Accordance 10.4.1
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Bible analysis and study resource.   Updater ($49.99)
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Accordance is a Bible analysis and study resource.

Search and browse analysis of even the unique original language texts. The interactive and customizable Atlas and Timeline combine with collections of images to illustrate the background of the Bible.
What's New
Version 10.4.1:


  • Misc. speed improvements when drawing text, especially on very large workspaces
  • Dialogs will now be centered over the workspace of a secondary display, if it is the only workspace
  • Option-click-drag is now again supported for measuring the Atlas and Timeline
  • Improved handling of external links to modules not installed, but with replacements
  • Removing a folder from the Library no longer has a warning
  • Key number searching by transliteration no longer finds the closest match, even if not that close
  • Unicode texts now autoswitch words and verses
  • Popovers close faster when opened consecutively, such as Instant Details
  • Updated help files
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed drawing of Parallel pericope list for few items
  • Fixed changing the main User Note in a User Notes tab
  • Fixed bug syncing Dropbox that didn't flag User Notes or Tools correctly as a potential conflict
  • Fixed Dropbox syncing bug where auto syncing wasn't enabled for on first run
  • Fixed import of certain Unicode ranges of Hebrew characters
  • Fixed cross highlight alignment of syntax trees
  • Fixed Search All support of shin/sin pointing
  • Fixed searching for a KEY with a space afterwards
  • Fixed handling of minimized workspaces
  • Fixed potential hang during text rendering
  • Fixed Parallel tab's handling of texts in subfolders
  • Fixed Search All from adding searched modules as 'Recent' items
  • Fixed memory errors when Copy as Interlinear is performed on verse not currently viewed
  • Fixed selection box when resizing or maximizing a zone
  • Fixed situations in which Dropbox automatic sync didn't occur
  • Fixed crash clicking in graphical pane gutters
  • Fixed display of menu controls on right-click
  • Fixed "Sample" menus being cut off
  • Fixed search focus to the Library when no other zones
  • Fixed submenu overflow
  • Fixed error loading a poorly typed Settings file
  • Improved logic when handling font variants that don't exist
  • Fixed location of popovers with multiple displays
  • Fixed redraw of the upgrade calculator
  • Fixed drawing of the graph axis labels over a black background
  • Fixed user notes scrolling to Gen 1:1 upon click
  • Fixed searching the Enter Words... dialog of Key texts
  • Fixed printing cropping of Word Chart rows
  • Fixed text drag and drop from a pane
  • Fixed sizing of the construct palette scrollbar
  • Fixed dragging of the construct entry divider
  • Fixed COUNT =k
  • Fixed handling of bold fonts that don't have a bold variant
  • Fixed exporting a picture that has been detached
  • Fixed option-click to measure timespan
  • Fixed crash when triple clicking a library popover
  • Fixed rendering of User Tool title markers
  • Fixed rendering issues during Search All
  • Fixed visibility of Range popup that was hidden in certain cases
  • Fixed crash clicking in the User Tool name dialog during import
  • Fixed dragging of zones in certain configurations
  • Misc. bug fixes

Version 10.4.1:


  • Misc. speed improvements when drawing text, especially on very large workspaces
  • Dialogs will now be centered over the workspace of a secondary display, if it is the only workspace
  • Option-click-drag is now again supported for measuring the Atlas and Timeline
  • Improved handling of external links to modules not installed, more...
Intel, OS X 10.6 or later

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Accordance User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 10.x:
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Xenophile commented on 26 Dec 2013
I was skeptical at first due to the price. WWJD? Would He charge $50 for the word of our Lord?

Using Accordance, I've realized it's worth every penny. Accordance helped organize our monthly Scripture Session on God's condemnation of homoexuals and their wicked lifestyles. The power of scripture made a few converts and compelled a few sinners to enroll in our Pray Away program, but it was Accordance that enabled us to organize the Word Of God so powerfully against teh gay.

Accordance is such a miraculous program, we believe God Himself may have guided the developer in his coding. Technically inclined Christians should note that Accordance installs no daemons on your system! It is a true Christianist app.
[Version 10.3.3]


scotsman82 reviewed on 01 Oct 2013
Accordance one of the reasons that I switched to Mac OS. Accordance is fast, powerful, and customizable. Tried and used about every Bible Software program since the 80's and, in my opinion, Accordance is the best hands down.

It did cost a bit to get into Accordance, but well worth it! The modules and texts offered have the best links and tags of any Bible Software that I have tried. Many other Bible Software programs could almost be put into the "reader" category.

The more you use Accordance, the more it grows on you!
[Version 10.3.0]

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Cgc replied on 03 Dec 2013
They released a Windows version recently which is very good. Essentially the same program and modules but runs in Windows.

