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Picture Rescue

02 February 2017

Picture recovery utility.


Picture Rescue is a picture recovery utility.

Accidental deletion. Unintentional re-formatting. Inexplicable corruption. These things are a digital picture's worst enemy, and unfortunately, happen all too often. Fortunately, there is Picture Rescue to protect you from these realities of the digital age. Picture Rescue offers unparalleled picture recovery options in even the most extreme digital media disasters. If you rely on digital pictures to commemorate your past and preserve your personal memories, you need Picture Rescue.

  • Recover: lost digital pictures and videos after deletion, reformatting or corruption.
  • Preview photos before you recover them.
  • Secure-delete tool to permanently erase your photos and videos.

What's new in Picture Rescue

Version 2.0.5:
  • Bug fixes

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14 December 2006

Most helpful

This is some good stuff! Don't pay full price though...you can get it from Other World Computer for about $14 bucks less (I don't work for them, but people should know how to get good software at a better price). Just go to http://www.macsales.com/prosoft and toss it in your basket for a mere $45. I don't know if/when this price will expire. Powerful program! Thank you, Prosoft!
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Version 1.2.1
Big Johnson
05 July 2015
Not one review in nearly 8 years, or comment in 3.5 years?
(I just changed that!).
Last time someone commented it was called Klix.

How do they stay in business if nobody's buying it?
Version 2.0.2
11 January 2012
I like this app simple and ease to use:-) I have through MAC app store purchased. But I have the problem: I can't update on Mac app store:-( they always show like this: http://www.fotop.net/mw93036600/Other/KLIX I try contact mac app store and developer but nobody respond what happen cause this error. I posted it and I hope developer see it and help me how to sovle the problem:-(
Version 1.2.1
03 November 2009
1.1 Whats with that annoying splash screen all of a sudden. Please remove. I paied for this app!!! And its a great app, don't get me wrong. Would love to scan harddrives as well though.
Version 1.1
13 July 2009
Excellent program! I almost lost the pictures from my son's 3rd birthday party due to a full harddrive and a problem with iPhoto. Klix saved all of them!
Version 1.0.2
12 March 2008
I just deleted an SD card full of holiday photos, which I suppose is the starting point for most people and the Klix software. I was in a hurry and thought that I'd backed them all up to my computer. A quick search on Google and I came across Klix on the Joesoft website. I downloaded the free-to-try version and imagine my relief as copies of my "lost" photos reappeared on my screen one-by-one. A quick purchase of the software key and I had copies of all my photos on my computer as good as new. I found Klix very easy to use - I just pointed it at my SD card and it did the rest. I can recommend it to anyone in my position. It does exactly what the Joesoft website says.
Version 1.0
26 October 2007
Recently I was in the process of reloading many pictures to my iPhoto when I realized I did not have back up of about a years of photos. I also realized that all of these photos had been taken by a camera which I had recently erased all the cards, and gave camera and cards to a Grandson. This week I cam across Klix and order a demo, it worked so easily and effectively that I went ahead and purchased same and now await all the cards that my Grandson has and will be excited about retrieving pictures, particularly of a wife who died of cancer and many pictures of her last days are on these cards... A great software and really worth every dollar spent..
Version 1.0
25 October 2007
I recently returned from vacationing in Asia, and was excited to show my pictures to friends and family. You can imagine my dismay when I plugged my camera into a TV for quick viewing and static electricity zapped the memory card. As devestating as that was, I was equally thrilled when a friend recommended I try a ProSoft product to recover the pictures. That site directed me to JoeSoft's photo-recovery software, Klix. It works great! Five minutes to download and intall it; an extremely straightforward interface; and within 20 minutes ALL 300 of my photos were recovered and the original quality was preserved. $30 very well spent!
Version 1.0
08 October 2007
We just came back from a weekendtrip to Paris; the real one in France. Back home we uploaded all the pictures and minimovies we had take to our Mac, but -bang- in the middle of the uploading process everything froze. After the restart neither the Mac, nor the camera, nor any other of our computers Mac or Windows machines could read anyting on that card. It only said 956 MB used, but nothing showed up. By coincident we found Klix. We downloaded the demoversion, and after a while Klix showed just about every picture and movie we had taken. So we bought the programm online, and in a matter of minutes Klix saved all but 5 pictures to the harddisc. This programm is the best I have seen in along time; the price is ok considering the rescuework it has done. I give 5 Stars to Klix because it is a suuuper deal.
Version 1.0
19 September 2007
recently took a series of photos (~200) with my Nikon D200 of a major forest fire threatening the small mountain village here in Turkey where I live. When I got home and attempted to download the Compact Flash card using Adobe Lightroom, then in turn iPhoto, Graphic Converter, and iView Media Pro my computer could not read the photos. All attempts using other software and trying to direct download from the camera failed; the CF card was hopelessly corrupted. I found KLIX on the net and tried the free trial version. First I had to reformat the card in my Nikon as nothing would show up. Then I sat in absolute wonder as all of my beautiful photos appeared by magic in KLIX. I simultaneously went online and bought the license, then recovered all the photos in pristine condition. The setup and use of KLIX is simplicity incarnate. The purchase price is inconsequential considering the priceless photos that you can recover. I highly recommend this software.
Version 1.0
10 June 2007
Hi There, Gordon from Prosoft here..... We've lowered the price on Klix to $29.95 --- Customers who bought at the higher price from our website may contact us for a refund of the difference or take double-the-credit towards an additional product.... MacUpdate pricing info will be updated tomorrow to reflect this change~ Cheers, Gordon from Prosoft
Version 1.0