and charge again and therefore such comments really ***** - sorry my dictionary does not give me any politically correct words for what I am thinking right now…
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Version 1.3
07 August 2019
I recently purchased yKey as a replacement for Quickeys. I have been very happy with the choice. It is 64-bit compatible and does everything I did in Quickeys with simplicity and grace. Highly recommend it for those facing upgrades to Mac Catalina that will require 64 bit compatibility
Version 2.5.3
12 July 2017
WWW-Site is https://moapp.software/index.html
Version 2.5.3
30 April 2017
Write 2 is a great basic word processor, but for me, it falls short because it doesn't seem to be able to save a 2-column landscape format as a template. So every time I open it I have to set it up that way from scratch. Not a huge problem, but a deal-breaker for me.
Version 2.5.3
11 January 2016
With tons of markup text processors these days it is nice to see a lightweight and matured »conventional« text app that can read and write several formats (rtd, rtfd, doc, docx, odt, html, etc.). Write 2 incorporates quite the same features as »Bean« but with a US$ 9 price tag. Unfortunately, Write 2 can display MS Word documents with basic formatting but falls short on more sophisticated documents. The same documents are rendered beautifully by Preview, Pages, or LibreOffice. The program´s author has no intention to correct these shortcomings and argues users should not expect such features in a program »sold for the price of a cup of coffee«. Therefore, I cannot recommend Write 2 until the author changes his attitude and the compatibility towards Word documents.
Version 2.5.1
02 October 2015
I love the MoApp guy. He ALWAYS does this, doesn't even check if there's another App & then just throws a name on an app. In some cases just rotates an icon and BOOM, $9 app. Am I right? Compare with Write.app from WriteApp.net, which has dark mode, OS X & iOS Apps, and is still at version 1 -- and despite no updates, still works fine.
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Version 2.5.1
26 November 2014
Much better than Bean and still under active development. Had a problem this weekend and today the update came out fixing it. I wish others would offer such a support.
Version 2.4
20 August 2014
And a full year has passed without updates. I am worried MOApp has added yet another app to its list of sudden abandonment!
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Version 2.1.1
1 answer(s)
01 October 2014
You may be right...
On the other hand, "If it aint broke, why fix it"?
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27 September 2012
Tried it. Nice little text app with it's own original approach to things (and some nice included templates in the demo). It and Bean are comparable, but $7 isn't unreasonable for a well implemented app and the developer CLEARLY states they are happy to hear feedback and troubleshoot things on the first-time launch screen.
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Version 2.0.3
1 answer(s)
27 September 2012
So, how many stars is it worth?
27 September 2012
Just TextEdit but worse. Even for free this would not cut the bill. I can highly recommend Bean. It is free and awesome.
Version 2.0.3
1 answer(s)
27 September 2012
I'm wondering what you dislike about Write 2, since you give no specifics. Saying worse than TextEdit doesn't help, since I think TextEdit is an excellent editor. Could you give us more info. BTW, I also recommend Bean. That developer really stays with his product and supports it for years (unlike MOApp's developer, I sorry to say).
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22 April 2012
No demo?
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Version 1.4.1