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Power Manager Professional4.6.5

07 June 2018

Create and schedule sophisticated energy-saving events.


With Power Manager Professional you can create and schedule sophisticated energy-saving events that automate your Mac and reduce your running costs. Events can power on a Mac, run a series of actions, and when finished, turn off the Mac.

A collection of events is called a schedule, and schedules can be created and deployed to any Mac running any edition of Power Manager. This ability to deploy events and schedules created with Professional makes Power Manager Professional an invaluable tool for any organisation using Mac computers.

What's new in Power Manager Professional

Version 4.6.5:
  • Change: Updated AstronomicalAlgorithms framework.
  • Change: Updated CodeMirror library.
  • Change: Updated LetsMove library.
  • Change: Updated Sparkle framework.
  • Change: Continued modernisation of code.
  • Bug: Fixed immediate removal of temporary file.
  • API: Deprecated launch behaviour `untrusted`.
  • API: Deprecated process entry `process information`.
  • API: Deprecated SSL/TLS protocols `SSLv2` and `SSLv3`.

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2 Reviews of Power Manager Professional

18 January 2011
Version: 4.0.3

Most helpful

Am I nuts, or is the price of $430 for this thing delusional/insane/idiotic/retarded/$5 too high?
01 March 2013
Version: 4.1.2
For all the other posters that have commented on the price, may I suggest you visit the website, you will find the price is £39.95 for the personal version rather than jumping to conclusions that the price is a OTT, which if you take it form here then it is. I've been using the personal version for the past 2 years and it's been perfect, it does what is required with no issues at all. I know you can set your Mac to startup at a specific time everyday, but with this app you can have totally different times, and it will also shut it down for you as well. For me this is perfect for my PPC Mac Mini File/Apple TV Server, I can set it to only come on in the evening and shutdown at 12 every night then at the weekends do completely different times. Apart from saving energy, it also giving my poor old Mac Mini a breather and shutting down/cooling down for a 8 hours a day when we are at work.
18 January 2011
Version: 4.0.3
Am I nuts, or is the price of $430 for this thing delusional/insane/idiotic/retarded/$5 too high?
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