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02 September 2019

Create template-based websites rapidly.


RapidWeaver is a next-generation Web design application to help you easily create professional-looking Web sites in minutes. No knowledge of complex code is required, RapidWeaver will take care of all that for you. RapidWeaver produces valid XHTML- and CSS-based websites.

One of the perks about using RapidWeaver is that it has a strong custom theme community. You can download themes and edit them from within RapidWeaver and the result is a pretty slick-looking website that takes very little effort.

RapidWeaver also has a lot of custom plug-ins. Some of them make it easier to edit images directly in RapidWeaver. Others make creating a site map a matter of a few clicks. The supportive community that surrounds RapidWeaver is really what makes this great app superior to other WYSIWYG website creation tools. Be sure to check out YourHead for some little tools to help spice up your website in RapidWeaver.

What's new in RapidWeaver

Version 8.3:
  • Support for Emporter
  • New update engine due to DevMate going away
  • Support for detecting and managing duplicate images
  • An issue when copying the url of a resource
  • An issues with sub folders being incorrectly named when opening and old project
  • An issue where an 'Untitled Folder' directory could be seen in resources
  • A crash when adding new resources if existing resources are unresolved
  • A crash in the link panel
  • A crash when dragging a resource into site settings
  • An issue where the blog social images would not be saved
  • Ongoing work to improve Amazon S3 Publishing
  • Updated Multi Lander Theme
  • Various other under the hood tweaks and fixes

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30 April 2011

Most helpful

I worked in web business for some years so my review does probably not reflect the opinion of people who casually work on their own website. I think RapidWeaver is a solid application that lets you build simple web pages. But many of the designs included with the app look quite dated. All the nice and clean designs you know from today's modern websites come from 3rd party developers who charge you extra for it. Same goes for the structure of pages that you can build in RapidWeaver. The website says you can easily build stunning websites, but the included page templates (the structure of a page as in: first a heading, then a text, then again a heading, then an image) you can use are very very basic. Unless you can code HTML, you won't be able to create those stunning sites in my opinion. If you're a creative, try to include a movie gallery. If you click a movie on your page, it opens an ugly popup, which again feels very dated in times of lightbox, shadowbox and other nice bread and butter features. If you want to create modern web pages you have buy 3rd party plugins. These plugins are in fact capable of letting you create modern looking and stunning websites with lightboxes and all sorts of fancy JavaScript or HTML5 effects WITHOUT you having to code anything. But RapidWeaver comes with almost none of these plugins bundled. You have to buy and buy and buy additional plugins to get there. In my opinion, the built-in page templates should really be redesigned for a more modern look and feel and at least half a dozen plugins users have to pay for should be included in the default package. At this stage, RapidWeaver is a great platform for 3rd party developers who like to sell plugins to leverage the default product to a serious level. But I don't know why RealMac hasn't licensed a few plugins such as Stacks (and a few Stacks plugins for that matter) and incorporated this into their default product. Without the additional Stacks plugin, you're stuck with very rigid and boring page templates. Only Stacks gives you the freedom to place objects where you like them without HTML programming. You can also see this by the sheer amount of plugins for Stacks (not for native RapidWeaver). There are looooads of cool plugins that build on top of Stacks. As this is a 3rd party plugin, it DOES feel like an add-on. It could be incorporated so much nicer into the main product. Overall I think RapidWeaver is an OK product, but if you want to REALLY create modern looking websites, you have to add at least the same amount of money for plugins and designs that you spent for RapidWeaver itself. At least.
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Version 5.1
28 January 2019
Rapidweaver just keeps getting better with each update. Those who are negative here are obviously not enjoying the added benefit of using Stacks with Foundation or Foundry. These magical additions are critical to getting serious development from Rapidweaver. They cost extra, but WELL worth the SMALL investment to easily achieve amazing sites. Purchasing extra Stacks to achieve a particular feature is just common sense. No web authoring app can provide everything out of the box to suit your desires. With Stacks you can add almost anything spectacular to complete a dazzling site. Rapidweaver with Stacks and Foundation or Foundry is the way to go.
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Version 8.1.1
06 December 2018
OMG, I have to pay...again! This is insane!
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Version 8.0.3
05 December 2018
Rapidweaver 8.1 was issued 3. weeks ago. What is wrong with this site? Nearly everything on it is one or more versions behind.
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Version 8.0.3
1 answer(s)
05 December 2018
Nope. 8.1 is still in beta testing
15 April 2018
I was considering this product, but reading comments here that so many additional plugins/addons need to be purchased to get it working right put me off. I'll keep looking until I find something fairly priced which doesn't have all these hidden costs. Considering either Sandvox or Everweb, not sure which produces the best looking sites. I already have Everweb so I can upgrade to the latest version, but if Sandvox is better maybe I'll go for that.
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Version 7.5.5
1 answer(s)
05 December 2018
Just purchase foundation or foundry and with stacks and you are set. Our site has no templates and hundreds of pages really fast with reuse footers and navigation stuff the rest is free form. I can make pages very quickly. The Foundry or foundation come with all that is needed. If you need something more specialised the is always some plugins available.
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28 December 2017
Purchased to replace an iWEB. Boy Scout Site as we needed to migrate to Sierra and iWeb is not compatible (would not work on ours) Although I could have wished for an easier and more intuitive interface, the videos quickly gave me what I needed to replace a multi paged and detailed website entirely in a few hours. The new site is ALMOST exactly what we wanted and we haven't even begun to learn RapidWeaver. Once we learn more I believe we will be able to manipulate the spaces more precisely and be even more happy with the product. Right now, Very pleased to replace the iWeb site so easily.
Version 7.5.5
04 December 2017
I used Rapidweaver for many years, then came paid upgrades, plugin creators out of business and I realised I had been had...here was an app purporting to create websites with ease that actually I needed more paid plugins and a decent paid theme to create a reasonable site. Is that really the future of simple website building. so I tried Sandvox, and a weight was lifted from my shoulders.
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Version 7.5.4
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Harry Flashman
Harry Flashman
14 December 2017
I've used Rapidweaver for a few years now and it does allow me to produce a good looking website, after spending big on themes, stacks and plugins, but site building takes forever due to serious performance issues when using Stacks, which is why I've started using Blocs and expect to dump Rapidweaver entirely before long.

