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19.1.1 21 Mar 2019

Catalog your DVDs in a database automatically.


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Movie Collector lets you catalog your DVD movies in a database automatically by just typing the movie title or scanning the DVD barcode to download all data from various sources on the Internet.

Browse your collection by a series of organizing factors, or use the Thumbnail View to view your cover images. Use the integrated Loan Manager to track which DVDs you loaned and to whom. The demo version of this app caps your database at 50 movies.

What's New

Version 19.1.1:
IMDb Votes field:

This new field indicates the number of votes on which the IMDb Rating is based. It is a good indication of 1. how popular the movie is and 2. how trustworthy the rating is

  • The IMDb Votes field is automatically filled in when you Add a Movie from Core. (Note: similar to IMDb Ratings and Links, getting IMDb Votes from Core requires an active Service Plan)
  • It is also shown in the yellow IMDb box in your movie details panel, right below the logo and rating (for the Flex, QuickSilver and Carbon templates)
  • Tip: add the IMDb Votes as a column in your list, so that easily see for all your movies or even sort on it to order your list by the movie’s popularity
Update your IMDb Ratings and Votes in one go:

The new IMDb content license gives us daily updates of the IMDb Ratings and Votes, so let’s make use of that daily fresh data now!

  • Select some (or all) movies in your list, then right click and choose Update IMDb Ratings / Votesfrom the menu
  • This will connect to our Core and retrieve fresh IMDb Ratings and Votes for all selected movies
  • Don’t worry, this won’t take long. We have implemented a super efficient system that can update ratings/votes in chunks of 100 movies in one go
  • When done, it will report the number of movies it has updated the Ratings and Votes for
  • Note: using the "Update IMDb Ratings/Votes" feature requires an active Service Plan
Other changes:
  • Renamed format "Blu-ray Disc" to "Blu-ray"
  • Renamed format "Ultra HD Blu-ray" to "4K UHD"
  • Updated the format icon for 4K UHD


  • OS X 10.7 or later


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