Phoenix Viewer

1.6.1 20 Mar 2012

Third-party viewer for Second Life.


Developer website: The Phoenix Firestorm Project Inc.

Phoenix Viewer is a feature-rich, third-party viewer for Second Life, based on the original Second Life Viewer and on Linden Lab's Snowglobe.

Ending support for the Phoenix Viewer
On Saturday, Dec 15th, we held an important office hour at which the subject was the removal of official support for our V1-based Phoenix Viewer at the end of this year. We are also no longer developing this viewer. (Not to be confused with the Phoenix Firestorm Viewer, which will continue to be fully developed and supported.)

To be clear:

  • We are ending support for the Phoenix Viewer on Dec 31st, 2012.
  • We are NOT forcing you to use Firestorm! If you don’t want to use Firestorm, there are a few V1 alternatives out there. Check out the LL Third Party Viewer Directory.
  • We are NOT telling you not to use Phoenix Viewer.
  • We are NOT blocking Phoenix Viewer from logging in.
  • We are NOT breaking Phoenix!
  • You MAY continue to use Phoenix as long as you want, but be aware.. it will become more and more deprecated over time.
  • LL is not intentionally killing Phoenix but be aware, there are changes coming in the new year that will break some key aspects of its usability.
  • More info can be found here

What's New

Version 1.6.1:

Important Phoenix Viewer Update: This is a VERY important update!

  • Most important in this release and a reason you really all need to update is because in version 1600 we missed a very important inventory folder icon for Direct Delivery. LL will be enabling this feature on March 21st and without this update your inventory window will become "Visibly" broken.
  • As well as falling into compliance with LL's new Policy changes, this update goes out with some very important changes, fixes and improvements including the V2 inventory fetch system which makes inventory fetching much faster and more reliable.
  • Change log can be found here


OS X 10.5 or later


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20 Mar 2012
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