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An all-around scheduling utility.   Free
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Scheduler is a utility that allows you to schedule reminders, application and AppleScript applet launches, and the automatic download of Web pages or files using your favorite Web browser.

Note: You must register Scheduler to obtain a free license code after 30 days.
What's New
Version 6.1.3:
  • A bug that made Scheduler 6.1.2 crash upon startup on OS X 10.7 (Lion) was fixed.
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.7 or later

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  • CronniX

  • Power Manager

  • Task3

  • Task Till Dawn
Scheduler User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 6.x:
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bbw7 commented on 04 Sep 2013
Ver 5.1.4 for OS's 10.4->10.6 is also available at the dev's website.
[Version 6.1]



Ean reviewed on 22 Jan 2013
Sure, there are a lot of ways to schedule events on your Mac. You could launch scripts with cron, et cetera, but then work in features like deferred execution, convenient task management, and you will have written this application. Looking forward to the continued development of version 6. Aready an improvement for Mountain Lion. Plus, it's free. Definitely give it a try.
[Version 6.0.0b1]


NaOH commented on 03 Jul 2008
RANDYHARRIS: I think you have missed out on the joys of cron.

cron is a scheduling utility that has been built into Mac OS X from the very first version.

The only thing keeping a lot of people from using cron, is the fact that it's a command line application.

However, over the years there have been graphical front ends to cron for Mac OS X that provide easier access.

Just search for cron on MacUpdate, and you'll find loads of them.

I'm not criticising Scheduler, it could quite possibly be capable of things that cron isn't.

However, I do think that your statement that the Mac has no scheduling capabilities beyond iCal is misinformed to the point of being erroneous and misleading.
[Version 5.0.4]

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randyharris replied on 19 Dec 2008
I was referring to built in graphical scheduling not terminal wizardry.

Robk replied on 16 Jun 2011
launchd has replaced cron in the later versions of OS X.

And there is a great free GUI for launchd called Lingon.

I still do not see the advantages of Scheduler over Lingon. Perhaps the developer can provide a comparison.


randyharris reviewed on 03 Jun 2008
For years Windows has had a feature called "Scheduled Tasks" this offered the ability to schedule events easily in the Windows environment.

While you can use iCal for some scheduling tasks, this is not an ideal approach.

Scheduler is a great utility which brings the ease and function of Windows Scheduled Tasks to Mac OS X.

The program is very simple and easy to use, I've only used it for a day now, but in setting it up and testing it out - it works flawlessly for me. I am so very excited to have stumbled upon this little gem. While it is freeware, I'll be donating a few bucks to support the cause.

If I can nitpick, I'd prefer the Scheduler have a look which is more inline with other Mac programs, but it's not a bad interface, and it works well.
[Version 5.0.3]

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+6 (developer) replied on 16 Jun 2011
Hi, my name is João Varela and I am the developer of Scheduler. Basically I started this project in 1999. I developed Scheduler for myself, basically, because I wanted to have an app that took care of all my scheduling needs. I don't want different apps for doing basic scheduling. I then decided to give my work away to the community.

Scheduler goes far beyond cron and launchd in several aways, as it has built-in functions for posting reminders together with your favorite music (including iTunes songs), launch and open web pages and download files with your favorite browser, among may other features and options. Moreover, Scheduler has many, many scheduling options that are very difficult to do with launchd or cron, such as with a few clicks you can schedule a script to be launched every 2 minutes on the last monday of the month of June, but not in July, and so and on. Moreover, Scheduler also deals with conundrum of deferred task execution when computers are turned off at the endo of the day, which cron does not do. If you want to know more about deferred task execution why that is important for a Scheduler app please download Scheduler and read its Help.

At the moment I am developing version 6, building the app from the ground up in Cocoa. The look of the app will undergo a facelift because I agree that Scheduler look looks dated. Also with iCloud in Lion syncing stuff between different computers will be a cinch.

I hope this helps,

João Varela
Scheduler developer
Antonio Marchetti had trouble on 22 Dec 2011
I have problems with installation of Scheduler this application Schedule is compatible with my OS X 10.6.8 ? Thanks Antonio
[Version 5.1.1]


Runty rated on 28 Oct 2012

[Version 5.1.4]

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Date:06 Nov 2013
Platform:Intel 64 / OS X
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Scheduler is a utility that allows you to schedule reminders, application and AppleScript applet launches, and the automatic download of Web pages or files using your favorite Web browser.

Note: You must register Scheduler to obtain a free license code after 30 days.

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