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MacSoft is best known as the first publisher of Macintosh software in the world. The company was initially established as a subsidiary of WizardWorks in 1993. It was specialized in the creation of video game ports from Microsoft Windows to macOS. WizardWorks was later acquired by GT Interactive with MacSoft as its operational. In 2003, MacSoft became part of Destineer. During its amazing existence, MacSoft developed and published over 150 productivity, entertainment, and utility apps for MacOS.

Apps from this developer

Bleeding edge 3D first person shoot-em-up game.
Strategy game of conquest and war.
Correct color issues and more.
Lead highly-trained marines through heart-stopping 3D missions.
Experience total bloody immersion.
Adds GameRanger support and fixes bugs.
Fight seven interplanetary races to test your colony
Quest for world domination.
Run from the hunted in a maddening isometic 3D maze.
Fixes NavigationLib not found errors and map and music bugs.
Adds a few configuration options and fixes some playability bugs.
Embark on a 3D expedition into the immersive world of utter darkness.


Quake port released on MacOS X 10.0.
3D photo-realistic pool game.
Quest for world domination.
Fixes include better joystock handling, RAVE support, and more.
Improve Quake
Fixes modem and serial multiplay play.
Fixes sound problems and color depth settings.