In addition to the slow speeds, Rapidweaver also has never-ending problems in areas like FTP, so the $$ cost of ownership with Rapidweaver is annoying, but the enduring bugs and loss of time make it untenable.
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15 November 2017
Since version 3, Rapidweaver has allowed me to manage several websites for years, updating their designs to integrate stores, add responsiveness and keep things modern with out having to delve heavily into code (though you can if you want). It's an indispensable tool for my business. Rapidweaver is one of the apps that keeps me a Mac user. I can't recommend it, or the community of developers surrounding it enough.
Version 7.5.2
05 November 2017
I've used RapidWeaver since ver. 5 and I have to admit changing from Adobe DreamWeaver was very positive. I have upgraded to version 6 and now 7 I must admit that a lot of addons are unnecessary, but you decide for yourself what to download/use - my favorite is TotalCMS I've just bought a brand new iMac and there have been challenges to install Addons, but I found out that I could find hidden files by way of Forklift and by the way copy Addons from the old to the new one - very simple and fast.
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Version 7.5.2
04 September 2017
I wouldn't use it even if they gave me a license for free. Out of date approach.

If you just want something up and running with the least amount of hassles and don't want to learn to code, wordpress.com, squarespace.com, wix.com, etc. any hosted solutions are much easier, quicker, and more powerful than Rapidweaver. Your site could be up and running before you can finish paying for Rapidweaver and get a license, free of charge with some options.

If you want a custom website, there is no way around learning HTML and CSS. It's just a markup language. It's not that hard to learn, and you will have the level of flexibility and ability to create something that Rapidweaver will never be able to achieve.

Save your $99 and look elsewhere.
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Version 7.4.1
07 June 2017
Seems like RapidWeaver is not next-gen app anymore, but seems to be old-gen app, nor its design neither its business model. There are LOT of solutions to make good looking websites without paying for a lot of plugins just to make it work. LOT of CMS do the job MUCH BETTER for free and if you don't like Wordpress, try Concrete5 which is WYSIWYG and FrontEnd… and as CMS, easy to update, even from your phone! Even try WIX, or the unkown web builder of your webhoster… But if you like better an app on your mac, there are also MANY apps MUCH BETTER designed, with lot of better possibilities to built and enhance your site (though RW need a paid plugin for… everything), and with better code, much understandable and maintainable… by you, with a learning curve equal that the one to learn RW: try Pinegrow for half the price of RW naked (which need much more money to be just functional), of Flux for the same price, but both are MUCH POWERFULL than RW, Boy, Girl, Man, Women, Trans, QUIT this app that costed so much money to recover the freedom of web site development with the standard of webdesign, and spread the word: this app sucks your money the old fashion way, and stucks you to the past… Or better, if you have time: take a course of HTML and CSS at Udemy of OpenClassrooms (for free), and discover the pleasure of coding with tools like Sublime Text, Atom or Brackets. I really use to love RW years ago, but enough is enough; this app takes you away from what the web is now…
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Version 7.4.1