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Dragon Dictate6.0

30 September 2017

Premium voice-recognition solution.


With Dragon Dictate speech recognition software, you can use your voice to create and edit text or interact with your favorite Mac applications. Far more than just speech-to-text, Dragon Dictate lets you create and edit documents, manage email, surf the Web, update social networks, and more - quickly, easily and accurately, all by voice. Open and close or navigate between applications, or even create your own custom voice commands to execute multiple steps with a simple word or phrase. Use your iPhone or iPod as a wireless microphone, or capture your notes on-the-go using a digital voice recorder and Dragon Dictate 3 will transcribe them for you.

What's new in Dragon Dictate

Version 6.0:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.11 or later.

Faster And More Accurate Than Ever:
  • Up to 15% improved accuracy out of the box without training
  • Continuous learning-even during dictation-for individually adapted accuracy improvements that enhance the user experience
  • Optimal accuracy achieved for speakers with accents or in slight noisy environments such as in a cubicle environment.
Updated Application Support:
  • Apple Pages
  • Apple Keynote
  • Apple Numbers
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016
  • Scrivener
Formatting and other Recognition Improvements, for Minimal Editing:
  • "three double two five" -> "3225"
  • "two point five million" -> "2.5 million"
  • "oh point five" -> "0.5"
  • "quarter of five" -> "4:45"
  • "eight pounds fifty" -> "£8.50"
  • "John dot Smith at Nuance dot com" -> john.smith@nuance.com
  • Better overall handling of Roman numerals
Improved User Interface and Experience:
  • Clearer Full Text Control indicator on the new Guidance Window for an enhanced dictation experience
  • Improved Status Window, Correction Window and streamlined Profiles management
  • New License preference pane to manage licenses or subscriptions
  • New automated backups of commands and vocabulary
  • Improved Command management
  • Faster startup time with optimizations throughout
Enhanced Transcription:
  • Simplified user interface and better speaker management
  • No training is required for transcription; you no longer need to initially transcribe and correct a short 90-second clip to achieve transcription accuracy
    • Acoustic and language model adaptation are automatically leveraged for the current user
  • No training is required for third-party transcription*; there is also better separation of current user data versus third-party speaker data
Transcription Batch Mode:
  • Now use Batch Mode and save time if you have multiple audio files to transcribe. In the Transcription Window, simply drop as many files that you need to have transcribed to the "Audio Files to Transcribe" list, and Dragon Professional Individual for Mac transcribes them all together, quickly and efficiently. 
Improved Online Help:
  • Enhanced Help that gives users easier access to top searches
  • Changing content on main help page with highly used topics
  • Short tutorial videos integrated in Help for areas of high interest
  • New troubleshooting sections
  • Expanded navigational text that gives users more information/context
  • More task-based dialog box help

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07 October 2009
Version: 1.5.5

Most helpful

Yea, I paid $200 a while back for this and it was just awful - no easy corrections or dictionary expansion capability. It was a buggy, sloppy port of DNS to the Mac. Then they fixed some of those bugs and had the hide to charge some outrageous upgrade price shortly afterwards that truly bent the majority of their user base out of shape. At the very least they should include a big "L" sticker and a tube of lubricant in every box. To the makers of Dictate: How do you take a quality product like DNS, that Mac users have been craving for years, and turn that golden opportunity into something that consistently seems to draw the anger of your users. Way to go...
25 October 2018
Version: 6.0
Good program and bad customer support. Just discontinued for the Mac last week. Sigh
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01 October 2017
Version: 6.0
Dragon Dictate has two features: 1) The best voice recognition software for dictation 2) An attempt to give you voice interface control of your computer. If you expect Dragon Dictate to do more than voice recognition, realize that any such attempt is a hack on the operating system - Windows or Mac. Voice control is not built into the major operating systems. Our major operating systems are not built for voice control. Any complaints should be tempered with this recognition. I would recommend forgetting about using it to control your computer. Just do dictation. The primary use for Dragon Dictate is for DICTATION. For voice dictation, Dragon Dictate is simply miles ahead of the competition. And this includes: 1) Mac OS's built in voice recognition and 2) Siri. Dragon simply does a much more accurate job than Mac OS's voice recognition or Siri for dictation. And accuracy is crucial with voice recognition since you have to spell check manually aftewards. And this is a lot of work if if has > 2% error rate. Yes, it doesn't work with every app. Dictate into apps work it works then copy and paste to those which aren't compatible. If you are a writer, just dictate. Transfer the text at a later time. For writing via voice recognition, Dragon Dictate is indispensable, totally worth it, highly recommended. Try paying for transcription services. You quickly realize how much less expensive Dragon is. It works really well with my inexpensive Plantronics C435 USB headset.
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30 September 2017
Version: 6.0
This from what I can make of it is NOT an upgrade or update from the current version. The current version is 6.07 and has not been updated in months. As far as I can tell no changes have been made for High Sierra but it does run under High Sierra. However given the instability of the product that I have incurred since V6 was released, combined with the abysmal tech support that I have been given (4 documented issues and questions that have not received closure since April when they were asked/reported)

My personal recommendation would be to avoid this product at all costs unless you absolutely have to have it.

