6.0 28 Jul 2014

Create vibrant images, animations, and sounds.


Developer website: U&I Software LLC

ArtMatic is a revolutionary programmable graphics synthesizer capable of synthesizing stunning graphics and animation as well as processing external still images and QuickTime movies-allowing the creation of digital fine art as well as studio-quality video effects, filters and transitions. And, of course, ArtMatic Pro does amazing fractaloids.

What's New

Version 6.0:
  • Compiled Tree nesting!!! Compiled trees can now be nested without limitation, and they can be created on the fly from selected tiles. This feature unleashes vast new potential which includes looping of looped structures.
  • Live ArtMatic Voyager previews when working in ArtMatic on an element used by Voyager without needing to save the ArtMatic file!!!!
  • Up to 16 simultaneous tasks for improved rendering performance on multi-core machines.
  • One-pixel resolution animation preview option for non-pixellated real-time previewing.
  • Copy/Paste new features. Copy/paste of tiles and tile parameters and compiled trees is now possible.
  • A fourth parameter slider has been added and many components have an additional controllable parameter.
  • New Bump Gain setting for Geographic and RGB Bump. An icon for adjusting the bump gain appears when these modes are active.
  • Parameter control popup when control-clicking parameter sliders.
  • New parameter grid options.
  • Improved Keyframe Parameter editor.
  • Indexed Gradient. A gradient editor appears below the parameter sliders when relevant to the component (such as when indexed gradient is a parameter option).
  • Indexed Gradient. Gradient palette saved with files that use Indexed Gradient.
  • Frequency option added to many components
  • New tiling options and components. Inspired by a trip to the Middle East, Eric has implemented some staggering new possibilities for tiling geometries and architecture: both 2D and 3D. These new possibilities make ArtMatic one of the most complete tools for creating decorative tessellation. Both regular and irregular tilings are possible. ArtMatic 6 New Feature Summary 1
  • New primitives for architecture modeling. The new primitives and options allow for thousands of new basic 3D object profiles.
  • Many new components and component algorithms. The possibilities are staggering: especially for DFRM object design.
  • Generic color space now used to improve matching of screen and rendered colors.
  • Add Skin Option for user interface. Plain Gray option should be used if you encounter random crashes in CoreGraphics.
  • Automatic left/right centering of the structure tree.
  • Name of selected tile displayed in Tool Tips when clicking on tree tiles.
  • Add multi-format audio save that supports 16, 24 and 32-bit audio in a variety of audio formats: Sound Designer, AIFF, WAVE, Core Audio File.
  • New input movie/pict mode, Rate:Still which turns off ArtMatic’s interpretation of photo sequences as movie sequences.
  • Current palette library is now saved in the ArtMatic application package’s /Contents/ Resources/Palettes file.


OS X 10.5 or later


Current Version (6.x)


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Multimedia Design / Animation
28 Jul 2014
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