Phaleron commented on 25 Jul 2013
The $50 entry-level for Accordance probably offers less than many free, open source bible programs (i.e. MacSword). The often touted advanced search features mean little if the modules that use it will cost hundreds extra.

I have been interested in purchasing Accordance for a while, but whenever I looked at what I was getting I always came away disappointed. I have been using MacSword, and Online Bible Deluxe which I bought on CD for $100, with tons of add-on modules.

Still looking for a good, fully tagged Original Languages Study program under $150.
[Version 10.2.1]



Rc5 reviewed on 08 Feb 2013
I started using this product in 2009. I use it every day. Searches are almost instant and my favorite commentaries follow along with the Bible text that I happen to be reading at the time. It's so easy to follow through an idea or a thought or a word study.

It took a little time to learn to use it well, but Accordance soon pulled me deeper and deeper into my Bible studies. I even started learning Ancient Greek as a result of this product. I have no plans to go back to paper copies of the Bible study materials that I use with this product.

There are frequent, valuable updates based on user requests and any problems or questions that I have had are responded to quickly and helpfully by the company.
[Version 10.1.3]


Big-Mac-XXL commented on 21 Aug 2012
Is this a free or payed upgrade for Acc9 users? Can't find any info about that.
[Version 10.0]

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Monty replied on 21 Aug 2012
It says it is $49.99 unless you just bought 9 and qualify for a free upgrade.

Big-Mac-XXL replied on 17 Sep 2012
Why does the MacUpdate website say $69.00?

From screenshots Acc10 seems to waste more space on the monitor with larger GUI elements. Real or not? I just have a 13" MacBook.

Download: Acc9 is 44 MB and Acc10 is 202 MB. Why four times bigger?


Tonylawrence reviewed on 20 Aug 2012
The new version brings several new features but perhaps the most noticeable thing is the modernization of the interface. Accordance now looks much more polished. As with any application of this level of sophistication there will be a pretty steep learning curve. However, once mastered this application has a tremendous amount of horsepower.

I dinged one-half star for the bugs of the 10.0 release. These will certainly be addressed within days (if not hours). The support by OakTree is second to none. The only other real criticism is that resources in Accordance tend to be more pricey than some other platforms. Overall I am very pleased with Accordance 10.
[Version 10.0]

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M.Luther replied on 20 Aug 2012
What bugs have you run into?

Tonylawrence replied on 20 Aug 2012
First bug is the triple click. Unless you set the number of visible verses to zero (context) the appropriate dictionary will not open. Second bug, when hovering over words, holding down the command key does not show the top dictionary. I would expect these bugs to be fixed by tomorrow. That is their usual response time.

M.Luther replied on 21 Aug 2012
Version 10.0.1 was just updated through the app. That was quick!

M.Luther commented on 19 Aug 2012

Website down and placeholder says:

Now launching Accordance 10 Available August 20
[Version 9.6.6]



Doug Eddy reviewed on 13 Mar 2012
I have used Accordance almost since they first started it. It is a very powerful program that has a steep learning curve to get full functionality. At the same time, they have excellent videos at their site (can be downloaded or for $10 they will send them on a disc). The videos helped me to really feel comfortable with it.

I usually have 4 different translations of a text at a time for my sermon preps: RSV (what my church, unfortunately, still uses); NRSV, The MESSAGE and the new Contemporary English Version. I also switch to the Greek and Hebrew texts at times. The modules are numerous and I learned from one of the videos how best to group them in sub-folders. The choices are excellent.

I love having bunches of commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias and word study tools available with just a click.

There is no other program I have found to match it. They continue to grow, add and adjust. I have found the tech support to be excellent and prompt. The staff is friendly and helpful when I call about orders and they know what they are doing.

I highly recommend this program as the standard for all bible software on the Mac or elsewhere. And this comes from years of using their materials almost daily!
[Version 9.5.7]


Big-Mac-XXL commented on 21 Jan 2012
After a while of intense using some annoying things about Accordance came to light:

* Every minor update (9.5.2 -> 9.5.3) needs a complete download of the whole Accordance Package (45 MB). Make it like Firefox or any other modern Mac software that only downloads the parts of the program that have changed (1 or 2 MB instead of always 45 MB).

* Drop this antique VISE installer, since this is totally annoying, complicated and MacOS Classic like. I know no other serious program that is still using this installer. Use instead a DMG image from where the user can drop the program to his Applications folder or a modern package install.

* I want in every window of Accordance a Back and Forward button like in every web browser. If I go in an Accordance window to another "page", I simply cannot go back to the former "page". This is extremely annoying! Some windows have a kind of For and Back arrows, but they never work as expected and jump somewhere but never back.

* Another pain in the rear is how Accordance is handling image enlarging. Images are always imprisoned in those tiny windows in the Workspace. Totally unintuitive is how to enlarge them fullscreen and minimize them afterwards again. Often I close the whole Workspace and everything is gone. Annoying!

