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CanoScan Toolbox is for use with Canon scanners.
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  • The problem that the English UI is displayed when the OS environment is French or German has been rectified.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later

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ver. 5.x:
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Jadco reviewed on 17 Nov 2012
Unfortunately installing only the CansScan Toolbox software will not get your scanner working. You also need the driver files, which I couldn't find anywhere on the Canon website. On Mac OS X 10.8, the software on the original CD doesn't install any longer, it hangs in the middle of its installation.

Solution: there is an excellent site called drivers which seems to have the driver files for many scanners and other equipment.


sfbuddy reviewed on 16 Mar 2012
I just use CS3 Photoshop in order to use my 8400F scanner. It's the only thing that works. I tried half a day to get the correct driver and toolbox and gave up on that.

Who else is frustrated that you can't change star ratings once you choose them? That's just crazy. MAC Update folks should fix that.

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Laraine replied on 27 Mar 2012
Yes, it works just fine with CS3. But I have CS4 and have upgraded to Lion and my 8400F scanner definitely won't work with this software. I'm brassed off that I have to go looking for software that WILL work.--software that I have to pay for when I should be able to go to Canon's site and download something free that will work.

Nealnt replied on 20 May 2012
My 8400F works fine in Lion. I use Canoscan Toolbox X very


Tdstout reviewed on 23 Feb 2012
I have a Canoscan 9950 also and so far have not been able to get it working with Lion. VueScan is supposed to support the scanner. I have not been able to get VueScan to recognize the scanner. Any help is appreciated.


Roddy Hays reviewed on 25 Nov 2011
I have continually had problems using my 9550F with Leopard and Snow Leopard over the past few years. At one stage I was able to use it with Graphic Converter even when the ToolBox did not recognise the hardware.

I recently moved house again, and on installing the scanner found myself completely locked out. So I followed the steps here and downloaded the 4.9.3 software, but still had no driver. Canon US no longer has the driver mentioned on their website as far as I can see, but i found one here :

Download that, plus the new Toolbox 4.9 and you'll be in business again. And if you use Graphic Converter (much nicer to use than the Toolbox) you'll find it recognised there too.

I'm running 10.6.8, by the way. Thanx to all who paved the way to my solution.



driversmith reviewed on 24 Oct 2011
I download driver scanner to update my drivers to the latest version, and the performance has got a great improvement. In fact, whatever you want to get hp support drivers, dell support drivers, other brand dirvers,the updates driver software can help you solve it. The driver scanner can be downloaded and tell you how to update drivers in detail.

More information about how to update drivers:



Emet1 reviewed on 06 Apr 2011
I hope my ratings get updated, because there is really no way that I would rate it as anything other than mediocre. I have to use this software with my aged scanner, but it's only because I only use the scanner once in a blue moon.



Yazarim reviewed on 15 Jul 2010
Absolutely no way to use it with my CanoScan 9950F: is it so old? But when I PAID for it it was NEW! Canon, plz...

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Polyfade replied on 21 Jul 2011
I am completely in the same boat as you. It wasn't more than 2 years I had this scanner when Canon stopped updating the Twain driver for Mac.
This forced me to use the completely hideous CanoScan Toolbox!

Plus, Canon had no instruction where to download the driver. It was / still is hidden away on their website. Unfortunately, there's no direct link since their links are javascript encoded :(

You must visit the support page for both downloads – the driver and Toolbox.

If you download any CanoScan Toolbox other than version 4.9.3.x, you must uninstall it first because version 5.x will not work with your scanner. They don't mention this on MacUpdate.

Just as important you need to download the driver, so the scanner can be recognized by your Mac. Like I said it's hidden. Find it on the same support page, under the "Mac OS X" drop down menu. Driver Ver.

Using CanoScan Toolbox I'm able to scan, even with Mac OS Lion.

B. Jefferson Le Blanc commented on 14 Jul 2010
Agreed. If you have an older scanner, stick with the original driver. Like Umax before them, Canon does a poor job of supporting their older, but still functional, scanners. Is my Canoscan 8400F really that old? I, too, will not buy another Canon scanner. They show no loyalty to their customers. How can they expect us to be loyal to them?



Mex4eric reviewed on 14 Jul 2010
Yes, my LiDE 80 really only works with the original software and just barely. There were a couple of updates specifically for the LidDE 80 and they worked, that is CanoScan Toolbox and ScanGear CS 7.2.5, nothing later works.

