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08 June 2020

OpenPGP on macOS.


GPG Suite One simple package with everything you need, to protect your emails and files.

Use GPG Suite to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify files or messages. Manage your GPG Keychain with a few simple clicks and experience the full power of GPG easier than ever before.

What's new in GPG Suite

Version 2020.1:
Native system notifications for GPG Services:
  • GPG Services is now using system notifications to alert users when an operation has been completed
  • By default notifications will remain on the screen until the user has reacted to them. They can be configured to automatically disappear however by switching to 'Banner Style' in 'System Preferences › Notifications › GPG Services'
  • System notifications greatly improve the experience of GPG Services and we hope you take advantage of the possibilities to tailor the notifications to your specific needs
  • Alert dialogs are used as a fallback if system notifications are in "Do Not Disturb"-mode
  • Notifications for GPG Services are only available on macOS 10.14 and later

Full list of changes available here

GPG Suite for Mac Old Versions

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48 Reviews of GPG Suite

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20 November 2019
Version: 2019.1

Most helpful

Fantastic encryption tools in an all-in-one PGP encryption module.
04 July 2020
Version: 2020.1
Works great for me.
18 January 2020
Version: 2019.2
This is essential
20 November 2019
Version: 2019.1
Fantastic encryption tools in an all-in-one PGP encryption module.
20 December 2018
Version: 2018.5
Useless rubbish. After installing this rubbish, the no longer works.
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24 September 2018
Version: 2018.4
I was shocked when I updated GPG Suite, opened Mail, only to see a notification windows asking me to Activate GPG Mail, Start Trial or Buy. Yes, GPG Suite is no longer Free! GPG Mail 3 (part of GPG Suite) onwards is a paid product - currently $23.90 US covering 3 machines. I immediately rolled back to the free version to do some thinking and to get out a few emails. GPG/PGP has been part of my workflow far too long to stop using it now - so I'm paying. I'll be reaching out to see if there is any kind of discount as I need to buy 65 licenses. Ouch! While I understand the developers need to survive - they did a horrible job communicating the change. They claim they mentioned the change at the beginning of the year - I don't remember reading about it - I'll just have to take the developers word.
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20 July 2017
Version: 2017.1b3
I use the GPG Suite often, and it's always great, incl. Apple Mail integration. However, the current developments are downright harrowing. The final update to macOS Sierra has already been released, with High Sierra on the horizon, and GPG Suite is still in public beta, so I'm still twiddling my thumbs on El Capitan. (GnuPG v2.1 integration is also taking forever.) And I don't accept excuses. Other Apple Mail plugin developers have been fast in upgrading their software for Sierra compatibility, again and again, and if the GPG Suite developers can't keep up, they need to think about going for a paid product, not just donations. Don't get me wrong, it's a great software, but the last year—THE LAST YEAR!!!— has been frustrating, to put it mildly. I don't believe the developers realize the negative emotions they're spawning. This needs to stop. This needs to come around fast, super fast, like yesterday.
15 October 2016
Version: 2016.10
The current word from the GPGTools team: "GPGMail, our plugin for securing emails using GPG in is not yet compatible with macOS Sierra. If you rely on GPGMail, please refrain from updating to macOS Sierra for the time being!" See Cowcide's post below for the link to a workaround for those of us who moved to Sierra...
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10 October 2016
Version: 2016.08
Not working with Mail in Sierra. Bummer. When I launch Apple Mail it says the GPG plug-in isn't compatible and it disables it. Here's a link from dev that acknowledges issue and has temp workaround:

Hope it get fixed soon.
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03 October 2015
Version: 2015.09
-When verifying a file or text using the system Service no signing date or time appears to be provided by the tools in GPGSuite.
16 August 2015
Version: 2015.06
GPG Suite 2015.08 - August 14th, 2015 Our newest release is mostly a bug fixing release for the most pressing issues. We are however very happy to say, that one of our longest standing bugs has been squashed. Many of you might have experienced no longer signing messages and reporting a "No pinentry" error. The only workaround was to restart your mac. Well, we're happy to say, we've squashed this bug! Since this particular bug also affected other components, all of our tools should now be even more reliable. Work on OS X El Capitan is progressing very well and a first test version will be ready soon. We'll include it in our nightly builds for early testers once available. We would especially like to thank Bruno Bierbaumer for bringing a bug in one of Libmacgpg's subcomponents to our attention which could be abused by a local user to execute shell commands with root privileges (CVE-2014-4677). This security issue has been fixed in GPG Suite 2015.06. Most of our users are already running the latest version of GPG Suite, but everyone who hasn't upated to GPG Suite 2015.06 yet, should update to the latest GPG Suite as soon as possible.