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06 September 2019

Switch your audio input sources easily.


SounceSource lets you adjust your input, output, and sound-effects devices and volume settings in mere moments, right from the menu bar. Enable soft play-thru of input devices to your desired output, so you can hear sound coming in through any microphone or other source. With SoundSource, you get fast access to your Mac's most important audio settings.

  • Instant Audio-Device Switching - With just two clicks, you can switch the audio devices your Mac is using for input, output, and even sound effects.
  • Fast Volume Control - SoundSource provides easy access to the volume controls for your audio devices as well.
  • Audio Play-Thru, Too - SoundSource's Play-Thru window makes it easy to monitor the audio coming from any input device.
  • Comprehensive - SoundSource gives you one place to go for all Mac's most important audio controls.
  • At Your Fingertips - With SoundSource running in your menu bar, your audio controls are always available.
  • Lightweight - When you don't need SoundSource, it stays out of your way.

What's new in SoundSource

Version 4.1.4:
  • SoundSource now has preliminary compatibility with MacOS 10.15 (Catalina). However, please note that Apple now requires third-party Audio Unit plugins to be properly signed and notarized. As a result, many older plugins will not load in SoundSource on Catalina (nor in any other modern audio application). The developers of these individual plugins will need to issue properly signed updates to their plugins.
  • The backend Audio Capture Engine (ACE) has been updated to 11.0.0, with preliminary MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) compatibility as well as other fixes and improvements.
  • SoundSource now allows custom presets to be overwritten with new settings.
  • An issue where Magic Boost could cause a brief glitch in initial audio playback has been corrected.
  • Closing SoundSource's main app window with the escape key or command + W now returns focus to the app which previously had it.
  • The balance slider now correctly returns to 0 when adjusting via the arrow keys. Its read-outs when using VoiceOver have also been improved.
  • A VoiceOver press of the menu bar icon now works as expected.
  • Several other small bugs have been fixed, including a problem where the history of audio devices could be lost, an issue with the Knowledge Base article for Super Volume Keys not opening as expected, and a flicker when adjusting the menu bar icon.
  • SoundSource now requires MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) or higher. If you're still on 10.11 (or lower), be sure to see our Legacy page.
  • SoundSource's wizard for installing, updating, and removing ACE (among other things) has been overhauled, with many small improvements and enhancements. Update notes are now presented on the first launch of a new version, and the wizard will now intelligently warn if uninstalling will impact other applications.
  • The previous SoundSource 4.1.3 release was withdrawn approximately 20 hours after its release, due to issues loading third-party audio plugins. Its changelog items have been migrated to this subsequent 4.1.4 release.

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06 February 2013

Most helpful

SoundSource or any other similar application is not required in ML. Just hold down the Option key while pressing the Speaker icon in the menu bar!!! It's built into ML!!!
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Version 2.5.1
08 September 2019
A major fonction is missing : the ability to appliing an effet on a specific output would be very useful !
Version 4.1.4
21 May 2019
I’ve just upgraded to this software from its previous version and can’t therefore write a concrete review for it. It’s simply impossible to evaluate a program after a few hours of usage. However, computer applications are like shoes. They either fit instantly, and you feel comfortable wearing them from the very beginning or you might just break them in for months and end up with a pair of awkward shoes! Having said that, I’m very pleased with the performance of this new version of SoundSource. Compared to the previous version it now has everything I ever dreamt of to organize my audio sources. The interface is intuitive and very well structured. All commands are where they are supposed to be, and this means a lot to me when switching audio sources continuously. The sound is great and contrary to its competitors it’s rock-solid and doesn’t quit unexpectedly every now and then. As I mentioned before, it’s hard to evaluate all its functions in such a short time therefore, trying is believing! Fariborz AMIRSHAHI - Verona (Italy)
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Version 4.0.2
1 answer(s)
31 May 2019
After two weeks of intense use I confirm it's ROCK-SOLID. Never crashed on me like similar applications. Have never been so pleased with an audio application. Thanks Rogue Amoeba.
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15 May 2019
Finally! A menu bar app that lets me not only control and route individual application audio to various outputs, but an app that also lets me use Audio Unit plugins. I've used Audio Hijack for that purpose for years (same developer), but this is a lot handier. There's at least one competitor whom I've asked for years to allow AU plugins, but that never happened. Glad to see this come to fruition here.
Version 3.0.3
17 April 2019
Great interface update from previous versions and oh so usable.
Version 3.0.3
02 March 2019
A very handy application, I use it all the time
Version 3.0.3
15 February 2017
Or, select "Show volume in menu bar" in the Sound preference pane. Then Option-Click on that menubar item. You can see all your input and output sources and change them there. It's always compatible, and saves you $10.
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Version 3.0.0
1 answer(s)
20 February 2017
True, but it's nice to do this without having to use the keyboard.

Candidly, I would probably use your approach if it weren't for the fact that I already had a license for a Rogue Amoeba product, so it was free to me. If you don't, well, then the built in Apple approach is, as you suggest, quite reliable and also free.
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29 October 2014
This product does not work in OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
Version 2.5.1
08 December 2013
2.5 was working fine with mavericks.. stupid me decided to upgrade and now it doesn't work.. wtf?
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Version 2.5.1
24 August 2013
It´s incompatible to MacOS X 10.8.4
Version 2.5.1
29 July 2013
Working great on 10.6.8! ;-) I've tried Soundflower before this and had strange behaviour (digital buzz, larsen stutter type — you know, when a digital interface crashes), until now, no problem! And the "Auto-Switch To Headphones" features is great for computers that have not the line output device paired with the headphone output. Actually, that's just what I needed it for, so now I just miss a pref to cancel it from my menubar, to have it running in the background... ;-)
Version 2.5.1