However in all fairness in the short time I have been using it in High Sierra, it does seem more stable in High Sierra than in Sierra.

However High Sierra has also introduced some new issues in Dragon Dictate; particularly in Apple Mail as caching and correction no longer seems to work. I have not reported this to Nuance as their seems to be no point to wasting my time to do so, given their seemly reluctance to fix anything - i.e. the Dragon Safari extension has been crashing randomly since V6 came out many months ago and that has been reported.

I would not be suprised if Nuance comes out soon with a new expensive paid upgrade which turns out to be primary bug fixes for this version, along with the usual marketing spiel about how it is now High Sierra compatible and runs faster, as they usually do with likely another price increase. I feel they are able to get away with all of this, as they know they have no competition on the Mac Platform and seem to do their very best to take full advantage of that fact.

As previously pointed out if you decide (in my opinion) to be glutton for punishment by purchasing this product I would second the previous recommendation regarding not getting their headset, but finding a good one, preferably wireless to use with it. FYI: Bluetooth headsets are not recognized by Dictate.unless it has a USB dongle or USB connection in its stand.

I use a Plantronics Savi 740 wireless that give superb results and connects to my computer, my landline (or VOIP) and my mobile phone and has a range of over 300 feet that allows me to roam while speaking or dictating. It allows connections between the various inputs and the long lasting rechargeable batteries are changeable on the fly. It also does a fairly good job receiving dictation with the headpiece sitting in its stand. While a bit pricey it I feel it is worth every penny for what it does.

Dictate is also supposed to work with Mac built-in microphones, so if you have such a system, you might want to try that first before investing in a headset.
29 September 2017
Version: 6.0
Wasn't this the company that hoodwinked Jobs into letting them announce its coming to Mac during one his events several years ago? If they added unfettered translations to this app it *might* make for a worthy product. Seems pretty high priced.
29 September 2017
Version: 6.0
Every time I see this app the price continues to go up in price and remains about as useless tits on a boar.
02 September 2016
Version: 4.0.7
I just purchased Dragon "Professional" Individual v6. It's impossible to open the Commands window – so you have to guess what to say. Not to speak of adding new commands for your applications. They promise to support Scrivener, which was the reason for me to buy it – but it's not even possible to get correct quote signs, and corrections often delete parts of what you dictated before without any apparent reason. Support is non-existent. QA apparently as well or else there wouldn't be those blatant bugs in a 300$ app. Don't buy this – wait for an update or for better built-in speech recognition in OSX. For me it will be the first and last time I fell for their big-mouthed advertising.
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16 October 2015
Version: 4.0.7
the software does quite well what it says it does however the update policy is ridiculous every year $150 without any major changes or improvements is just to expensive. Every major update is 75% of the purchase price without any new features really
20 September 2015
Version: 4.0.7
Has anyone who has successfully upgraded from 4.0.6 to 4.0.7 noticed any significant changes? Particularly in the areas of: - bug fixes: when working in MS Word, the editing commands would sometimes result in strange results (duplicated words, etc.), that really hurt the usability - stability: 4.0.6 crashed fairly often for me - that was the biggest reason I finally stopped using dragon completely after a couple of months (on top of the editing bugs). - recognition quality: I considered recognition to be adequate in 4.0.6, but I'm curious if they've actually improved, as they are claiming in their marketing emails for the new version.
15 September 2015
Version: 4.0.7
It works, but better to use a real USB headset microphone than the one supplied with the product. Once I made that change, accuracy is about as they claim, and I'm able to use it with a wide variety of apps. The "transcription" module is half-baked if you're trying to use it for interview transcription. It would work fine for someone dictating notes into a digital recorder (with punctuation etc) and later running it through for transcription.
01 September 2015
Version: 4.0.7
I seriously don't understand why this application is getting only negative if not hateful reviews. I have a strong German accent and I am writing this with Dragon Dictate. Without any corrections. I would think that such an application meets training to work well. But in my experience Dragon Dictate does exactly that. Therefore I have to give it four stars [only four because it got one word here wrong].
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