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10 March 2020

Spot differences in text and image files.


Kaleidoscope spots differences in text and image files.

Kaleidoscope Features
  • General
    • Single window workflow: One tab per comparison
    • Compare two+ files: Add any number of files per tab
    • Always up to date: Auto-refreshes when files change
    • File Shelf: Quickly go from file to file
    • Path Bar: See where your files are
    • Keyboard shortcuts: Every action has a shortcut
  • Text Scope
    • Supports any text file: Plain text, source code, HTML, etc.
    • Clear comparisons
    • Three layouts: Blocks, Fluid, and Unified
    • Compare documents: Imports text from .doc and .rtf files
    • Instant search
    • Change Stepper: Quickly jump from change to change
    • Highlights: Added, deleted and changed text
  • Image Scope
    • All popular image file formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD and more.
    • Four connected layouts: Two-Up, One-Up, Split, and Difference
    • Comprehensive image support: RGB/CMYK/LAB, alpha, any size.
    • Multi-touch support: Smooth scrolling and pinch to zoom
    • Customizable environment: Change background color, difference mask and checkerboard settings
    • Two difference mask modes: Spot absolute or relative changes
  • Integration
    • Git, Mercurial, SVN, and Bazaar: Integrate with a couple of clicks
    • Versions
    • TextMate SVN
    • Cornerstone
    • ksdiff Command-line tool: Integrate with practically anything

What's new in Kaleidoscope

Version 2.3:
  • Improved macOS Catalina compatibility
  • Notarized builds for improved security
  • Fixed blurred scrollbar endcap issue on Retina displays
  • Updated crash analytics package
  • Minor bug fixes

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17 February 2011

Most helpful

i really want to like this app too, but lacks folder comparison and merging. hope these features will be in there soon. otherwise i`ll need to move on, which would be a shame ... definitely.
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Version 1.1.2
10 October 2018
I paid too money for this app ( version 2.2.2/Sierra): it does'nt work well! It crashes continuosly when I compare folders or big lists of documents. Sometimes only moving a file between the lists of comparison. Why they do not update the app? I do need to compare big amount of simple text or image files (before the backup on NAS) and this app is unuseful. It works well only with single documents, but the price -only for this function- is too high.
Version 2.2.2
21 August 2018
I've been using Kaleidoscope for years and loved it. It's sad that there's hardly any development done.
Version 2.2.2
17 August 2017
These latest calling home "features" are extremely uncool.
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Version 2.2.1
22 May 2017
The 2.2.0 update has the same problem. It's a great app if all you want to do is compare two text files. For anything else, it's a bug ridden, dysfunctional app. You simply cannot compare the contents of two folders on two different drives without the app hanging and/or crashing. The developers are not willing to deal with this problem for months.

Fake reviews about how nice the UI is, and how wonderful it is to compare two images are simply useless. The app does not pass the mustard in the real world. And frankly, you rating the app 5 stars because you can compare 2 files!? That basically means you paid 70 dollars for that single feature a lot of free app does. So your review is basically completely void and makes no sense.
Version 2.2.0
13 April 2017
Super easy to use, good intuitive interface. Direct integration with visual version control tools, like Tower. Extremely stable and reliable - love it.
Version 2.1.1
22 March 2017
The UI is very nice. However, DO NOT buy this app! Kaleidoscope v2.1.1 is crashing A LOT! I have contacted the developers twice in the past 6 months and they just shrug it off with nonsense replies that "...we are looking into it". Are they "looking" for over 6 months!? The problem is really simple. If you have two drives (say USB) and you want to compare the content of folders on one drive with the contents of another drive (using same folder structure), the first comparison passes, but after that, with each comparison the app will become increasingly unstable and eventually crashes. Who knows, it might even corrupt your drive(s) eventually. Does not worth 70 bucks for an abandoned app!!!
Version 2.1.1
Bento de Espinosa
07 September 2016
Very beautiful and does the job perfectly.
Version 2.1.1
29 July 2016
It looks fairly nice and does have some useful features but the price is just ridiculous. Couple that with the fact Black Pixel seem to have NO interest in developing this and Versions any further (Versions still doesn't even render it's buttons correctly and hasn't done so for some time) I really would not recommend buying this.
Version 2.1.1
19 June 2015
Bought the app a few years ago based on good reviews. It looks better than it’s usefull. There’s hardly any development taking place. I quess Black Pixel just uses it for cashing the sales based on the reputation from the past. Big functionality miss is that you cannot edit the files. It’s an expensive app and I regret buying it. Switched to Deltawalker.
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Version 2.1.1
14 February 2015
The MacUpdate format of the above Features is formatted terribly for me. Anyone else seeing this problem: http://cl.ly/image/1G2B3o390O1I
Version 2.1.0