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CatDV Pro13.0.11

17 June 2020

Media asset database and video logging product.


CatDV Pro is a clip logging and cataloging application designed to enhance the productivity of video editors using an existing NLE application.

Do you need a way to quickly see what tapes and other media files you've got, not just at the tape or file level but down to individual scenes and shots? Or a tool to take the drudgery out of logging, with advanced features such as automatic scene detection available at an affordable price?

  • Excellent integration with Final Cut Pro and other professional editing systems.
  • Built in sequence editing, to create rough cut edits from the convenience of your asset management tool.
  • Unlimited user-defined metadata attributes to annotate clips.
  • Enhanced search dialog, with multiple conditions and logical expressions, named filters, and regular expressions.
  • Additional interchange file formats, such as Final Cut Pro XML, Avid ALE, Premiere Pro batch lists, and more.
  • Support for image sequences.
  • Support for reading metadata from additional file formats, including PDF and XML.
  • Verbatim Logger command.
  • Log using timecode event markers within a clip or by creating subclips.
  • Fully customisable preview settings.
  • Customisable clip details panel layout.
  • Timezone and camera clock adjustments to permit accurate date-based correlation of shots taken with different cameras.
  • Support for standard JKL shuttle controls when playing media.
  • Use CatDV Pro as a client to gain access to the networked capabilities provied by the CatDV Server.
  • Catalog arbitrary files, not just media files.
  • With the optional CatDV MXF Option, read metadata from MXF and XDCAM files, and import Avid or P2 clips and automatically sync up video and audio as an MXF metaclip.

What's new in CatDV Pro

Version 13.0.11:
  • Fixed issue changing password.
  • Fixed path issue with metaclips containing just one file.
  • Added option to export disk space tool snapshots.
  • Fixes to Avid bin importer, including placing custom metadata into user-defined fields if a field with that name exists.
  • Added support for setting keyframe interval in exporter, and better handle custom -vf options.
  • Improvements to Final Cut Pro XML support.
  • Fiedx handling of certain BRAW files.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect Rec Date could be set.
  • Change AAF support to be 64-bit.
  • Minor fixes to multi pick list chooser and film strip exporter.

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4 Reviews of CatDV Pro

12 September 2014
Version: 10.1.2

Most helpful

A great app - very configurable. It does much more than an average user needs, and that makes it hard to dumb down. but once you do it, this keeps working really well.
28 December 2014
Version: 11.0.3
Also a former Foottrack user. CatDV handles all my needs now.
12 September 2014
Version: 10.1.2
A great app - very configurable. It does much more than an average user needs, and that makes it hard to dumb down. but once you do it, this keeps working really well.
30 May 2007
Version: 6.0b3
I am surprised that there has not been a review since 2005. This app has captured without dropped frames for me and correctly separated all clips on a tape without error. I used to use Foottrack. I like the filmstrip view for my customers.
28 October 2003
Version: 3.0.8
potentially promising app but the GUI is sadly, as clunky and unresponsive as all the java apps i've tried under OS X. i've also had it bomb out on me and stop capturing three times [edit: make that four, even while i was writing this!] so far [in the space of one tape] throwing up a not-too-helpful "capture failed (memerror 109)" on each occasion. this is in spite of my having 640MB RAM installed and not much else running. unfortunately this means catDV is not a "set it running and leave it to it" programme, which for this type of application, is a serious drawback. back to the drawing board chaps, methinks!
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