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21 September 2020

Media manager.


CatDV Pegasus is the premium CatDV client, building on the foundation of CatDV Enterprise. Pegasus can co-exist with CatDV Enterprise clients and is available as a stand-alone product. The product is downloadable today.

Pegasus has several capabilities over and above the other CatDV desktop clients :

Custom actions

Pegasus custom actions combine the capabilities offered by CatDV Pro and the CatDV Worker Node.

Custom actions can be used at all stages of your workflow, for example, to transcode clips to a particular pre-set movie format, to quickly log clips by setting metadata fields from a stored template, to upload files to a site such as Vimeo or YouTube, or to integrate with other third-party tools or programs.

To perform a custom action on a clip (or list of clips) you can either drag the selected clips onto the relevant shortcut in the tree or use the command from the Tools menu.

Custom actions are able to:
  • Transcode the clips to a particular format that you have configured, for example an H.264 web proxy with a burnt in watermark
  • Upload the transcoded file to an external web site or service such as YouTube
  • Automatically display a prompt asking the user for fields such as a description of the asset or an ftp password
  • Set clip fields, for example updating the status to say a file has been archived, or to store the YouTube asset id on completion of an upload
  • Save or publish changes to the current catalogue
  • Export the selected clip(s) as a still image, as XML, or using any of CatDV’s other export formats
  • Move, rename, copy or delete files
  • Display a message and prompt for confirmation before continuing
Native file playback

CatDV Pegasus includes native playback of a wider range of media types. This provides native playback without transcoding of many common media files, including QuickTime, MPEG2, H.264, AVCHD, DPX, XDCAM EX, XAVC, R3D, WMV, and many others covering a wide set of prosumer and DSLR cameras*.

Built in archiving

Our CatDV personal archiving plugin is also built into CatDV Pegasus allowing you to conduct desktop archiving (to storage that presents itself as a mounted drive) without the support of the Worker Node. This enables Pegasus users to Archive, Purge, Restore and check the archived state of files.

Roundtrip Avid integration

CatDV Pegasus provides a complete Avid workflow solution within CatDV. Sequences, Master Clips and Sub-Clips can be exported to Avid Media Composer from CatDV. The CatDV AAF Tool supports the import of Avid created sequences, Master Clips and Sub-Clips. Supported media is relinked within Avid Media Composer.

This means CatDV can collaborate with Avid as never before, providing a full round trip of media and supporting metadata. Logging clips and sequences can be performed outside of the Avid edit suite saving valuable time and resources. Shot lists with added metadata can then be prepared off-site and then sent to the Avid NLE for editing.

Media can be ingested and transcoded using the CatDV Worker and then Pegasus can send the clips to Avid .

Master clips, sub-clips and sequences created in Avid Media Composer can be exported to CatDV. Supported media and metadata is imported to CatDV, the Avid MXF media is relinked and metadata available to all CatDV users.

Clips and sequences can be simply dragged into Avid by selecting the AAF Tool icon and dropping onto any open Avid bin.

What's new in CatDV Pegasus

Version 13.0.12:

Note: You need to contact the developer to discuss the price.

  • Add a new multitrack audio proxy export setting that creates a separate file for each audio track for use in the web client.
  • Change the default naming of extra hi-res stills when exporting a movie to _poster.jpg (also for use in the web client).
  • When moving, renaming or deleting a media file offer to rename all the various proxies defined by media store mappings (including film strips, audio proxies, etc.) at the same time.
  • Add support for calculated picklists and select buttons with different colours.
  • Fix an issue with Move To Trash not working on MacOS Catalina.
  • Fix behaviour of the 'exact clip names' option.
  • Fix an issue with reanalysing image sequences, and support quick folder scan image sequences.
  • Add a new 'Halve, not to exceed' frame size option when exporting movies which will scale the image down using exact powers of two only.
  • Add a new 'At most one audio track' option (for web proxies).
  • Use ImageMagick if it's installed to handle files such as EPS and SVG.
  • Add a new preferences option to force all exports to default to a specific output folder.
  • Fixes related to handling of RED metaclips.
  • Better handling of transparent images (including feature code GREYBG to create thumbnails with grey rather than black background).
  • Recognise CR3 files.
  • Change AAF importer to support reading large files with embedded essence.
  • Native player fixes.
  • Other fixes related to BRAW export, handling of AMA-linked clips, exporting ProRes, film strip exporter, proxies for PDF files, reading certain WAV files, using the FFmpeg 'image2' image sequence exporter.

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26 November 2018
Version: 12.1.9

Most helpful

Long-time user giving up. CatDV has become a bloated, ugly, overpriced kludge. The ecosystem is about income – not user-friendly cataloging.
26 November 2018
Version: 12.1.9
Long-time user giving up. CatDV has become a bloated, ugly, overpriced kludge. The ecosystem is about income – not user-friendly cataloging.


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  • OS X 10.10.0 or later
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