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Study and analyze the Bible.


Developer website: Bible Analyzer Software

Bible Analyzer is a free Bible study and analysis software program developed to aid Believers in their study and defense of the Holy Scriptures. It has several features (such as text comparison, proximity searches, detailed statistics, etc.) usually not found in other free or commercial software programs.

  • Text to Speech allows your computer to read to you! It can read a whole page, a selection, or entered text.
  • Our unique Master Control Panel which contains many advanced functions in one convenient control.
  • An integrated Audio Player can play hymns or sermons while you study.
  • A unique Harmony/Parallel Viewer and Text Generator.
  • View a Bible chapter of all Bibles in a Parallel Table.
  • Convenient Dual Bible View to view two texts simultaneously.
  • An Independent Image Viewer with hundreds of charts, maps, and other images.
  • A searchable Book Viewer with 1000s of pages of valuable books.
  • A versatile MultWindow which can receive text exported from other pages and display many other pages.
  • ScripturePad, a built-in word processor which can receive exported verses and display reference popups.
  • Related Verse/Phrase Search will find similar verses.
  • Advanced Bible Searching even with excludes and regular expressions.
  • Detailed Bible Statistics for Book Chapter or Verse.
  • Find all the textual differences between tow versions with Bible Compare.
  • Instantly generate Word Lists of any Bible passage.

Note: While the software is classified as free, it is actually donationware. Please consider making a donation to help support development.

What's New

  • New QuickView Panel which is an alternative place to view popup data. It is toggled with the Q button in the main toolbar. The panel can be moved about anywhere or floated as a separate window.
  • The Dct and Cmt tabs that contain the current topic now have a yellow highlight rather than book icons.
  • Can move tabs around in Bible, Dict, and Cmt panels. Just click and drag the tab. BA will try to remember the order even when changes are made in the Session Manager.
  • Bible, Dict, and Cmt tabs can be renamed on right-click. Internally BA uses the original name to preserve links and such.
  • The scroll position will be saved under Dct and Cmt tabs when switching tabs. The scroll position of the current Dct, Cmt, and Book tab will be saved between starts.
  • New item on right-click to "Export current verse from all Bibles to MultiWindow". This also allows mutual word marking as in the Bible Panel with Alt down.
  • New Wordform chart in search results when more than one word is searched for or if wildcards are used.
  • The "D" Button in Dct and Cmt toolbars will now set the current title as default. This is the same as setting in Preferences.
  • New option in Preferences to put all search results under the same tab instead of making a new tab for each.
  • New option in Prefs/Font Properties to change the search hit color.
Strong's and WordStudy Features:
  • A new dropdown menu with the Strong's Button. It allows selection of alternate words in place of the numbers and also non-visible linked words with the last item. This requires the strongWds.dat file which is included.
  • Word marking by highlight is possible in the Bible panel with the Alt key down. For non Strong Bibles the marking is word based and green. For Strong Bibles marking is Strong based and blue. This works in Dual View and Parallel View as well.
  • Added a Morphology button (M) in the Bible Toolbar. This only works with texts that have the morphology info formatted correctly (TRi at present, Hebrew coming).
  • With new the Word Study Dictionary (WSD) as default, one can simply click a Greek word or morphology code and view the data in the dictionary. With the Ctrl key down and hovering over a word or code the data will display in a popup or QuickView panel.


  • OS X 10.5.8 or later


Current Version (5.x)


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