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08 October 2019

Graphical user interface for OpenVPN.


Viscosity is an OpenVPN client for Mac, providing a rich Cocoa user interface for creating, editing, and controlling VPN connections. Viscosity provides a complete OpenVPN solution for OS X 10.5 Leopard, and does not require any additional downloads or software.

With Viscosity and OpenVPN you can securely connect to your home or company network from a remote location, protect your network traffic when using public or wireless networks, access websites with country restrictions, and tunnel through restrictive firewalls and proxy servers to give your computer full Internet access. Viscosity can connect to any VPN server running OpenVPN, including most popular free and commercial VPN providers. Viscosity allows connections to be completely configured through a GUI, without any need to know how to use the command-line or OpenVPN's configuration file syntax. Advanced users still have full manual control over configuration options if desired.

  • Cocoa GUI
  • Connection and traffic statistics
  • Multiple simultaneous connections
  • Robust DNS Support
  • Keychain integration
  • System proxy integration
  • Deployment features designed for enterprise
  • Easy connection importing
  • Growl integration

What's new in Viscosity

Version 1.8.1:
  • Improved support for deploying Viscosity in managed environments
  • Ignores unnecessary pushed route-delay commands
  • Workaround to allow loading the PKCS#11 driver for SafeNet tokens
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements

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07 October 2014

Most helpful

I'm loving this app! It's been my default VPN application! Works smooth and without mistakes, besides, it supports the OpenVPN Protocol which is the only VPN protocol that I trust! Highly recommended!
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Version 1.5
24 May 2019
Newest version is always crashing. Not usable...
Version 1.7.15
25 March 2019
Doesn't configure the DNS Addresses for the VPN provider. It stays with the same given by the normal internet provider. Some services work, some not. Shimo works on that issue.
Version 1.7.14
2 answer(s)
25 March 2019
How to delete a review? Maybe I'm wrong and I simply have to enable a checkbox in the service preferences.
25 March 2019
But anyway the review is correct. It doesn't work properly.
19 January 2019
Best VPN tool ever seen. Using it also on Windows. Pro: You can double connections if e.g. the company profile only using company addresses but you want to be VPN'd on all ports.
Version 1.7.13
Big Johnson
17 January 2019
Developer is a LIAR.

It’s been more than 4 years since they said "we are currently working on adding a feature to Viscosity to easily block traffic leaks from occurring."

Instead they’re worried about trivial things like "compatibility with menu bar managers" and "main menu automatic resizing and positioning"

No kill switch = NO WAY should anyone use this dangerous app!

Users are putting their security and privacy at risk and may end up receiving a copyright infringement notice if the connection is dropped while downloading.

Lack of a kill switch led me to purchase a VPN service whose app DOES have one. Now if I could just remember to always start it before opening my torrent client.
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Version 1.7.13
Retired Under Attack
30 December 2018
The price is wrong, here is $ 9 but when I go buy it tells me $ 14. We call this misinformation. The user environment has changed from the older version. I do not know if this makes its operation more complicated, but I can not rate it with speculation.
Version 1.7.12
10 April 2018
Most of us knowing Tunnelblick, yes. I use Viscosity because it is much more smoothy and very low cost. Only a green or red bubble nothing more. Great!
Version 1.7.8
13 February 2018
very useful and easy to use app
Version 1.7.7
09 January 2018
Working pretty well to me :)
Version 1.7.6
20 October 2017
What's going on with The site has been down for over 2 weeks. Have they gone out of business? I've recommended to several people in the past week that they buy Viscosity. But now the app can't even be downloaded to try out, let alone to purchase.
Version 1.7.5
Big Johnson
15 September 2017

Went to be last night with torrents downloading, woke up to find Visocity yellow and "authenticating" while downloads were proceeding at nearly 1 MBps.

Now more than THREE YEARS since SparkLabs said "We are currently working on adding a feature to Viscosity to easily block traffic leaks from occurring."

I believe the spark has died!

Still no way to disconnect from multiple VPNs at once - you must click each connection individually.
I often add up to five or more before one connects, then I must click each of the others to disable, and that takes two clicks for each because the menu closes each time you click one.

Stupid annoyance that should have been fixed LONG AGO like the critical traffic leak!

NO STARS FOR YOU! ½ only. Come back one year!
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Version 1.7.4
3 answer(s)
11 October 2017
The whole kill switch thing is a concern. I tend to suspect though that implementing one is probably a whole lot more complicated an undertaking than we may appreciate.

I'm a PIA subscriber and have found their app to be buggy and unreliable as can be. For that reason I don't trust their built in kill switch and won't use the app at all. It's caused OSX, Windows and Linux users innumerable problems for at least 2 years now, and each new update only creates additional problems and seldom fixes old ones. I've been pretty happy with Viscosity instead and have found the lack of a kill switch unnecessary.

There are two things I do to stay safe in the event of a vpn disconnect:
1 I connect via a PIA vpn server and config my bittorrent app to also route through a PIA proxy server. Multi-hop, if you will. Should the vpn go down I'm still routed through a proxy server.
2 I configure my bittorrent app "Network Interface" to connect only through the vpn (in my case "utun1"). Should the vpn go down all bittorrent traffic dies immediately. Not all bittorrent apps allow for this, so select one that does (e.g. qBittorrent).

On the whole this configuration is far more stable and reliable than any so-called kill switch, at least for bittorrenting concerns.
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Big Johnson
Big Johnson
12 October 2017
I really doubt a kill switch is more complex than any other part of the coding which allows connections to be made to servers around the world.

The icon changes colors when connections are made and lost, so it's obviously detecting the change.

If Viscosity can detect when a connection is lost, then it should immediately disable the network interface.

First you complained about how buggy and unreliable PIA is, then you said that using Vicosity with it is "far more stable and reliable than any so-called kill switch."

How's that possible with an unreliable and buggy VPN?

Sure, a VPN is the safest (and most expensive) way to go, but a CONCERNED and COMPETENT developer should be able to add an effective kill switch within an update or two.

Even an UNconcerned and INcompetent one should be able to do it in THREE YEARS!

That should be top priority above all else, because protecting users is of utmost importance.

Instead, what do we get?
Interfaces renamed, OpenVPN updated and Various bug fixes and enhancements.


I've been contemplating a subscription to one of the top-rated torrenting VPNs - currently IPVanish and NordVPN.

Viscosity's developer should pay for it since it wouldn't be necessary if the GD app worked like it should!
12 October 2017
Implementing a kill switch isn't difficult. Getting it right is. It must function instantly and perfectly every single time. Even just a 1 second delay leaves you exposed. A poorly functioning kill switch is worse than no kill switch at all because it lends a false sense of security. Most vpn providers that have their own app haven't implemented a kill switch at all for that very reason. Those that have have often failed miserably, PIA being just one example. No need to go back and forth with you further on this. Just read my MacUpdate review of Private Internet Access. It explains it all.
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  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.11.0 or later
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