It is a shame that Canon abandons old but good products so quickly.

I have used VueScan and even though it is Universal, you must use Rosetta because VueScan uses the driver ScanGear CS 7.2.5, which is not Universal and hence requires Rosetta.

Would it kill Canon to write a new driver?


Polyfade commented on 07 Apr 2010
I didn't mind this ugly, outdated interface when I didn't have to use it. Because CanonUSA refuses to update its driver to work with Photoshop on Leopard and later, I'm stuck with it. I was instructed by Canon to open Photoshop in Rosetta mode. There's still no option to import the scanner. Not to mention, there are many faults of using Rosetta. So which company is to blame: Apple, Adobe or Canon? Regardless, there are no excuses for such an eyesore of a GUI. Shame on you, Canon.

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Ratfaced replied on 09 Apr 2010
I had exact same problems.
Unable to get scanner working at all.
The Canonscan Toolbox appeared in each instance after a message saying the install was successful, but clicking on SETTINGS revealed an empty box ..SELECT SCANNER DRIVER.
I dumped the download and retrieved my original disk from when the scanner was purchased for the Windows PC.
So beg, borrow or steal this disk .
The CD label reads....CanoScan LiDE 50 for Windows and Macintosh Ver 1.06 Setup CD-ROM.

I disconnected the USB connection and installed from the CD-ROM.
Canonscan Toolbox appeared and clicking on SETTINGS the DRIVER box showed ScanGear CS 7.1x.
COPY MAIL OCR SAVE FILE worked normally.
SCAN-1 and SCAN-2 were a little quirky as they demanded a program be selected in the box LINK SCANNED IMAGE TO but all options were greyed out.
I finally managed to get it to accept a CODE RESOURCES folder and it scanned OK.
BUt I never use these two settings anyway...I was just testing the install.
Eventually I intend to go wireless on the scanner/printer and was planning on a Canon, but given the reports here I will consider changing to another manufacturer.
Meantime try this fix out.
If it worked for me, no reason why it will not work for everyone.
My iMac is only two days old...2.6Gig i5 with latest system update 10.6.3
Charley Hine had trouble on 21 Aug 2010
I am using a Cannon LiDE 35 Scanner with:
Mac OS X 10;8.4, lide35osx7721en, and cstbosx4512ej4

The lide35 driver and cstosx (toolbox) were downloaded today, Sat Aug 21, from:

I Downloaded:
2. CanoScan Toolbox for OSX (4.512)
5. ScanGear CS (7.721X)

I have only used the 'File' 'button'. Once setting this up from the toolbox window, and scanning once, one is then able to use the 'File' button on the scanner to scan a document into MyPictures folder on my MacBook Pro.

Canon software leaves something to be desired, but for my purposes it is satisfactory.


cnymike had trouble on 27 Dec 2007
I've installed the CanoScan Toolbox 5.0 for my Intel iMac but when I go into settings, the scanner doesn't show in the dropdown because it can't see a driver. I have the driver but do not know where to install it so that CanoScan Toolbox 5.0 can see it. Putting it in the same folder as the CanoScan Toolbox 5.0 does nothing. Neither does putting it in /library/application support/canon/ScanGear/plugins

I did not have this problem with CanoScan Toolbox 4.1, which had a plugins subdirectory in which I placed the Lide30 driver. But CanoScan Toolbox 5.0 had not such subdirectory and when I made one and put the driver in it, it still was not recognized so obviously the driver is not in the correct location./

Help...where does the driver go so that CanoScan Toolbox 5.0 can recognize the Lide 30 scanner?
[Version 5.0.12]

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dMullins commented on 15 Dec 2008
Hey MIKE, I've been scouring the web all morning trying to get my old CanoScan LiDE 50 scanner to work again, and I think I've found a Universal solution at-last, and I think it's a lot simpler than anyone might have imagined. What I've found is that it's a simple naming error in the software/driver installers.

Visit my blog to view my post about how to fix the issue!

Stop by and see if it corrects the problem for you as well, and if the solution worked for you please leave a comment and let me know.

paloozaparty had trouble on 30 Nov 2007
I just upgraded from CS2 to CS3, and no matter what I do, the driver does NOT install properly. I've done all that the Canon site says to do. I'm surprised this isn't resolved.
[Version 5.0.11]

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CanoScan Toolbox is for use with Canon scanners.

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