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20 March 2015

Import, edit, and share your photos.


Note: This is a legacy application. It has been replaced by Photos in OS X 10.10.

iPhoto lets you do more than you ever thought possible with your photos. It gives you easy ways to find, sort, and rediscover your favorites. Simple but powerful editing tools let you turn good shots into magnificent ones. And you can share your photos in all kinds of great ways, including fun slideshows, Facebook, and Twitter -- even professional-quality prints, photo books, cards, and calendars. iPhoto isn't just a collection of pictures. It's a collection of possibilities.

What's new in iPhoto

Version 9.4.3:
  • Photos can now be deleted from My Photo Stream by dragging to the Trash
  • Photos can now be exported from Photo Stream using the Export command in the File menu
  • RAW images manually imported from My Photo Stream are now editable
  • Fixes a bug that could cause manually-rotated photos to appear unrotated when shared to Photo Stream
  • Addresses an issue that could cause iPhoto to quit unexpectedly while syncing to Facebook
  • Resolves an issue that could cause calendar text to appear at the wrong font size, resulting in order cancellation
  • Fixes an issue that could cause books to have an incorrect number of pages after rearranging two-page spreads
  • Includes stability improvements

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29 October 2010

Most helpful

Bugs may not come often from Apple... ...but when they do, they often involve rather nasty bits like data loss apparently. Remember Snow Leopard guest account? If this is 'Back to the Mac' then Apple, please stop before I loose everything. Do it properly or don't at all. Data loss... once is a mistake, twice is sloppy work.
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Version 9.0.1
01 February 2020
I bought refurbished Mac and I have never been able to download it to my computer?? It says it belongs to another owner???
Version 9.4.3
30 October 2019
Note, this will no longer run in Catalina, 10.15. It DOES, however, still run in Mojave, 10.14. I still prefer it to Photos. I may stick with Mojave for awhile....
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Version 9.4.3
07 March 2016
this excellent software was one reason to have a MAC. Unfortunatelly Apple did not know that and replaced it with the inferior Photos app
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Version 9.6.1
23 November 2015
I have iPhoto 7.1.5 and i can't print anything because i get an error message that there are "no themes" installed. is there anyway to get themes so i can prints? I'm using Maverick 10.9.5 operating system.
Version 9.6.1
23 October 2015
When Apple executives released the new application called Photos in the spring of 2015, they left open a very short window in which iPhoto fans could download and install version 9.6.1 of iPhoto, which is the end of the line for that application. Apple had apparently adopted a rather arrogant policy in which they were compelling iPhoto users to make the transition to Photos and to the iCloud by locking iPhoto users out of using the latest iteration of iPhoto anymore. How did they accomplish this? In two ways: (1) by making sure that iPhoto before 9.6.1 was not going to launch under the newest Mac OSes; and (2) by removing version 9.6.1, the last update, from the App Store so that it could not be downloaded. It is their game, and you have to play by their rules, they were saying. If you could not manage to download version 9.6.1 while it was still available through the App Store, you were out-of-luck. Too bad for you! Apple fixed things so that version 9.6 was not going to launch under Yosemite, so many iPhoto fans, who did not check in at the App Store to download the final upgrade before the window abruptly closed, got angry and cursed Apple for leaving them in the lurch. They vented their anger all over the Internet, as they repeatedly encountered what appeared to be an error in the App Store application whenever they tried to download the upgrade to version 9.6.1 of iPhoto. When they tried to download the iPhoto update, all they would get was a cryptic message saying that the file was "temporarily unavailable." This frustration went on for about six months. I was among that group who tried, but failed, to download that final upgrade. Well, the frustration is over, because today, as always, I clicked on iPhoto listing in the Updates tab of the App Store, and, to my surprise and delight, the upgrade to version 9.6.1 of iPhoto actually began to download! I just installed it on the Yosemite partition of my Mac Pro, and it launched just fine. The "temporary" freeze-out appears to have ended. Now, all those diehard iPhoto fans—some of whom complained that they were unable to access their treasure trove of images—can get off their knees: their prayers have been answered. However, these humble supplicants should not overlook the lesson: you never know how long the download window will remain open. So, if you want version 9.6.1 of iPhoto, you better grab it while you still can. You just never know if that window will soon crash right on top of your hands.
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Version 9.6.1
1 answer(s)
17 November 2015
You described my issue almost exactly. As of today 11/17/15 the App Store download was disabled. Having tried for days to find a solution, I finally resorted to copying iPhoto 9.6 from my spouses Mac -surprisingly, this worked for me.
06 September 2015
Just opened my Macbook and wanted to download all the photos i made. for some reason i can't find my iPhoto. all i found was a line up of my photos in a terrible designed program which is not coming close to what i was used to. Why does apple do this? why would you change a perfectly working program to a shit tool like this. Not that i am against change, but this ...seriously?? Please get it back and make a lot of apple users happy.
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Version 9.6.1
08 August 2015
I just found this site to DL IPhoto to my newer model Macbook Pro. It didn't have Iphoto in it and had to DL PHOTOS. I rarely use this word but I HATE it. Whoever programmed it must have once worked for Microsoft. There is no rhyme or reason to it. I tried every which way to organize my photos from IPHOTO to the new APP to no avail it was horrendous. PLEASE APPLE people "if it ain't broke don't fix it" Improvements are welcome though IF logical. Apple for some reason is becoming less user friendly on some of its Applications sigh.
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Version 9.6.1
07 August 2015
I miss iPhoto. It is better than Photos.
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Version 9.6.1
03 August 2015
Great app. It used to be great and continues to be great.
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Version 9.6.1
18 July 2015
Version 9.6.1