2.2.1 07 Oct 2016

Simplified front end for LaTeX.


Developer website:

LyX is a fully fuctional WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) frontend for LaTeX wnich allows users with no programming knowledge to get the full benefits of LaTeX. It differs from products such as TeTeX as one needs to know no code and can simply write and mark any text as a footnote of chapter heading etc., and then hit the PDF button to get a perfectly formatted output.

What's New

Version 2.2.1:
  • Document Input/Output
    • Enable the use of LuaTeX for all polyglossia-supported languages
    • New document parameter "Save transient properties" under Document Properties > Format. (Output has been renamed into Format.) Disabling this option is made to play nicer in collaborative settings
  • User Interface
    • Syntax highlighting in the preamble and and the source view has been made compatible with dark themes
    • Changed the display of buttons for collapsed branches. We now display the same thing as if the branches were open
    • "Provides package 1" now works with fontspec, subfig, and listings
    • Added a new module "Title and Preamble Hacks"
    • Bring window to front after loading a document in single instance
    Documentation and Localization
    • Updated Brazilian, French, German, Interlingua, Italian and Slovakian user interface localization
    • Increase the maximum value for the number of last open files that LyX can remember
    • Change mouse cursor to indicate row/column selection in tabulars
    • Make inset-select-all select all cells only in tables
    • Automatically show the review toolbar if the document has tracked changes, and related UI improvements
    • Implement "Dissolve Inset" and "Show Label" context menu items for arguments
    • Restore selected reference when using "Go to label" and "Go back" in the cross-reference dialog
Bug Fixes
  • Document Input/Output
    • Correctly protect the pagebreak command when needed
    • Resolve problem on Windows with importing files from directories with accented characters on FAT drives
    • InPreamble styles should be written to the preamble as many times as the user requests them, even if it results in duplicate commands
    • Make sure we output all XHTML table cells, even the empty ones
    • .svgz images are now converted to .svg for XHTML export
    • Ask where to export file if not yet saved
    • Fix size issue with outliner icons on HiDPI monitors
    • Load math packages automatically with JSS template
    • Calling a Computer Algebra System from LyX works again (windows only bug 10262)
    • Fix command clash between beamer and covington (from the Linguistics module)
    • Fix crash on Buffer preview when not exporting in thread

    Read the complete release notes.


  • OS X 10.6 or later
  • LaTeX installation like MacTeX


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07 Oct 2016
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