* Zooming images is another pain! Clicking + and - is crazy since in real OSX programs it goes simply by using two fingers on the trackpad. I guess Accordance developers are stuck in MacOS Classic thinking.

* I want smooth scrolling of Bible texts not this annoying jumping from line to line. Make it smooth please!

* When displaying search results of word searches using this context slider, the search results should have different colored backgrounds to differentiate for example Matth 19:3-5 from Mark 10:5-7. Right now it all becomes a hardly readable text soup.

Very important: Please drop support for the antique MacOS Classic. Support for this dinosaur prevents progress in improving Accordance for the modern OSX version! Accordance is extremely OS Classic like and lacks in many parts the modern use and feel of OSX!
[Version 9.5.3]

2 Replies

Oaktree Software, Inc (developer) replied on 24 Jan 2012
We would have preferred it if you had posted your feedback on our forums where we and our users can interact with you. You have some valid points that we are planning to address quite soon. Others may take a little longer as we have some new features planned. We cannot answer all your points here, but welcome the opportunity to do so directly.

Big-Mac-XXL replied on 25 Jan 2012
Thanks for your reply. Two other enhancements would be nice: Strong's for the Russian Synodal Bible and Strong's for a German Bible module. Preferably for the Schlachter 2000, because this is the only German Bible today using the complete Greek Text (textus receptus); all other modules (Luther, Elberfelder etc.) are missing a lot of verses and are less useful for the serious Bible student.


Frankeed reviewed on 14 Dec 2011
I bought the IVP Reference Collection and the software that came with it was Accordance version 6. I have no interest in using Accordance, other than as an e-book reader for my IVP Reference Collection. Some months ago I noticed that the headword display fonts in four of my modules had become unreadable (and if anyone can tell me how to use a dictionary without headwords, I'm all ears).

I went to the Accordance site and downloaded the Font fixer tool that's supposed to solve this problem. I also re-installed the program and manually sorted through the fonts on my system that might be causing the problem, but nothing helped.

I contacted Accordance help and their recommended solution was to pay $69 for the latest version of their software, or re-purchase the IVP Reference Collection (only $110). However, all I want is to restore the functionality that I had when I bought the software. I don't care what bells and whistles they've added between versions 6 and 9.

The lessons here are:
1. Avoid buying any e-books that require proprietary software to read them, or you may end up on the hook for some serious money to maintain access.
2. Avoid purchasing software from Oaktree. I noticed that they have a special $10 Accordance upgrade price for earlier purchasers of the IVP Reference Collection. The only problem is, it requires Accordance 7 or later and the only company I can find that sells the IVP Reference Collection Version 2 with Accordance 7 or later is Oaktree. Amazon and IVP itself are both still selling the old version with Accordance 6. The biggest insult of all. If I had the Windows version of the IVP Reference Collection and wanted to "crossgrade," to the Mac version, it would cost me only $39.
[Version 9.5.2]

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Pcbogert replied on 21 Jan 2012
This is a fine program and the company has fine customer service. Every time I've had a problem with stuff like this it has been easily remedied with a phone call or email.

Frankeed replied on 21 Jan 2012
I did contact their customer support and their recommendations involved paying to upgrade, which seems more like sales than support. When it became apparent I wasn't interested in paying $69 to restore the original functionality of the software, they lost interest in helping me.

I'm glad you've had a happier experience with their customer service.
Oaktree Software, Inc (developer) replied on 24 Jan 2012
Frankeed, we are interested in helping you, but we are caught in a bind when you buy an old software package off the shelf, and expect us to provide a free upgrade to our latest version. The crossgrade and $10 upgrades you mention are for modules only and do not include the software itself. If you still have the disk, please contact us again and we'll see how we can best help you.

Frankeed replied on 24 Jan 2012
Nowhere do I ask for "a free upgrade to [your] latest version," something that seems clear when I say, "All I want is to restore the functionality that I had when I bought the software."

Given that the font corruption problem is a known issue with your software, it doesn't seem unreasonable for me to expect more help than a recommendation that I buy the latest version of your software or re-purchase the IVP Reference Collection.
There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

Jacksulze rated on 15 Sep 2013

[Version 10.2.4]


Exegete77 rated on 13 May 2013

[Version 10.1.6]


Ronl rated on 11 Dec 2011

[Version 9.5.2]


Exegete77 rated on 28 Sep 2011

[Version 9.4.3]


Exegete77 rated on 31 May 2011

[Version 9.3.3]

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Date:29 Mar 2014
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Accordance is a Bible analysis and study resource.

Search and browse analysis of even the unique original language texts. The interactive and customizable Atlas and Timeline combine with collections of images to illustrate the background of the Bible.

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