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01 May 2015

3D graphics rendering app.


AC3D is used to create 3D models for games; virtual-reality/simulation software; scientific, medical, and general-data visualizations; high-resolution 3D renderings and rapid prototyping of 3D designs. Features include a simple click-and-drag user interface; Texture co-ordinate editor(UV Mapper);powerful boolean functions; unlimited polygon and line editing down to the vertex level; subdivision surface modeling; Boolean operations;and a TrueType font 2D and 3D text generator.

The software supports many 3D file formats including POV-Ray, VRML, RenderMan, 3D Studio, LightWave, DXF, OBJ, DirectX, MilkShape, MD2, Quake BSP, Unreal Tournament T3D, and more.

What's new in AC3D

Version 7.5:

Note: AC3D 7.5 is free if you purchased AC3D after Dec 2013. Simply download and install it. If you purchased before that time, AC3D will let you know. Please visit the Upgrade Center to purchase a new discounted license for AC3D.

  • Fill Holes - Automatically fill holes with menu Object->Fill Holes. This seeks out open areas in a 3D object and automatically fills them with new surfaces.
  • Unify Normals - Previously it could be time-consuming ensuring that all surfaces face in the right direction. This new function automatically orients surfaces so that you can quickly ensure that all surfaces face outwards.
  • Hierarchy enhancements - In the Tools->Hierarchy, right-clicking on a '+' button will now open a group, AND all its children.
  • Object state is now saved - f an object is hidden, locked or folded (in the hierarchy), this state is now saved in AC3D .ac files. This means that if you save a model with some of the hierarchy folded, locked or hidden, the state will be retained when the file is next loaded.
  • Easier searching - Edit->Select-by-name now accepts wild cards so you can search using * and ?, where * matches any characters, ? matches a single character.
  • STL files reoriented - Objects loaded from STL files are automatically reoriented (rotated to AC3D's coordinate system) on import and export. (i.e from Z=up to Y=up). If you're working with a lot of STL files, you needn't worry about having to rotate objects.
  • Other changes include - improved Collada export and KML (Google-Earth export), fixes and compatibility improvements.

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