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05 June 2020

Create a local server environment for Web development and more.


MAMP PRO is the commercial, professional grade version of the classic local server environment for OS X: MAMP. Designed for professional Web developers and programmers, MAMP Pro allows easy installation and administration of their development environment under OS X.

As a professional Web or WordPress developer you have to test your programs in detail. In addition, you need a highly configurable developing environment with all the components also used by most ISPs: Apache, MySQL and PHP in the latest stable versions. No matter whether you want to test your latest AJAX creation, or realize a new page with webEdition: MAMP Pro supports you during the tests of your developments. You can set up any number of servers to carry out tests without danger for your live system. Besides, the local name resolution is performed by MAMP Pro. To simulate a very authentic environment, the MAMP Pro also switches on the local mail server, so that dispatching mails by PHP scripts is possible.

The freely available standard design "MAMP" is automatically coinstalled with MAMP Pro. Thus all MAMP features are available to you immediately:

  • Apache Web server
  • MySQL database server
  • phpMyAdmin to access the MySQL database
  • PHP as a module for the Web server
  • Company of Web server and database on standard or individual port

What's new in MAMP PRO

Version 5.7:
  • Mod_ssl is now statically compiled into Apache and is always enabled and can not be disabled.
  • Fixed a library bug that prevented Joomla from installing.
  • Updated components:
  • PHP 7.4.2 w/ Xdebug 2.9.2
  • LibXML2 2.9.4
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23 July 2013
Version: 2.1.4

Most helpful

Overall, I have found MAMPS/MAMPS Pro to be a solid useable package. Thus 4 star's; however ... I switched from using MAMPS Pro for several years to AMPPS for the following reasons: 1) AMPPS has been easier to teach to my kids than MAMPS 2) In my view, MAMPS has some pieces related to the user configuration which are "more closed, less transparent" than AMPPS. AMPPS directly provides the raw config files. MAMPS layers a closed source GUI on various config files. 3) AMPPS directory structure is more like our live server directory structure than MAMPS. 4) AMPPS more convenient to use. In particular, the basic CPanel and Softaculous are particularly helpful in working with installing and maintaining open source web apps such as WordPress.
16 July 2020
Version: 5.7
I am using MAMP Pro since version 2, was a great tool simplifing installation and working with the MAMP stack. But version 5 is an exception, with a bug propagating from version 5.0 up until most recent 5.7 especially with Catalina 11.15.0 and up to 11.15.5. The MySQL Server cannot be started automatically when Mac Starts and you should do it manually. I tried every possible solution but never overcome this bug. It surprised me the company didn't take any action resolving the bug for months since version 5.7. Are they willing to resolve it in a new version with upgrade price ? If yes then shame on them. I gave them only two stars and I will modify my rating if they took an action to resolve the bug without requesting an upgrade to a new version.
06 July 2020
Version: 5.7
I have a license for Mamp Pro 3, but not used it much the last years. Wanted to upgrade to latest version since I would start to use it again. Received this answer from Mamp: Unfortunately, there is no direct upgrade from MAMP Pro 3 to 5. You have to buy the full licence of MAMP Pro 5. This is very bad "thanks" to users who have bought their software at full price to demand users to pay full price if they do not upgrade every year! Even Quark allowed me to upgrade from version 3.11 (from early 90's) to full 2016 version at reduced price. Thankfully user anonymous-deer-2515 here mentioned AMPPS, I downloaded and tried this today, and it's free, at least for now, and looks more feature rich than MAMP. Bye, Bye MAMP!!!
28 January 2020
Version: 5.5
The app is working to a certain extent but if you need help their support is VERY VERY VERY bad!
14 November 2018
Version: 5.1
Currently MAMP (PRO) 5 only offers to run Apache version 2.2.x and NOT Apache v 2.4+ . In my case that prevents me to work on latest development projects where .htaccess uses directive only available from Apaceh v 2.4 onward. Please check your requiements before you buy MAMP Pro 5. Otherwise would be the best local web dev stack for mac.
05 September 2018
Version: 5.1
Switched from MAMP Pro 3.x to Local by Flywheel and now to Valet+ for strictly WordPress development, and so far I'm not complaining. I tried MAMP Pro 4 about a year back, and 5 recently, but Local was, in my usage, more stable and predictable (no mysterious MySQL not running errors) than MAMP Pro, about the same speed, and in fact quite a bit more comfortable to use. While Valet+ obviously has no GUI, it's between 2 and 3 times faster in day-to-day use. I'm very much of a GUI and proper-software-not-shell-gobbledigook type of person, but for me the days of MAMP are over. Three stars because MAMP is somewhat easy to run, and they're actually doing good work – if it was nearly as fast as Valet, I'd be back in a second with 5 stars.
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14 June 2018
Version: 4.5
Very bad support
30 May 2018
Version: 4.5
Stable, feature-full and extremely well-documented and easy-to-use interface. Would love to see options to install stacks other than *AMP - e.g., Node - as well as one-click instal of docker-based software distributions (like Discourse, etc.).
15 February 2018
Version: 4.4.1
Easy installation, work as advertised, flawlessly, out-of-the-box. Good, thorough documentation online, and plenty of features to configure to your heart's content. Developer quick and responsive when contacted. Just hope for more easy-instal packages - i.e., beyond Wordpress.
09 February 2018
Version: 4.4
I have been using MAMP PRO for over a decade now and I am reading a lot of (outdated) negative reviews. Problems with configurations, not working "out of the box". That is just not true, MAMP PRO works just fine, every update worked fine. A lot of whining, but it just works. I find it a bit strange to read comments from developers(?) not being able to fix simple config issues that are an essential part of being a developer. There are some issues with the interface like not sometimes not being able to quit the app properly. But all my 32 vhosts work fine. So if your doubting after reading the negative comments, don't..
29 January 2017
Version: 4.1
MAMP PRO 4 big waist of time and money.

Nicer interface from version 3

- Upgrade (version 3 to 4) does not work out of the box
- Requires lots of configuration to get working properly
- Have never been able to get Nginx to work
- No support - haven't gotten responses to email
- Licensing issues - does not accept license key from Mamp Pro 3, so would not do this as an upgrade. might work if you uninstall version 3 and purchase Mamp Pro 4 full version and not as an upgrade.
- Big footprint - over one gigabyte of disk space for installation

Mamp Pro 3 worked great for years, and I was generally happy with it. As my needs become more advanced, I started using virtual machines to mimic the exact same environment as the production server, so there were no surprises after deployment. Then I was mainly use Mamp for the ability to set something up quickly as a temporary measure to test out a theme or plugin.

Once Mamp Pro 4 was released, I was prompted for an upgrade every time I started Mamp in the usual obtrusive popup, despite checking the box "Skip this upgrade." I finally decided to do the upgrade and didn't think it would hurt anything. To my regret, the upgrade broke all sites I currently had set up. I got permissions (403 forbidden), database errors "Error establishing database connection" and all sort of other problems.

Support for this product is almost nonexistent. I was able to get an email response initially to get the licensing issue partially resolved. But I have not gotten any responses from subsequent emails regarding tech support, and further licensing issues.

I wouldn't waist my time or money with Mamp Pro 4. If you don't want to start using virtual machines (Vargrant with Virtualbox for example), there're numerous other options for full stack tools like Mamp (paid and free) with good support, including Desktop Server, AMPPS, and XAMPP to name a few.