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05 August 2013

Detect and recover lost pictures from various media.


CardRaider is an easy and affordable way to recover lost photos and movies from your digital camera, memory card or thumb drive. CardRaider's familiar OS X interface makes it simple to detect and unerase deleted pictures. Instant electronic order fulfillment means that your photos will be recovered within the next five minutes, and our free demo will let you try before you buy. Just one click and watch your photos come back like magic. Find the ones you're looking for and quickly recover to your computer, or send directly to iPhoto.

Unerase photos from all popular memory card types including CompactFlash (CF), XD Picture Card, SmartMedia, Secure Digital (SD), Mini Secure Digital (Mini SD), MultiMediaCard (MMC), IBM Microdrive, Memory Stick (MS), Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick Pro (MS-PRO).


  • Powerful one-click scan and recover.
  • See thumbnails and preview before recovering.
  • Find JPEG and all RAW formats.
  • Recovers movie files and video clips.
  • Send recovered images to iPhoto.
  • Works on damaged or reformatted cards.
  • Try before you buy. Download the free demo.
  • Permanently erase photos so they can no longer be recovered.
  • Why pay more?

What's new in CardRaider

Version 2.0.10:
  • Bug fixes

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23 May 2008

Most helpful

This apps just works as advertized. It's super fast and really easy to use. Well worth the price for saving my bacon and those invaluable images. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Version 2.0.2
01 September 2013
great and useful tool - love it
Version 2.0.10
15 April 2013
just bought this great Software! Well 15€ is not a problem if you have lost your Images! I've tested all Photo Recovery Tools... all day long... finally this was the only Software that did the Job 100% Kudos to the Dev!!! Respect! and 20$ are really nice Prize... Tip: Test it for free before you buy... if it works than it's worth the 20 bucks!
Version 2.0.7
15 April 2012
My wife managed to do what I can never easily do. Erase all the photos on her camera memory card. CardRaider demo installed and worked flawlessly. I bought it straight away. Saved every photo. Other software I tried did not recover any photos. Great software. I wish other software was this easy to install & use. Les, Adelaide, South Australia.
Version 2.0.7
26 February 2012
I purchased this software in a mild panic, after having mistakenly formatted my memory card BEFORE uploading the pictures to my iMac. I was using a Panasonic GH2 (.RW2 and .JPG) with a SanDisk 64Gb SDXC card and was able to recover all of the images I thought I had lost. Initially, I had problems getting the software to recognise my SD card, so I emailed the developer & within 36 hours I had a new version of the software to accommodate the fact that my card had been formatted as ExFAT. After this update - the software worked flawlessly & recovered everything from the card within a couple of hours. The customer service from the developer was nothing less than first rate - I am glad to now have this program as insurance against a failure (or stupid operator error) again!
Version 2.0.7
12 February 2012
CardRaider is a must for any person who uses Mac and owns a digital camera, consumer or professional. I have used it multiple times to save priceless photos that I either deleted from the card by accident or from issues with iPhoto saying the photos transferred and then crashing only to discover that the photos are no where to be found. Most importantly, it comes with unlimited upgrades to newer versions and the support team is absolutely phenomenal.
Version 2.0.6
30 January 2011
I had a card error on my Panasonic Camera. Nothing was working to recover my photos shot in jpeg and RAW (RW2) format. I downloaded many of the file rescue programs I found on MacUpdate. Nothing worked. I tried CardRaider 2.0.4, it came the closest to working, it would show me the jpegs but not the RW2 files. The RW2 files were the important files I wanted. I sent eCamm an email saying I would have purchase your software if it had worked with Panasonic RW2 files. The next morning I had a reply to my email with a copy of the yet unreleased version 2.0.5 attached. They sent me the FULL version FREE to try out. It worked! All my files were recovered. All they asked for in return was some feedback. What a great company! Today I found out about this update being released, I purchased the version they sent me for free out of gratitude for their trust and the quality of their software.
Version 2.0.5
26 October 2009
Amazing! I downloaded CardRaider to see if it would restore photos on an 8gb SD HC card. I had already reformatted this card with my camera thinking iPhoto had imported them. There was a problem with iPhoto and I lost them all. Until CardRaider. Restored them all, and FAST. In FULL resolution! If I never restore another photo, it was worth the $20 for these 83!
Version 2.0.4
01 August 2009
It was 2AM, I was on a professional shoot when the card errored out. The subject was on the move, so I winced, reformatted the CF Card and went back to shooting. I got my shots, but I blasted what was on the card. Afterword, I had one of those "oh S*&%" moments realizing the card (before fomatting) had photos (important ones) that hadn't been transfered yet. CardRaidrer found all the files and more. Files that had been erased several sessions back. Wow! I am VERY happy to have all those files back. Yay! Don't need to explain to the client how I erased their photos.
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Version 2.0.4
25 July 2009
Just came home from a mountan holiday at Europe's highest top "Mont Blanc" and saw my compact flash card in my camera was corrupt. Searching a while made me find CardRaider and in ten minutes al my pictures were saved. This application is certainly its$20 wrth. Thanks to the developers.
Version 2.0.4
20 January 2009
This app worked great for me a few days ago. My wife mistakenly deleted a vid file from one of our cameras while reviewing shots we took. I also looked on MU for apps that would recover files - tried all of them (PhotoRescue, Stellar Phoenix, Exif Untrasher, and Klix). Some didn't work with video files, others that did couldn't find the one we wanted. The CR demo worked like a charm the first time found that file (just wouldn't let me recover that file in the demo). I ponied up the license fee, and got the missing movie file in less that a minute after scanning. I'll also point out that I also tried DiskRescue II, which could not find any deleted files on the same card. So, CR gets my vote. For me, it worked and worked well. The interface could use a little polish, but otherwise no complaints.
Version 2.0.3
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11 January 2011
If you're referring to DataRescue II (I haven't heard of DiskRescue), I have used it many times on various SD cards and it works flawlessly. The key is to choose the correct kind of search.