12.3.1 15 Nov 2018

Bible analysis and study resource.


Developer website: OakTree Software

Accordance lets you search and analyse Bibles and unique original language texts. Add a full library of commentaries and other titles. The interactive and customizable Atlas and Timeline combine with collections of images to illustrate the background of the Bible.

Features new to Version 12 include:

  • Stack to collect text, quotes and pictures for future use
  • Paper to create documents with outlines and headings
  • Dynamic Analytics to explore search results
  • Research Analytics to investigate global results in depth
  • Info Pane adds a Word List and other new info
  • ETCBC (WIVU) Hebrew syntax support
  • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
  • and much more

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

What's New

Version 12.3.1:
  • Added a separate setting for the verse reference font size in the Text Browser preferences.
  • The Text Browser will now respect the "Limit Text Width" Appearance Preference.
  • If a tab tie scrolls a Text Browser outside of the range of verses its primary Text supports, it will cease updating rather than being blanked out.
  • In a stack item, user editable text will no longer have a 1500 character limit.
  • Research and Verse hyperlinks in Papers will now respect the "open hyperlinks in Text Browser" preference.
  • Shift-clicking a hyperlink in Research will now open the link, rather than selecting text.
  • Minor Italian localization updates.
  • When the hotkey for going to the next/previous verse did not work in the Text Browser.
  • Internal Text module parameter that was preventing proper interactions with certain modules, like Quran-D, in the Text Browser.
  • Text Browser localization: if the user had not specified a text group, the English default "[All Texts]" was being used. This would result in a blank Text Browser.
  • Where the verse number would not be corrected to the pane Text when opening the context from a Text Browser pane.
  • Where Research tab hyperlinks would not open or get instant details.
  • Several cases where shift-clicking on a hyperlink would highlight text instead of opening the link.
  • Improved Text scrolling where the rendering of the Instant Details and cross highlighting rectangles were always ‘lagging behind’ the scroll wheel.
  • Cross highlighting problem when the source highlight rectangle wouldn’t update if the new word had the same position in its verse as the word currently highlighted does in its verse.
  • Keyboard focus issues when the floating Instant Details "Automatically fade when floating" preference was enabled and the user switched away from Accordance and back while it was faded.
  • Where option-clicking a hyperlink could still open the link after opening the Instant Details pop-up.
  • Issue that was causing QURAN-T Instant Details to be corrupted.
  • Instant details will now be retrieved for links that do not specify the module, (e.g. "") so long as the verse is present in the Default Search Text.
  • Phrase searching in the Construct tab, for cases of which there are three or more consecutive terms and the WITHIN, AGREE, or INTER command connects terms before the last term.
  • Syntax searching errors when using the PLACE command inside of a Construct tab Syntax item.
  • Issue in the "Search For" menu where a unicode string was being appended with a non-unicode ellipsis.
  • Issue when searching for prefixed Hebrew words for certain tagged Text modules.
  • Problem when pasting after a "Copy Citation" due to the RTF footnote not being handled right.
  • Where sub menu items in the "Add Notes" dropdown menu in a tool would attempt to create a new user note, instead of opening the one selected.
  • Workspace Favorites:
    • Where the workspace’s path could be lost if favorite workspaces were rearranged or deleted in the library.
    • When the workspace favorites file would not be updated if the last favorites were deleted, making it impossible to delete all favorites.
    • Potential settings file corruption if a workspace had been removed from favorites.
  • Problems with reading/writing workspaces containing a tool with a parallel notes file that could result in a blank tool tab coming up.
  • The display of imported User Bibles now shows the correct font when searching the User Bibles in the Research tab.
  • When importing User Bibles, especially when the source files are Unicode files:
    • Several fixes with the detection of Unicode Bible text for proper conversion.
    • Searching for words in Greek and Hebrew is now improved by fixing the alphabetization for Greek and Hebrew, not breaking up the words incorrectly, and stripping out null characters after converting the text from Unicode to ASCII.
    • Incorrectly converting certain Greek and Hebrew characters to the paragraph symbol (¶).
  • Crash that could occur due to the "Show Default Analytics" toolbar analytics menu item being selected when there was no front workspace.
  • Crash that can occur when using the Research tab to search for three words separated by for the first time in an Accordance session.
  • Crash that would occur if one attempted "Copy as Citation" from the Text Browser with no text selected.
  • Potential crash when opening Map backgrounds with certain Site Period settings.


  • OS X 10.7 or later


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